"I hope Kaleena is okay." Sadie said with worry. We began to look around and noticed that everything was covered in snow!

"Cool!" Blake excalaimed and began running down the hill we were standing on. He tripped and ended up tumbling and rolling all the way down as if he were a giant snow ball. Sadie, Joe, and I got a pretty good kick out of it, but made sure he was okay before we laughed too hard. "Hello there, funny one" Blake looked up and noticed a tiny little eskimo person speaking to him, "My name is Madoodley. I couldn't help but notice a large snowball with arms and legs tumbling down the hill. Tehe!" The Eskimo let out a little laugh as Blake stood up. Madoodley only came up to about Blake's knees! I couldn't believe that anyone was shorter than Blake, but I guess I was wrong.

There were actually several little Eskimo people coming out of their little igloo homes. We helped Blake dust himself off and realized that this place was truly magical! The snow wasn't even cold! It was strange and amazingly awesome at the same time! Mr. Madoodley offered to show is to their largest igloo for snack and refreshments and we couldn't pass up an off like that!

The igloo was quite a bit larger than the rest of them, but we still had to crawl through the door. Inside was a giant, furry guy walking around with paper cones in his hands. Mr. Madoodley said that he was their cook. He was a very friendly abominable snowman who loves to make snow cones and marshmallows. He walked up to Sadie and offered her a snowcone, "Hello, would you like some yellow snow?" Sadie looked at him with a confused and disgusted look on her face and replied with a simple "No, thank you." Joe thought it was cool and snatched up two of the yellow cones shoving them into his mouth. "Why don't you want a snow cone, Sadie?"

"You obviously do not have a dog!" She had this strange look on her face. It was almost as if she was trying not to puke. Blake explained to us that it was lemon flavored, so we decided that it couldn't be too bad. Actually, it was the best snow cone I had ever tasted!

After we finished our snacks, we went to play in the snow that wasn't cold. We had a huge snowball fight and ice skated. It was a blast! And since the snow wasn't cold, we didn't even have to wear coats! It was the best snowball fight in the entire world!

We were trying to teach Blake how to skate when a storm blew in and almost blew me over. We followed Mr. Madoodley to this extra small igloo. He gave us some magic marshmallows that let us shrink down to the perfect size to fit through the door.