In a pile, we all groaned from hitting gravity so quickly and removed our helmets. It smelled like candy and quickly made us all forget about our pain. "Wow! Look at that giant lolly pop," Joe pointed to the biggest piece of candy I have ever seen! There sere millions of them! It was a lollypop jungle with licorice and candy necklaces hanging from the tops like vines. A little girl in a pink dress and swirly yellow hair walked out to greet us, "Hello I'm Princess Caramelo, that means candy in Spanish, and I am going to take you through Candy Land." We looked around some more and it was so hard not to eat all of the candy. "Blake," I exclaimed, "Don't eat any of that candy! Mom is cooking dinner and we need to be back in…" I looked at my watch, "Oh my gosh! We have to be back home in less than ten minutes! Princess Caramelo, we need to get to the closest doors as soon as possible because I promised my mom I would be home by dinner."

"Okay, but the only way to exit the house is by walking through the entire Candy Land. There is a couple short cuts, but they are kind of risky." She explained to us.

"Well let's go guys, what are we waiting for?" Joe exclaimed. So, we followed her through the forest and to the Hot Chocolate Fall. "Okay, you all can cross this Fall, but it is a little tricky. You have to jump on the gum drops in a particular order created by the Queen Dulce.