We were shocked to feel a warm breeze then we noticed a beach and ocean! Even a sun was in this room! There were surfers and soda shacks and crabs and volleyball nets! We stepped in and took a deep breath of the ocean air. "Welcome to Kala-aui beach. Here, take some refreshing pineapple juice," as this beautiful hula dancer girl handed us coconuts with juice in them, she explained where we were, "My name is Kaleena, and I will be your guide for the day. We haven't had any visitors come through the magical door for a long time, so the locals would like to greet you with these gifts!" Some friendly people gave us grass skirts and flower lais. It was so cool!

We were so excited to get to relax and have some fun. Even Blake got to learn how to surf! Sadie and I were building sand castles, Joe was rocking it up on the volleyball court, and Blake was catching some waves in the kid's class. It was great until we noticed a giant grey cloud coming over the beach like a blanket over the sun. Kaleena ran over to us to warn us about their awful storms, "you guys really need to get out of here before this gets really bad. Follow me to the closest door!"

We ran to the largest and most colorful umbrella on the beach. The lifeguard blew his whistle and everyone began screaming and running to shore. "Please exit the water quickly and calmly. There is a storm approaching rapidly and we need all people out of the water and under cover," I heard coming from a megaphone down the beach a ways. Kaleena opened the door and told us to hurry. We jumped through the door and there was a simultaneous sigh of relief.

The door slammed shut and there was a huge flash of light! "Wow! That was close! I think the door was struck by lightening!" I spoke as I was contemplating what had just happened.