"Mom!" I whine. I'm 20 years old, shouldn't be forced to go places with my mother. This is preposterous.

"Yes dear?" She replies as she turns the car left. Seriously, she needs to get go of me. She woke up at seven in the morning on my only day off to hang out with her and her best friend. It's like I'm six all over again.

"Why do I have to go? I need to get things done today!"

"Stop pouting and just have fun! We'll buy you things which will save you money and then you can accomplish whatever you want later."

"Hrmpf." I cross my arms as we pull into the driveway.

"Sadie get out and sit in the back." Mother dearest orders me.

"What! Why? God you treat me like a child." I shove open the door and slam it as I stomp my way to the seat behind the driver's. Treat me like a child and I might as well act like one.

"Hi Sadie!" Clara greets me.

"Hey, nice to see you I mumble. She doesn't dwell on it and starts to chatter to my mom.

"Great…stupid…boring…lousy…UGH!" I grumble as I walk through the antique store. It smells like old people and moth balls. I brush my fingers over the walls covered in mirrors and dressers.

I stop in front of this one mirror. The frame is a cracked worn out but it practically glitters and radiates some sort of warm feeling. Hrm that's a bit of dust on the mirror but not much.

I stare back at my face and my eyebrows are slightly knitted together. I don't like what I see.

My long barrel curled dirty blonde hair is down and it reaches about an inch above my belly button. I sweep my bangs across my face put it behind my ear. Maybe I need a new haircut? I just feel like I need something new-I feel like I'm just going nowhere. I frown for a moment and tie my hair up in a messy bun on top of my head. I tuck the loose strands behind my ears.

I guess I'm forced to live my life as another face in the crowd.

"Sadie! Do you want that mirror? I'm also buying you an ornate small birdcage for decoration and carpet." My mom says as she places her hand on my shoulder.

"Actually yeah I do."

"Great! Ma'am I'll take this mirror too." The saleswoman walks over and takes it off the hook bringing it over to the counter. My mom follows and so do I.

"Wait, can you open this?" I ask the salesclerk.

"Oh sure." She places the mirror down and shuffles over here. IN her hurry she drops her keys by my feet.

I pick them up.

"Thanks so much dear." She waits there as I look.

"Mom, come here, which one do you like better?" I hold out an ornate simple silver dream catcher necklace with three silver feathers dangling from the bottom and a glass circle in the middle-along with a bracelet that is just a chain of silver circles intertwined with stars and crystal seed beads.

"Hrm, buy both!" She claps her hands and I reluctantly hand them to the clerk.

As the three of us stand there as the woman presses buttons and slides the platinum card.

"You had fun right sweetheart?" Mom asks aimlessly.

"Mhm, sure."

"Great, once we're done here let's go out to eat!"

"Ughhh!" I groan. What's next is she going to get me a kiddie menu too?

"Can I have the pasta al dente?"

"M'kay, and for you?" I close my menu and hand it to the waitress.

I sip my iced tea and block everyone out.

I go to Notre Dame and currently in my sophomore year and I live in an apartment about 30 minutes away. Unfortunately my mother lives 50 minutes away from my apartment.

My dad is currently in France on business-occasionally my mom will visit him but she gets bored easily. She travels from place to place but always seems to come back here and bother me. She's always treated me like I can't handle myself and that I'm naïve.

She babies me and I'm sick of it. I wasn't allowed to stay home alone until I was 16. 16 years old! Sad thing is that I'm an only child. Well-kind of. My mom had a son but he got sent away to boarding school since he was nine and I rarely see him. We talk a lot but mom likes to act as if he doesn't exist. Trent is fine with it too-he doesn't like mom or dad too much.

So I've always been stuck at home without any siblings-he's eight years older than me so anytime we spent together I wouldn't remember.

Oh and don't get me started on going out to parties, I never was allowed to go but I went anyway. My friends always helped me sneak out or I'd sleepover someone's house and we'd go out and party.

The weird thing is that my mom actually approves of me dating-like a lot. So she always has some new guy to introduce me to. Mom has a lot of friends who have a lot of siblings. Oh joy; it's really just a pain in the ass. Sometimes she even drags me off to her 'excursions' with her but most of the time she respects that I have school.

In a way my mom is like a trophy wife-except that she's smart and they actually love each other. But otherwise she is-she just shops, spends money, talk and throw dinner parties. And one of her dreams for me is to marry a rich guy and have a carefree life as a housewife. Yeah, I know-too superficial.

"Okay mom, thanks for lunch and all the stuff!" I wave her off as the guys finish dropping off my new furniture. I've been wearing the necklace and currently holding the expensive bracelet.

I sigh as I place the plastic bag containing a doggie bag of my lunch into the fridge. I decided to hang up the mirror next to the door and I have no clue where I'm putting the birdcage. Luckily the carpet was for the queen herself. I roll my eyes as I rest my chin in my palm as I lean over the counter.

I shuffle away and plop myself into my fluffy bed.

"Wow, it's six already…" I say to myself as I walk out of my room. I turn on the television not really caring what channel is on and I plop down onto the couch.

"I wish I had a dog…maybe I'd feel less lonely." I run my tongue over my teeth and play with the necklace.

Yeah, like my mom would let me, she'd barge in here and steal the dog saying that I'm not responsible enough to take care of the dog and she'd drop it off at the pound. Wouldn't want mom to ruin another life.

I walk into my room and change into some PJ pants with stars and clouds on them and a black wife beater. I re-tie the bun.

"I wish I was beautiful…" I sigh as I walk past the mirror getting a quick glance of myself.

Time to make a quick dinner.

"Mhmm…" I groan as I brush some stray hairs from my face. What time is it? It's dark, I guess I should close the blinds. I groggily get up and see the clock above my plasma screen, two in the morning, great.

I walk behind the couch and see the mirror once again. I just stare at the messy reflection and tilt my head.

"Do you really want to wish that?"

"Holy shit!" I scream as I see a man behind me in the mirror.

"Who are you?" I panic, "I'll call the-"

"Cops? Really, now why would you want to do that?" His voice is husky and pretty hot. Damn something is wrong with me. I whip my head back and see no one.

"Wha-? I'm going crazy." I shake my head and pull the hair tie out of my hair.

"You're not." I hear him say again.

"Where are you?"

"Here." I turn around the find my face at the level of his chest. My heart is beating fast, seriously if he's going to rape me then that just makes today so much better.

"Who are you?" I step back cautiously.

"I'm Max, you're genie."

I laugh in his face, "You've got to be kidding me. I thought genies were girls in skimpy outfits that live in lamps. Or giant blue guys like in Aladdin. Not psycho guys from my mirror."

"I'm serious, I'm not some psycho. And I came from your necklace not that mirror."

"So why-"

"Because you never summoned me so I summoned myself using the mirror. Now what makes you think you're not beautiful?"

"Okay look, prove to me you're not just some creep and that you're actually a genie or I'll seriously have to call the cops."

"Alright." Max agrees.

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