Love knows no limits… Some people are meant to be, even if they are worlds apart.


1924. Manila, Philippines.

A huge crash was heard all over the city. Villagers started going out of their houses to check what that noise was all about. A huge puff of smoke was seen a few kilometers away from the town. Some people screamed out of terror while some of the villagers thought that it was just another American army eradicating a small group of rebels with their high powered canons.

But Josh didn't feel the same way. He knew that it was something different. Something more powerful than a few canons rounded up together. He started walking towards the smoke but then somebody tugged his shoulders and stopped him.

"Don't go. It's too dangerous."

Josh turned around and saw Mary, his wife who was then carrying their new born child with her. "Don't go…" She repeated. Josh wanted to follow his wife's plea but as the smoke burst out different neon lights around the area, his curiosity grew stronger.

He let go of Mary's hand and then he brushed the side of Mary's hair on her face. "I'll be back." He kissed her as he turned around and walked towards the smoke again.

As he draw nearer to the site, smoke grew bigger around the place. It was almost night time and the darkness was starting to envelop the whole area. Soon enough, darkness filled his sight. The only light he could see were the huge shards of fire slowly engulfing what looked like a plane… Or so it seemed.

As he reached the crash site, he was shocked at what he saw. It wasn't a plane, he was sure of that. The craft was shaped like a disc. Silver metals surrounded the disc and different lights emitted at the sides.

"What the hell is this thing?" Josh asked himself as he drew nearer to the disc.

He slowly studied the disc and when the palm of his hand touched the silver plate of the disc, one part of the craft suddenly slid down and made what seemed like a stairway connecting the unknown vehicle to the ground. Bright white lights arose from the opening of the disc that made it impossible to see anything inside.

"Hello?" Josh said. "Is anybody there?" He looked through the opening of the disc and after a few minutes a silhouette of man slowly appeared inside the center of the disc. Josh made a step back as the silhouette slowly made its way out of the craft.

"Who are you?" Josh asked suspiciously. "No… What are you?" The Man slowly exited the disc and when the light of the moon passed through the man, Josh noticed that he looked like a human except for one thing…

His whole body flickered like burning fireworks. His skin was radiant and sparkly. His blond hair was carefully brushed along the back of his head and his eyes were as blue as a bright summer skies. He was wearing a long white robe that covered his entire body.

He looked around and then he turned his attention back to Josh. He opened his mouth and strange, other-worldly sounds came from it.

Josh was stunned. He didn't know how to react. Should he run and hope that the man wouldn't follow him? Or should he stay and try to figure out what was happening. After a few minutes he calmed himself up and spoke to the man in front of him.

. "I-I don't understand you…" He softly told the man. The man stepped closer to Josh while Josh stepped back a little. The man pulled out a device from his robe and then he gave it to Josh. Josh was hesitant at first but there was this feeling that he needed that thing.

Josh slowly grabbed the device. The man smiled at him and then he motioned Josh to put the device inside his ear. Josh stared at the device for a few more seconds and then he finally placed it inside his ear.

The man smiled at him again and then he started to speak again.

"Can you understand me now?" The man asked.

"Whoa! How did you do that?" Josh wondered.

The man pointed at Josh's ear again and Josh realized that the device that the man gave him made it possible for them to understand each other. "Who are you?" Josh quickly asked him.

"I am Azuela. My ride malfunctioned and I made an emergency landing here. My landing wasn't as perfect as I thought." Azuela said.

"What are you? Are you an American?" Josh questioned.

"American… What is that thing you stated?" Azuela asked.

"American means you're from America." Josh explained.

"What is that thing you called America?" Azuela wondered.

"You've got to be kidding me! It's a foreign country." Josh answered.

"Oh I'm sorry about that…Where am I?" Azuela asked.

"You're here in the Philippines." Josh replied.

"I see… Is this another country?" Azuela formed another question.

"Yes… Don't you know anything?" Josh asked him in an irritated tone.

"I'm sorry… I'm new to this world…"

"You're new to this world?" Josh asked. "Wait, don't tell me that you're not from this planet?!"

Azuela smiled at him and then he looked up at the sky. He looked back at Josh and then he asked, "What planet is this?"

Josh stared at him for a few seconds. Is he for real? He asked himself. He pinched the left side of his cheek to see if he was dreaming but when pain suddenly formed around his cheek, he realized that he wasn't.

"So you're NOT from this planet?" Josh asked him again.

"No I'm not." Azuela replied. "What planet is this again?"

"This is Earth. You're in planet Earth." Josh said in a low surprised tone.

"So… This is the place they called Earth…" Azuela mumbled in excitement.