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Wedding bells filled the air as the large brown door of west wood church opened. Every congratulated and smiled at the newly web. Everyone's heart was filled with joy and happiness, no one saw the day when Sue Juliany married Sam Oz. Everyone thought they hated eachother it was so complicated but Hazel always knew.

To her, they were soulmates and she was expecting this day since she knew them. Hazel, on the other hand had know her love ever since high school. It was a typical love story, they met, fell in love and now 3 years after graduation they still together. Only promblem was, Nate, her love, wouldn't pop the so waited question and so that's why even though she was happy for Sue, Hazel felt sad. She and Anya Yami, were the last one.

Sue Juliany, Anya Yami, Tamra and Hazel Hans had known each other since 5th grade. Best of friend they always were. Nothing got in their way. So when each one started to pair of their group started growing but they didn't mind.

"Hey babe" A male voice whispered tenderly behind her, as a strong arm wrapped itself around Hazel's waist. Hazel turned around and hugged her love, her man. With the tip of her fingers, she played with his blond hair while the smell of his scent intoxicated her. "Let's get moving" He said as gently pushed her away and grabbed her hand.

She looked back and watched as the black limo drove away, as it dragged along the some cans and the sign "Just Married" and she silently asked herself "When is it going to be my turn?"

That night as they sat in bed, Hazel reviewed her wedding book. Sue was pleased with the whole ceremony, she thanked that Hazel was her friend, she thanked that Hazel was a talented Wedding planner.

She looked at Nate, his eyes were glued to the football game while his arm was wrapped around her waist, keeping her close. He loved her, she was sure of that, maybe he wasn't ready.

She close her wedding book and placed it on her night stand, she wiggled herself to get comfortable beside her love and then she nuzzled her nose into his chest. "I love you Nate" She whispered.

His blue eyes looked down at the girl and he leaned until his lips touched the top of her head. "I love you too Haze"


"I'm getting married!" Anya squeaked as she showed her friend her engagedment ring. The girl quickly began to enlight with Anya's ring while Hazel stared at Anya with pure surprise. "I want you to all be my maid of honor!" Anya said.

"Can you do that?" Tamra asked as she held Anya's hand to look at ring.

"Duh! I mean there is naked wedding for god sakes" Anya said. "Haze... are you ok?" Anya stopped and looked at sad girl who was looking down at her hands. Trying not to cry but the tears were stronger. "Haze, why are crying?" Sue asked as she scooted over and laid her hand on Hazel's back.

Hazel sniffed and looked at Anya. "I'm just so happy for you" She said as he voice cracked once.

"Oh! Haze" Anya coo as she hugged her crying friend. Hazel cleaned her tears away and listened to Anya's every detail and then she thought "It's official... I'm the last single girl"


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