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I walk on my four legs with confident strides, hoping to put on a calm fa├žade for my little sister. We walked under the dim moonlight, making our fur glisten. The forest gave off a haunted filling tonight; especially since tonight was the night of the mating run; my sister's first mating run. Chantal, my sister, just turned sixteen a week ago; I don't understand why they make you go on this run when you are only sixteen. I feel a hazy fuzz feel my head, and look over to Chantal to see that she wants to tell me something; I allow her access to my mind.

Ainsley what if someone gives me their pre mark. I don't want to be mated when I am this young. Chantal looks at me with panicked doe brown eyes.

Relax, I won't let that happen. This run only lasts three weeks; I already know a place where we can go hide. I stop walking and so does she. I will not let anything happen to you; you're my sister.

Thanks Chantal looks at me; her eyes shining with relief and gratefulness.

For what? I look at her confused; she doesn't have to thank me for looking after her; I love her and would do anything for her.

For protecting me. I see the sincerity in her eyes.

Well, it was in the job description of being a big sister. I look at her with my wolfish grin, and she barks out a laugh at my joke.

We soon arrive on the west side of the forest, and I can see a bunch of giddy female wolves, anxious to get a mate. Most female wolves are happy about the prospect of getting a mate. Some female wolves wait most of their lives for a mate to dominate them; I, however, am not like that. Female wolves are naturally submissive, but once in a while you will have a female in a tribe who is not submissive, and who cringes at the idea of having a mate.

I know Chantal wants a mate, but she is not ready for one right now. Most male wolves are naturally dominant and demanding when it comes to their mates; and most of them want to start having kids right away. There is no way in hell that I will let Chantal become a mom at sixteen.

I spot my friend Delaney over in the corner of the group; I can tell she is focused on thinking of her plan to avoid getting a pre mark. Delaney is going to college to become a doctor, and she is so close to getting her degree; she told me she begins her residency in a few months.

This will be my third mating run, I survived the last two and I sure as hell plan on surviving this one. I plan on surviving them till I have to stop going on these stupid runs. Chantal is trying to avoid being mated because she is too young, and Delaney is avoiding being mated because she wants to finish schooling. I don't want a mate because I cannot give up my wolf form for someone else.

Liam, one of the tribal Wise men, comes towards us in human form. I can see some men behind him preparing wood for the bonfire.

"Ladies, the run will begin in a about five minutes, so prepare your selves. I know that I all told you that the mating run would only last three weeks, but there has been a change. As you know are Alpha of 20 years, Charles, passed away; his son, Ace, has taken his place and he needs a mate to stand by his side. So, the mating run will last till Ace finds a mate." Once Liam finishes his speech, I can see some of the female wolves start to get giddy and excited. Of course, every girl would love to mate with the Alpha, especially since it is Ace.

I do have to admit that Ace Sinclair is a gorgeous male specimen. He has rich thick wavy blonde hair that usually fall in his face, covering his ice blue eyes. He of course has a very muscular body that stand at least 6ft 5in. Even though I find Ace uncharacteristically beautiful, he is still an arrogant asshole. Ace thinks that he is the best thing since sliced bread; he thinks he is God's gift to our tribe. I really despise him sometimes, but he is our Alpha so I have to respect him.

"Okay Ladies, once the bonfire begins, you run. Remember, if male gives you his pre mark then you both come back to town." Liam walks towards the bonfire, and I move closer to Chantal, and we connect our minds together so we can stay in touch.

"Let the run began." Liam shouts as he lights the bonfire. The bonfire will stay lit every night so wolves can find their way back into town.

I nudge Chantal, and motion for her to follow me. I can already hear howls from male wolves who have found gave a female their pre mark. I can feel Chantal's panic rise to the surface as she hears the male wolves howling, some are howling because they found a mate, while the others are howling because they are still looking. Our tribe is not the only tribe in this mating; they have at least 12 other tribes participating in this run. The mating run is taking place on our territory though.

Come on Chantal, I know a burrow in the south part of the territory that should keep us safe for a few days. She nods her head and we take off towards the south part of our territory.

I lied to Chantal about the part when I told her that the burrow would keep us safe; I can't hid with her because our scents mixed together would become way too strong, and we would easily be sniffed out.

After about two hours of running, and close calls with running into some males we finally make it to the small burrow on the south side.

Get in, hurry. I order her and she climbs into the burrow, and I start to move some leaves and branches over the small opening with my nose.

Wait, aren't you getting in with me? Chantal looks at me with worried eyes, and tries to climb out.

No, stay their; I am going to a small burrow a few miles away from here, I will be back to check on you tomorrow afternoon. I stocked you burrow with some food, so you should be fine till I come back. I lie again, I don't have another small burrow waiting for me; I just plan to run the whole night.

Okay, I see you later sis. Love you. Chantal starts to calm down and feel more relieved not that she not out in the open.

Love you too sis. I sever our connection then start running towards the cliffs. I can smell the salt of the water so I know I am getting closer. I figure that if I can climb down the cliffs, I might be able to find a ledge close to the water that I can rest onto for the night.

I reach the cliffs, and look at the raging waters crashing violently against the rocks. Okay, maybe this is a little too dangerous. I flick a pebble off of the ledge of the cliffs, and watch as it bounces off different rocks until it finally pierces the water's surface. Okay, well I don't really want to take a dive down there. So, I turn back and come face to face with a giant wolf with piercing ice blue eyes. I do have to say that those eyes look very familiar, but I can't think of name or person to put those eyes with. I can't really make out what the wolf exactly looks like because it is so dark.

I stare him down for a few minutes, and he starts to growl at me. I hold my stance though, and that makes him angrier; he probably thought that I would be more submissive, but he has another thing coming. I am submissive for no one.

The wills in my mind start spinning; trying to think of way to escape. I look over my should and see the cliffs; well that isn't an option. I look to my right and left, but all I see is dark foliage. Now, I start to panic; I could try to charge at the wolf, but my body is much more petite than his giant form.

The male wolf starts charging towards me, and I start running straight for the cliffs. I spontaneously jump off the cliff, shattering the surface of the ice cold water. I can feel my body wanting to change back into human form because of the soothing water, but I will myself to stay in my wolf form. I start swimming to one of shores, my wet fur weighing me down.

I finally reach a part of the shore, and drag my body out of the water and I collapse on the small beach; sand mixing with my fur as I make an imprint of my body in the sand. I turn my head slightly to look at the cliffs, and I see the giant wolf staring at me from them. We stare at each other for a while; even from here I can easily see his familiar ice blue eyes. It is really starting to bug me that I don't recognize him, but maybe he is from a different tribe.

I lay my aching head down, and try to relax my muscles a bit. I need to hurry up and get out of here before that wolf comes down here to find me. I get up on shaky legs, and start to move through the forest; I smell a few female wolves that must have been here a few hours ago. I hear a few howls from some lonely male wolves, and start to pick up my pace.

I am glad I got away from that guy because he is probably from another tribe, and I would hate to have to move to another tribe, and leave Chantal here alone.

I think I should start turning back; I don't want to be too far away from Chantal. I start head back towards the cliffs; the wolf is probably gone anyways. I reach the cliffs and start climbing the steep slope upwards. After what felt like hours, I finally reach the top of the cliff and pull myself up by my paws. I look back and see that the sun is fixing to rise. Well, I didn't really get a chance to rest.

I start decide that I should just start sniffing for something to eat, and then go check on Chantal to make sure she is still in hiding. I drop my head down low; my muzzle sniffing. I walk slowly and my head runs into something really hard; it feels like a tree. I look up and see the giant wolf with blue eyes from before. I yelp and start to step back, but the male wolf has already pounced on me. I struggle to free myself from his weight. I start clawing and nipping blindly, hoping to hurt him.

My world comes to a crashing halt when I feel his teeth tear through the fur and skin on my neck. I can feel him giving me his pre mark; I can feel him pumping his essence into my veins. I start to whimper in defeat. How could this happen to me? I have always survived a mating run. I hear the wolf howl over me letting every other wolf know that he has made his claim on me.

The wolf gets off me, and I slowly start to get up; I feel too weighed down by defeat and sadness to even move, but I do. I follow my new mate; the words sound so bitter and unfamiliar in my thoughts. We reach the edge of the forest, and I see at least two hundred wolves all coming out of the forest as well. Why they are all coming out too, as far as I know the mating run is still going on, unless Ace just found his mate.

That is when reality set into my mind; those ice blue eyes belonged to Ace. The wolf that mated me was Ace.

I start to see everything happen in slow motion; Liam comes up to us to congratulate Ace on finding a mate. Wolves start changing back into human form; talking about Ace and me. Ace just nods his head to Liam since he is still in wolf form. I just stand there; still shell shocked from what just happened. I start to fill dizzy and disoriented; I collapse on the ground. Before my eyes shut, I can see Ace changing back into his human form; he looking in my eyes trying to call out my name. I feel myself involuntarily changing back into human form; my bones and muscles hurt because I didn't use water to transform.

The last thing I realize before I black out is that I am naked.