This one is from the same group, but different Roleplay topic. It's Royal Academy, and it's just another clever thing I came up with.

Adele stepped out of the dark carriage. It was pitch black, but she didn't need light to know what she'd see. The castle was in ruins.

She took the babies into her arms and angrily rubbed her tears off on her shoulder, then walked forward towards the castle. There was a part that was left standing, so she made her way to it, tripping many times over buildings and...bodies. She gulped and stumbled angrily over some roots. She was going to get her babies to safety.

A good twenty minutes got her to the front doors and she walked in vigorously. "Okay babies...we-we're home."

Airin made a soft little yawn sound, as Justyn just stayed silent but tired. She made her way towards the guest rooms, and found one still in contact. She slipped in and put the babies to bed. Once she knew they were safe, she locked the doors up and took a deep breath. The dark surrounded her like a midnight black cloak, and it scared her. She didn't want to be alone, but she wanted to find her mother. The only piece of her heart that hadn't been untouched-hopefully. She pushed forward into the night, avoiding anything that looked a bit too dark and bulky so she wouldn't hurt herself. As she peered around a large wall, she gasped when she saw the grave. It was as good as it could be for an attack on the palace. The flowers were trampled, dead, and lifeless, there were several severe cracks in the tall grave, and chipped off pieces everywhere, but it still stood. Moonlight hit the grave just right, and it illuminated the small area like a spark of hope in her heart. "Mommy." She choked out. She stumbled towards the grave, fingers reaching out for it. Until she stopped dead in her tracks. It was then that she noticed several bodies around it, all with the Allanian armor and a few enemies. Among them she saw her Uncle's dead corpse, closest to the grave, sword limp in his decaying arms. "Carter!" She gasped and ran towards him, shaking him as if he would wake up. "Carter! Please!"

It occurred to her, that when Carter realized the country would fall, the only thing he could do was...protect her mother. She fell to her knees, head in hands, and sobbed. She cried for her mother, she cried for Carter. She cried for her kingdom. The kingdom that had held her safety for 19 years. Her kingdom. Then a painful sob came out for Wesley. He was her safety now, and she had left that. She felt dangerously exposed and curled into a ball next to the ghostly white grave. "Wesley!" She moaned.