Anarchy is my rival

I am trying to learn peacefulness

In an environment of anarchy.

The irony in this situation

Is almost fitting

As I am trying to educate myself, as restless soul,

In the art of serenity.

Anarchy is a constant noise.

It gives us manic desire

To do anything, everything,

That does not conform in any way

With the world of tranquillity.

Chaos whispers in my ear

Almost sinful temptations that echo.

Trying to reel my in as an object

Ready to rebel.

They have reeled in the wrong creature

If that is the image I am to represent.

My body rids itself of madness to learn.

It escapes from the pores of my skin,

Dragging itself by its disgustingly dirty nails,

To escape from the serenity it rivals.

I am hollow.