A mix of poetry by me. I hope you enjoy as much as I did writing it. He The Arc Angel Returns and Upward Conflict are my newest works. The others are old. Well enjoy. This my summer's worth of poetry since Defining. Enjoy, and God Bless

He The Arc Angel Returns

By Daniel Mapp

He stands amongst the mist,

Illuminating as a aura emits from him.

He looks below his emerald eyes sharp;

Slices through the pale haze.

He watches a blue yet green orb,

Where havoc is well rooted;

For the Creator's children are burdened,

While her grace slowly erodes slowly.

With wet sorrow he shuts them suddenly,

As his radiant wings open gleaming-

The air begins to howl around him,

For he readies for his descent.

He dives downward towards men,

With his jewel eyes reopening.



(Arc Angel)-Micheal

Me Within The Falling Time

By Daniel Mapp

My pace is slow for its observation,

Striding upon the fallen foliage path.

A breeze rids it of the colored litter.

After the path's sweeping, a chattering squirrel I spy.

The curled tailed fellow snatches up his acorn;

Departing into the fading color wood

After his leaping threw a fern bush,

A kingfisher cries and takes to the crystal sky.

I watch him disappear beyond the branches,

I wonder when he would make his departure-

Below this cooling woodland south.

The air grows more lower in temperature,

As the overhead light begins to dissolve.

I tuck my hands deeper into my jacket pockets;

For I shiver as a fall wind spirals around me.

I stride homeward still recalling of nature;

In its beauty before frosted winter.

Upward Conflict

By Daniel Mapp

His stance is a knelt one,

Before a deranged beast;

For he awaits its charge silently,

With his glistening weapon at hand.

It bucks it head stating a challenge,

Preparing to dent his extended shield.

Chaos would quake with havoc,

If they clash driven by malice.

This is possible if they meet,

In the gleaming ebony sky.

Ceasing Writing

By Daniel Mapp

Scratching ceases within a letter,
With his fantasy meeting a pause.

His prosing slanting syllables end,
Within quick drying blue fluid.

He ponders over his creation,
With a eye for its feature's forging.
Twirling the ballpoint he dwells,
On a his clogged imagination.

Faint Call By Night

By Daniel Mapp

Carnivorous eyes glare downward
From a slope within upward elevation.
Their coal pupils scan a serenity valley.
Turning away from the lower world,
They look unto the far starred void.

Below the late hour Earth sits still,
Yet silent as a hallowed church yard.
The tranquility is shattered by a call,
Holding resemblance to a lost spirit.


By Daniel Mapp

By Daniel Mapp
Peace driven is this time.
Dissolving beyond the line is the light.
Beyond site, scarlet and purple pour from its leaving,
For this reason a lone cirrus becomes crossed-colored,
Behind the single drifter the first one begins to twinkle.
Blazing it is the one that men make silent wishes,
The great yellow one rises east, as his kin unveils.
Yet at his departing another great blazer rises;

Pale yet noticeable in the far sky.-
With ever dented face she lights the above.

Hunting,secrets, yet rest takes place under her.


Thank for reading and God bless. This my poetry wrote, while I was away from Fiction Press. You can find me on Yahoo Answers searching for editing and help. Another journal is on the way this mid-August. Take care and God Bless.