The first tears

No one knew of the first tears ever cried
by children circled around mother's bed:
Mother was just hours away from dead.
An impossible sickness always tried

to take Mother, and now was not denied.
So on this day when the tears have first shed,
clouds gathered black and full; so dark of dread,
tragic rain bound the children side by side.

Rain fell upon the praying children's eyes
and gathered in pools upon their faces.
They trickled down, and despite this basis,
they found still the strength to rise,

as tears fell on to fill empty spaces.
For every child's tear, a dream too dies.

Garrr...this is my third entry to the Write the Wrongs competition. We had to write an Italian sonnet describing an origin story. It was VERY difficult. Let's all cross our fingers that I'll last another round! ~~