Royce was quickly awakened by a loud knock on his door. "Royce? Are you there? Open up!" The voice behind the door yelled.

Royce carefully rubbed his eyes and slowly made his way to the door, half awake. He yawned and scratched his head and when he reached for the door; his drowsiness suddenly vanished as he saw who the person outside the door was. "What are you doing here Ashel?" Royce surprisingly asked.

"What? Aren't you glad to see me?" Ashel coquettishly replied.

Ashel was Royce's ex-girlfriend, she broke up with Royce three months ago to go with her Japanese sugar daddy and since then, Royce had never heard from her.

"What do you want? Let me guess, Your Japanese boyfriend dump you right?" Royce scoffed.

"Noooo" Ashel answered. "I dump him because I realized that I love you more." Ashel added as she made her way inside the apartment. She then lounged herself into Royce's sofa and carefully placed her bag beside her. Royce shook his head and when he closed his door, he couldn't help but stare at Ashel who was sitting comfortably at his sofa.

She was still beautiful. Her long straight black hair rested on the right side of her shoulders and her silky smooth fair skin still radiated in the middle of Royce's dimmed light living room.

"Hey… You've been staring at me for like a few seconds now. You still love me don't you?" Ashel teased him.

Royce started to roll out his eyes. "You wish!" Royce scorned. He was about to walk to his room when Ashel suddenly leaped in front of him and wrapped her arms over his shoulders. Royce felt a slight jolt of electricity over his body. He wasn't sure if he liked or hated Ashel's gesture over him. He wanted to push her as far away from him but something in his mind was telling him not to.

"C'mon Royce, I know you still want me…" Ashel playfully whispered in his ear.

Royce took a deep breath and then he raised his eyebrow at her. "Want you?" Royce jeered. "I would never get back with you even if you're the last girl on this planet!" Royce scorned as he shrugged Ashel's arms over him.

Ashel giggled at Royce's attitude towards her. Three months ago, Ashel was the only girl on Royce's mind at all times. He always took care of her and he always gave her what she wanted without saying or complaining even a single word.

But Royce had change, he finally moved on, he learned that Ashel was just using him for her own intentions and that she had never loved him at all.

"You're such a brat Royce! You're still mad about what happened three months ago?" Ashel asked as she made her way back into the sofa.

"Mad? Oh heck no! I was happy!" Royce sarcastically answered.

"So you won't take me back?" Ashel asked.

"No" Royce firmly answered.

"Is that so?" Ashel asked. "Even if… I do this?" Ashel said as she slowly began to take off her long gray trench coat that she had on since she came at the apartment.

Royce gulped down hard as he saw Ashel wearing only a white camisole and panties under that coat. Ashel smiled as she saw Royce starting to get nervous and as she slowly approached Royce, Sweat started forming around Royce's face.

Royce made a step back as Ashel slowly walked towards him with her fingers twirling around the laces of her camisole. Royce tried so hard not to look nervous around Ashel but as Ashel circled around him, his body started shaking terribly and sweat quickly gushed from his face.

"You still want me don't you?" Ashel teased him as she gently ran her fingers over Royce's back.

Royce closed his eyes and then he took another deep breath. He knew that he was going to regret it later but he had to stop it, he just had to get it over with. "Ashel…" Royce softly muttered.

"Yes?" Ashel asked.

Royce gently brushed his hand over Ashel's face for a couple of seconds and when Ashel started to hold his hand, Royce suddenly smiled and then he leaned over her face. "Please get out of my sight. You're disgusting me." Royce scorned.

Ashel frowned and then she pushed him away from her. She crossed her arms over her chest and then she raised her eyebrow at Royce. "I'm giving you a free taste of myself and you're refusing it? Some people would vomit blood just to get me!" She exclaimed.

"Then go to them!" He ridiculed her. Royce took Ashel's coat and then he threw it at her. "You better not be here when I come back."

Royce went out of the apartment and then he started to walk around the back. Three months ago, he would've swept off Ashel off of her feet and led her directly into his room. But that was back then, back when he still loved her.

Everything changed when Ashel left him. He loathed her for toying with him and he loathed her for breaking his heart, Royce's one and only weakness.

Royce started to kick a piece of can in front of him for a few seconds before he finally stood still and looked up at the sky. It was a beautiful sight. The moon and the stars gently lit the dull darkness of the sky which made the cold breeze of air a little less lonesome.

The air around him was cold but it had a welcoming feeling, it was spine chilling but it was also soothing and passionate. The city had a loud and noisy ambience all the time but something in the sky that night was making Royce feel at ease and comfortable. A feeling of that had escaped Royce for a very, very long time.

"Star gazing?"

Royce turned around and then he saw Charms standing a few meters away from him. Siegfried and Roy were happily hopping around her and when Roy noticed Royce, he quickly hopped his way to him. "It looks like he likes you." Charms stated as she slowly approached Roy and took him into her arms.

Royce let out a small smile. "Maybe it's because we have the same first three letters in our names." Royce responded as he gently patted Roy's head while Roy softly nibbled Royce's finger. Royce let out a soft laugh and then he turned his attention back to Charms who was then laughing at Roy's giddiness. Charms was wearing a sponge bob pajamas and around her neck was the necklace that she had just repossessed.

The light of the moon delicately illuminated the gem on the necklace and the gem sparkled around her neck perfectly and beautifully. He had never noticed it before but as he stood there face to face with her, he noticed how beautiful and elegant Charms was. Her hair looked so soft and silky and the pupils of her eye glowed like two beautiful black orbs.

Charms suddenly blushed when she noticed that Royce was staring at her. She lowered her head but after a few seconds, she slowly looked at Royce and noticed that he was still staring at her. Charms' heart pounded like a crazy steam engine, she held both of her hands against her chest to calm herself down but the more she tried to calm down, the faster her heart pounded.

"R-Royce… Are you ok?" Charms stutteringly asked as she turned her head away from Royce.

Royce was still quiet, after a few seconds he suddenly shook his head and then he began to blink his eyes repeatedly. "Whoa! What the heck happened? Did I space out?" Royce suddenly asked Charms.

Charms nodded slowly. "I-I think so…" She began to speak those soft words.

Royce smiled and then he patted his forehead. "What the heck is happening to me?" He then massaged his temples and after a few seconds, he suddenly tapped his forehead. "Oh I know!" Royce exclaimed. "I still haven't eaten dinner yet."

Charms started to laugh at Royce but her laughter suddenly stopped when they heard a loud grumbling sound near them.

Royce chuckled. "Looks like you haven't eaten too." Royce said as he pointed at Charms' growling stomach. Charms blushed as she shyly nodded at Royce. She wanted to deny it but it was already too late. Her stomach already blurted out the truth and there was nothing she could do.

"Wait here." Royce told her. He then quickly went back inside his apartment and when he came out a few seconds later, he was already wearing his coat and he was holding a piece of brown paper bag in his hand. "Let's go." He said as he quickly grabbed Charms' hand and began to walk across the street.

"Where are we going?" Charms asked as she tried to keep pace with Royce's walk.

Royce looked at Charms as he continued to walk; He then let out a smile from his lips and then he muttered, "You'll see…"

Royce and Charms arrived at the back gate of Charms' school a few minutes later. Royce carefully checked for any security guards around the area and when he noticed that the coast was clear, he gently knocked at the metal gates of the school.

"Who is it?" A voice behind the gate softly asked.

"Charles… It's me Royce." Royce whispered back.

"Royce? What the hell took you so long? I was waiting for you for minutes!" Charles muttered in a low angry tone.

"Sorry, I just had a little run-in with my past." Royce chuckled.

"What? Aishh! Whatever man! Here's what you ordered, hurry up! The guard is almost done with his break!" Charles exclaimed.

Royce took what Charles gave him and then he looked at Charles, smiled and then he said, "Look man… I have a favor to ask you. Could you give me another one this time? It's for her…" Royce pointed at Charms.

"You're so bothersome! You owe me big time!" Charles retorted.

Charles took out another plastic bag beside him and then he handed it out to Royce. Royce smiled and placed both of the plastic bags inside his paper bag while Charms obliviously watched at what Royce was doing.

"Let's go!" Royce told her as he grabbed her hand again and started to walk away.

They both arrived back at Charms' apartment a few minutes later with Charms still clueless at Royce just did. Charms carefully placed Siegfried and Roy back to their respective cages and when she was done with the two rabbits, she slowly walked over at Royce who was then busy unpacking the plastic bags he had brought.

"What's inside?" Charms asked Royce.

Royce turned around and then he began to smile at Charms. "It's dinner." He answered softly, revealing two sets of meal gently placed on the dining table. "Your school always cooks the best tasting food here in the city that's why I always go to Charles to get some." Royce added.

"My school cooks the best tasting food in the city?" Charms wondered. "How'd you know that I go there?"

Royce bit down his lip. How was he supposed to tell Charms? How was he supposed to tell her that the reason he knew that that was Charms' school was because he followed her all morning the other day to steal her necklace?

Royce didn't show any signs of worry around Charms. Instead, he quickly made up an alibi to cover for his mistake. "Did I say your school?" He sarcastically asked. "I meant that school." He added.

Charms slightly nodded at Royce. Royce wasn't sure whether she bought his alibi or not but when she suddenly smiled at him, Royce felt relieved and then he asked Charms to dine with him.


"Good thing she left…" Royce muttered as he entered his apartment and noticed that Ashel wasn't there anymore. He went straight to his sofa and when he was about to turn on the T.V., a voice suddenly appeared inside Royce's head.

You're not a very good liar Royce.

Royce jumped out of his sofa and nervously looked around his apartment. "Who the hell was doing that?" Royce whispered. Royce wiped his sweat from his forehead and then he headed straight into his room.

He didn't recognize that voice…

It was different from the voice he had heard inside his head earlier. The voice earlier that day had a warm, safe, and welcoming feeling compared to the voice he had just heard. The second voice was full of angst and it had a violent tone. A spine chilling tone that was scary enough to even scare the wits out of Royce himself.

Royce took off his shirt and buried himself into his bed. "I must be tired; I kept on hearing voices inside my head." Royce whispered, trying to convince himself that he was just imagining those voices. "Am I starting to get crazy?"

Royce closed his eyes for a second. All the things that had happened to him that day might had caused him to hear those strange voices, he was about to go to sleep but out of nowhere, the voice appeared in his head again.

You're not going crazy Royce…

Royce opened his eyes and quickly sat up from his bed. "What the hell is happening to me?" Royce exclaimed as he started to massage his temples. "I'm definitely going crazy…" He muttered.

Laughter suddenly filled inside Royce's head. It was that voice… It was laughing at him…

Royce clenched his fist and then he slammed it into the table beside his bed. "Who the hell are you?!" Royce yelled.

The laughter inside his head stopped. For a couple of seconds, his thoughts were empty. It was as if the voice was never really there… Royce took a deep breath and when he was about to lie back on his bed, the voice started to talk to him again.

Don't Worry Royce, you'll meet me soon…

"What do you want from me?" Royce asked, trying hard to calm himself down. Believing that everything was just a part of a weird dream, a very, very weird dream…

I just have one request… Stay away from her…

"Her? Who are you talking about?" Royce wondered.

Stay away from Charms…

"Stay away from Charms? Why should I?"

Just do what I say and you won't get hurt.

Royce was about to ask why did the voice wanted him to stay away from Charms but suddenly, his body was quickly pushed back against his bed by some unseen force.

Go to sleep Royce… Remember what I told you…

Royce still wanted to ask more questions. But the moment he opened his mouth, no words came out from him. He tried to stand up from his bed but his body wouldn't follow him. His eyes started to get heavy and his whole body started to get numb. He tried to fight it but the more he tried to get up, the more his body became heavier.

After a couple more seconds, he suddenly fell asleep.