Chapter 1 - Grandma's House It was late at night, and Katie, Jeff and Justin had just finished watching a movie, Silent Hill at their grandma's house. It was really dark in the basement, with all the lights off and the curtains closed. Katie walks over to the DVD player and puts the CD back in it's case. "Scary huh?" Justin said in the quite dark room, as you can only hear his voice and nothing else. "Yah, really creepy." Jeff replied back in a low tone of voice. "Very scary, I like that movie." Said Katie, as she sat down on the end of the couch. It got really quiet all of a sudden, nobody could hear anything. Jeff got up and went upstairs to the bathroom. "I gotta go." He said, as he started up the stairs. "Home?" Katie asked. "Washroom." he said back, disappearing up the stairs into the darkness. Justin laughed and made a wierd noise. "What was that?!" Katie chuckled and looked towards him. "Popopopopopopo!!" Justin said to Katie, as though she knew what he was talking about. Katie opened her big mouth and made the wierdest sound. "!!" They both laughed so hard they almost peed their pants. Moments after laughing, they heard a male scream come from upstairs. They both look towards the stairs with their eyes widened. "What the Hell?!" Justin screamed, standing up. "I haven't heard Jeff scream like that before." Katie said scared with a frightened look on her face. "Let's go see what happened." Justin started running up the stairs, as Katie followed him up to the living room where they found Jeff on the floor on his knees and what looked to be a body in front of him facing the fireplace. Both Justin and Katie stopped in the small hallway by the front door, scared as Hell. Justin was closest to the front door and looked outside at the darkness. His eyes grew bigger at what he saw. It was dead silent and nothing was moving at all, it was the most creepiest moment of his life. He turned back to Katie, who was about to start crying because he knew that Katie knew who the body was... Slowly turning his head towards Jeff, Jeff moved out of the way and sat on the corner of the couch. It was their grandma, lying there, all charred and burnt. "What the fuck!" Justin yelled and fell to his knees. Jeff looked towards them and lowered his head. "I found her like this, I don't know what happened." Katie slowly walks forward, closer to her grandma lying there on the floor. "Grandma..." Katie said quietly to herself and put her hands over her face. Justin turned to Jeff and thought to himself, what's going to happen now? Suddenly, there was a scratch at the door and Justin looked to his right to see what was an undead zombie. He jumped back and made a fist and almost screamed, but didn't just like when he saw Samara comes out of the TV in the theaters. "Jeff, Katie, look!" Justin yelled at them to come over to see what it was. Jeff ran over and looked, then kept running into the kitchen to grab a knife out of the drawer. Katie was crying like crazy now and then faints on the floor, hitting her head on the coffee table on the way down. Justin looks over to Katie and goes to her side. Jeff comes back with a knife and pushes the front door open, knocking the undead creature down the porch steps. With knife in hand, he gets ready to fight his evil foe to the death. Jeff is a good fighter, so he takes one stab at the zombies head and kills it. The zombies falls backwards onto the grass, blood spreading out from it's head. Back inside, Justin is trying to slap Katie awake then yells for Jeff. "Hey Jeff, are you alright?!" Jeff comes back inside with a bloody knife and eyes wide open. "Don't look at me like that, so this is my lower, louder voice." Jeff laughs and rushes to Katie's side as well. "It's not that bad..." Jeff said, trying to get Katie to wake up. Seconds later, Katie opens her eyes and places a hand on her head. "Ugh.. What.." "Are you aright Eitaks?" Justin said to her, giving her a hug as Katie puts an arm around him too. "I'm fine, but..." They let go and they all stood up. "What is going on here anyways? A zombie... Grandma's..." Justin asked nervously, looking around the room and to the door many times. "I know, this is insane. The outside looks dead, there are no cars going by or anything and it's not even midnight yet." Jeff said, frustrated, clutching the knife in his hand harder. "What about that zombie? It feels like we're in Resident Evil now or something." Justin stated, not sounded very excited there were real zombies. Katie backs up with eyes wide and gently hits grandma on the floor. "Zombie? What happened to grandma though?!" Katie yelled, putting a hand on her forehead in disbelief. "I know this is too much for us, but we have to pull it together guys. They are real now, so we have to fight!" Justin exclaimed, sitting down on the couch and looking out the window. "This is impossible, but Justin's right, we have to get out of here. It's not going to be easy, but we have.." Justin interrupts Jeff suddenly, still looking out the window into the dead of night. "Find out what's going on, fight monsters, make it out of Sarnia possibly and stay away from the cemetery!" Jeff sighs then nods. "Are you going to be alright Katie?" Jeff asks, cleaning off the bloody knife with his shirt. "We're not lost, we're on another adventure!" Katie randomly yells, pulling herself together. "Let's get our bikes and get moving." Katie said as they all nod and rush to the backdoor, Jeff going first, then Katie, but Justin stops at the door, looking down at the basement. He notices a flickering light, like the fireplace was on, but it wasn't on before. An image of grandma on the floor flashes in his head and he moves down the stairs, knowing what he would come to face with. He looks towards the fireplace and notices a huge fire start. "I hate fire..." He said, frowning at the fire. The fire grew larger and it started to take form of a human shape. Justin flinched backwards, still with a mean look on his face. "A fire demon?" It was just as he thought, it was a fire demon and it had a skeletal look inside of it, it's head raging fire and burning body flickered as it moved towards him. Justin felt something inside of him grow as he continued to look at the fire demon come closer. He was starting to feel colder instead of hot as the fire got closer. A bright pink light flashed, as Justin was pulled from this world into another dimension. Just then, he knew what was going on, his power of ice that he knew was coming alive now! He winked once with his left eye and made 2 fists. Justin's skin started to turn into a solid ice. His back opened up and sprouted fairy wings, as small antennas came out of his head. His eyes turned black and his mouth shut itself with silent ice. he put his fists up close to his face, as they glowed purple and radiated ice energy. He was going to fight the fire demon and avenge the death of this grandma Katherine. The fire demon shot a fireball at the now Ice Pixie but he dodged it, hitting the wall of the kitchen behind him. A fire started on the counter and the Ice Pixie laughed and waved one hand in front of him left to right, creating an ice wall. The fire demon was trapped on the other side, but the wall started to melt and it was just enough time to escape the burning house and into the backyard. The ice pixie crashed open the glass of the back door and flew up above the white picnic table. Jeff and Katie were with their bikes and looked back to see the ice pixie. He turned to them and told them to get back. "Get away from here, now!" The fire demon broke open the back door with flames and charged at the ice pixie, but the ice pixie flew away from it and blasted one ice bolt at it, hitting it right in the chest. Jeff and Katie watched in awe as the ice pixie Justin was fighting a fire demon. The fire demon screamed loud and used it's fire breath on the pixie, bringing it down from above. The ice pixie sounded like shattering ice as it landed hard on the cement. A bust of flames hit him as he was engulfed in the fire demons flames from inside the house. The ice pixie surrounded himself with an ice shield and escaped the flames onto the cool grass. "That does it!" The ice pixie yelled and summoned a powerful blizzard at the fire demon, raising out his arms to each side. Millions of ice crystals came from the sky and the ice pixie, putting out all of the flames around him and the house. The fire demon was now frozen solid on the broken white table. All you could see of the fire demon was a skeleton inside a brick of ice. Justin turned back to normal and fell backwards onto the cool grass back into the real world, laughing. He got up again and turned to his cousins, smiling. "What a rush that was!" Jeff and Katie looked at each other and laughed like crazy, they never laughed so hard. Katie wasn't making any noise at all, which made the guys laugh even more. It was the most silent laughing moment ever. They came to their senses after awhile and Justin walked over to them. "What happened to you?" Asked Jeff, scratching his head. "I don't know, I was suddenly pulled into another world, fighting this fire demon. it was really cool, I felt so powerful with ice blasting everywhere. I was casting ice magic!" Justin said, all excited, jumping up and down smiling. "Cool." Jeff said with a chuckle. "Neato!" Katie said surprised, as Justin walked passed them in the middle. He looked back at them and told them that they might go into another world and fight a demon. Something dark was happening to their hometown, something evil. Justin was very bright and knew it had to be something like that and only the power of the eight cousins could stop it. He knew in his heart they would have to find the rest of the gang and stop it and find the other evils. This was the beginning of their adventure, the adventure of the cousins! Justin smiled as his face lit up with light. "Come on guys, are you up for fighting evil?" Justin asked as he put out a hand. "Yer!" Katie yelled, putting a hand on Justin's. Jeff thought for a second, then placed his hand over Katie's. "I guess." it was set, they would find the others and fight off this evil. They did not know what to expect, but they would adventure and find out where to go next. They got on their bikes and headed down Mayfair towards Germain Park, where they would go adventuring next!