A dark cloth surrounds my eyes and I fill myself being lifted into what felt like a vehicle. I try kicking, but that doesn't work. I could transform into my wolf, but I am already in the car. But then again what could it hurt. The problem is that I haven't been in wolf form for months so it will be challenging to shape shift; my body won't be use to its second form. I try to focus in my mind, picture my wolf, I can feel a slight vibration through my bones, but nothing. I feel helpless and that angers me. I stomp my feet in frustration and I hear a chuckle from I am guessing Logan.

"What's wrong sweetheart?" His voice rang tauntingly through the thick, claustrophobic air that surrounded me.

"Fuck you."

"I think Riley will be doing plenty of that when I return him to you." I growled at him in response. I can't remember the last time I actually growled at someone. He makes it sound like I am some sort of object; I loathe that. That is the reason why I never wanted to be mated in the first place. As the car drives, I fall into a restless sleep; trying forget about who I was with or where I was going. How can I possibly get myself out of this mess?

I wake up as we pull up to this huge house, bigger than the Alpha house back in my clan, and I see two women tending to the beautiful garden. Logan stops the car and roughly grabs my upper arm and drags me out and into the ostentatious house. He throws me on the hard kitchen floor, and I silence the cry that wanted to come out of me when I hit the floor. I will not show any weakness in front of these people. I am still unable to see because of the blindfold, but I hear Logan and other men talking.

"Where is Riley?" Logan more demands than asks.

"Upstairs...I see you got your bounty." A man, unknown to me, chuckles from what sounds like it is coming from behind me. Logan doesn't say anything, instead he roughly picks me up and carries me to Riley. I hear a door creak open and chuckle sound throughout the room, which has to belong to Riley.

"Ahh...I see that you have finally found her." Riley said with a delighted and sinister voice. "You reward will be given to you tomorrow evening, you are dismissed." I hear Logan walk out of the room and sickening sound of a lock clicking.

I can feel Riley's hot breath on my ear as he whispers to me.

" I can't wait to see the look on Ace's first when sees that I have mated with you first." A dark chuckle escapes his lips.

"When hell freezes over." I spat at him. I suddenly feel the blindfold being ripped from my eyes, and the ties that bond me loosen. I am then flipped on my back with Riley's form hovering over me. His amber eyes staring back at me with so much intensity and possessiveness. I knew that I was in deep trouble then…

Sorry this chapter is just a filler until I write the next big one, I KNOW the wait for this has been extremely wrong and I hate that it is super short but I figure this is better than keeping you guessing if I will ever continue this, which I am. I WILLL complete this story J