The Door to Many Lands

"Bye, Mom! We are going to play outside for a while, okay?" I asked mother excitedly.

"Okay, but be back in time for dinner at six o'clock!" she replied.

"Alright, Mrs. Dier!" exclaimed Sadie as we stampeded through the front door and onto the steps. Sadie and Joe are my best friends in the whole world! We do everything together no matter what it is! My friends were already racing down the sidewalk before I even got the door shut! "Wait for me, guys!" I yelled as loud as I could.

"Hey! That's not fair! They got a head start!" I heard coming from a little person walking behind me. It was my annoying little brother, Blake. He is eight years old, but looks like he is four because he is so small. He is always trying to hang out with us, but he is too small to do any of the things we do. He can't play football, basketball, or soccer. He doesn't like to go to the park because the playground is too big for him to climb on. He isn't even fast enough to keep up with us. Especially Joe. Joe just got brand new shoes that make him as fast as the lightening! Blake might as well just stay home because he isn't going to enjoy anything that we do. We are big kids and he is just too small.

"Guys! Slow down! There is this really creepy…"I paused as we reached the gate of the scariest thing in the universe: the haunted house at the end of our street. It is tall and dark with broken glass and ghostly shadows in every corner. It is a place of evil in which no kid has ever gone before. "Cool! Let's go see if it's unlocked!" Joe gasped. Sadie opened the squeaky gate as Joe darted up to the huge wooden doors. Knock! Knock! Knock! No one answered. "Let's go in!"

"Joe, I don't think that is such a good idea. Can't we just go home and play a little ball or something like that?" I whispered frightfully and a little shaky. Joe is fearless. If there is something creepy and unknown, it is up to Joe to go in and figure it out. He never turns down a dare!

"No way! I want to see what is in there! Come on, Matt! " he said as he turned the big golden knob. The door creeked as Joe slowly opened it in amazement. "Wow!" Sadie awed over the size of the house. It looked as if it were ten times bigger than it looked on the outside with probably over a hundred doors! It was awesome, but, at the same time, very scary. We didn't know what was behind any of these doors. It could be something terrible like a monster! Or even a… a… a gorilla! We walked down a long dark hallway hoping to find a safe looking door to go in. Sadie came across a bright, almost radiant orange door with a sparkling handle. It looked pretty safe, so we opened it.