Chapter 2 – Germain Park The cousins biked along the road to Germain Park where they always used to go to have fun and talk about everything. They don't go there anymore because of that night long ago. Once in awhile the visions of that night would still haunt them, but their light was strong enough to pass it. They rode up to a parking lot, which was dark and lit by a few light poles above. Looking into the park ahead was pure dark, none of the baseball field lights were on. On their way to the park, they didn't even see one car on the road or any people at all, it was dead silent and too creepy. Justin thought to himself that he would definitely be alone now, now that there is nobody around anymore and possibly zombies. But, he didn't care anymore, he was in too deep in the dark. Justin rode his bike down the park path first, followed by Jeff then Katie. They got down to where it gets really dark near the swings. Suddenly, Justin stops and hears footsteps ahead on the dark path. "Do you hear that?" He said. "Feets?" Said Katie, trying to look into the dark. With a moment of relief, out walks Brad and Wayne walking along the path. Justin waves at them. "Hey!" Shouts Jeff. "It's Brad and Wayne!" Yelled Katie, getting off her bike. Justin and Jeff got off their bikes and went over to them. "Hi guys!" Said Brad in a funny weird way. They all laughed. The cousin trio told Brad and Wayne what had happened at grandma's house and the fire demon. They knew something was wrong too when no cars or people were around, they almost thought they were dreaming. Before they could continue, Brad notices a figure by the washroom building. "Hey, who's that?" Brad said, pointing towards the washrooms. The building was lit and they could only see a silhouette of a girl behind the light. "Hey..." Brad said, in a flirtatious voice. He walked over to the girl and the others watched in amusement. "There he goes again.." Said Justin, rolling his eyes. "Awesome." Said Wayne. Brad disappears behind the building, following the girl. Moments of awkward silence pass as they wait for Brad to come back. But, just then they hear him scream and fly backwards out onto the cement path. A faint figure of a what looks like was a demon with wings emerges from atop the building. "It's another one..." Justin said under his breath. The girl comes down on the cement path between Brad and the others in the light. They could see who she really was now, a succubus with big dark demon wings, black hair, pale pink skin and bloody fangs. She turned away from them and went towards Brad, walking slowly and girly. "Brad, watch out!" Yelled Wayne, running towards the Succubus. He stops as the succubus turns around and scowls at Wayne. Justin thought for a moment and realized maybe Brad would have some sort of power to fight her as he did fighting the fire demon. "Brad, use your power, fight her!" Yells Justin. Brad gets up on his feet now and stares at the succubus. He feels something grow inside of him as he smirks at the demon. A dark mist surrounds him and forms into a devil himself. Large dark red wings span out from his back, his skin turns dark with blood red veins flowing through him as his eyes glow bright red and hair growing long and black. A magic ankh hangs around his neck and a scythe appears in his hand as a weapon. He wore dark cloth armor and you could not see him in the dark. "I'm the devil." Brad said as the dark mist fades. The others watch as he and the succubus fly into the night sky above and battle it out. Devil Brad fought with combinations of kicking and striking with his scythe. The succubus was blocking with her demon wings and striking with sharp nails, but missed every time. It was like an anime fight in the air, fast and hard to see every move made. The others couldn't see very well, only flashes of red light in the night sky. It was almost like fireworks. Suddenly, the succubus falls down hard on the cement path. Brad comes down on her with his scythe and stabs her in the heart, blood spraying every which way. He took out the scythe and formed back into the normal Brad. "Whoa..." He said, looking at the now bloody succubus. The others walked over to see the mess. "Poor girl." Justin said, frowning. "Yucky." Katie said. "What was that all about?" Wayne asked confused. "I don't know man, that was some intense power there for a moment. It was awesome." Brad said. They all stood there, pondering the situation and they all felt they had powers within them, they felt strong forces around them. "We should go to mom's house and check on them." Jeff said worried. "Yea, let's hurry." Wayne said, starting to run down the path. "Wait!" Justin said, stopping Wayne. "It would be faster if me and Brad fly and you guys take the bikes, you can ride my bike Wayne." Justin gathered cold energy around him and formed into the ice pixie. Brad nodded and formed back into the devil again. Jeff, Katie and Wayne got on the bikes and they all made their way to Aunt Carol's house where hopefully she and Gary would be alright.