Chapter 7: Omens of War

The priest placed a hand on Flesmus' head and she was transported to a strange jungle with many dangerous creatures. Her friends were not with her, she was all alone. She was a little frightened at first, but the jungle looked stunning so Flesmus decided to do a little wandering. She headed towards a wooden bridge that crossed a river and beyond was a temple surrounded by jungle trees, bushes and rocks. The temple had golden bricks and looked a little dangerous, so Flesmus did not think of going towards it. In the distance behind the temple were ruins with tall broken stone pillars and rats wandering about. Before Flesmus could go any further, she was attacked by a strange looking creature. It had large arrows sticking out of it's back attached to a leather cowl, it's skin was dark green and it's face was white with red tribal marks on it. It was known as a kyv. Flesmus gasped as it shot an arrow at her, but missed and Flesmus went tumbling to the side of the bridge into some bushes.

"What do I do? Come on Flesy, use magic!" She said to herself.

Flesmus jumped out of the bushes with a funny looking mean face and cast an ice storm on the kyv. It had no effect and it came towards her, aiming another arrow at her.

"Oh dear!" She yelled, just as an armored elf jumps out from behind the kyv and stabs it in the heart, killing it instantly. Flesmus looks up and sees it dead in front of her.

"Are you alright milady?" Says the elf, stepping on the kyv.

"Yes, thank you. What is that thing?" Flesmus replied.

"A kyv, what are you doing here? This place is very dangerous." Flesmus shrugged.

"Ah, well. My name's Qlayen, I am a high elf paladin. Let's get you out of this place." He said, holding his hand out to Flesmus.

"I'm Flesmus." She said, taking his hand, as they make their way to a safer place...