You have made her this way

By: Keyra Blair Corey

YOU have made my mother this way

To where sometimes she does not want see the light of day

You've driven her to the point

Where she's not "Mommy" anymore,

She is a soulless body that will not even open the bedroom door

She will scream,

Like a wild being

Throw things


That was not my mommy before she met you

Everything she does now is a headache

After fights she takes her Heartache

Out on us

You leave

Without any responsibility for what you have done


Do not come back

Stay gone

Drown in a lake full of your sins

You have the NERVE

No, not nerve, but the AUDACITY

To show your face afterwards

And lay your slimy, pig self in her bed

After you think everything is okay

I see what goes on

I know what goes on

Nobody wants you here if you don't want to be


Stay gone

Hang yourself over a pit of fire

Fueled by your arrogance

Your putrid stink of man

You make me sick

How you smile in our faces

Then you turn

Even though you break her heart over and over

She still lets you back in

For me to spend time with her now,

Is like making an appointment for a doctor who just keeps canceling

How many times I regret ever having agreeing to let you even share the same air as me.

The way I see it

You are nothing more than dog waste on the bottom of my shoe


Do not ever show you face again

Because my mommy can't handle you anymore

Ah, you just walked in the door.

If I were the Devil, I would chop off your legs and feed them to the repenting souls

So that you can never disappear into her room, ever again


And don't ever come back