We had entered another room and were now in outer space! Sadie began to freak out a little because we didn't have any helmets, but out of nowhere a guy wearing an oxygen helmet and all silver came out saying "Have no fear, Senior Starstruck is here! I just happened to have four extra helmets for you all." He passed out the helmets which were all four personalized with our names on them! "Thank you so much for the helmets Senioir Starstruck," Sadie graciously exclaimed.

"No problem, Sadie. I'm here to help," the austronaunt replied. Senior Starstruck wanted to take us around on a tour and have some fun.

We sat on Saturn's rings, orbited around Jupiter and all of it's moons, and even played tag on Mars! It was so cool! After a while of floating around we all started to admire the scenes. It was beautiful and so calm! I couldn't believe how close we were to the stars and moons. I heard Blake trying to say something, but couldn't quite understand him. "What's the matter, Blake?"

"I see something coming towards us. I think it is a…a…" He paused for a minute at a loss for words, I think, "It's a meteor!" Senior Starstruck came over to look and exclaimed, "You are right! It's a meteor shower! Run! Well, at least float or flip or something towards the Great Red Spot. There is a door in the spot that you can go through." We all flipped and floated to the spot and fell right through the door.