I can't imagine me without you.

I don't even want to try.

There's something about you that completes me

Makes me better than that small girl who used to hide in corners

Writing in her notebook

Makes me better than the girl who watched all her friends dancing

Pretending she was fine standing alone

Makes me better than the girl who was always the second-best friend

Wishing she was the first one they'd turn to

Makes me better than the girl who worried she'd never be found

Or get her first kiss

There's something indefinable about you that makes me feel so loved

Your beautiful words

Your heart-stopping smile

Your amazing thoughtfulness

Your inner strength

Your magic that makes the rest of the entire world disappear

The way you hold me in your arms like you never want to let go

The way you touch your toes to mine, just to be close

The way our hands fit together

The way we can still in silence in the middle of nowhere and just be

The way you take my words away - I'm a writer! That's not supposed to happen!

The way you make me feel like a princess, like a beautiful flower, like an angel

And I don't ever want to lose this

I don't ever want to lose you

You make me who I am

And I don't want to be anyone else

I just want to be yours.