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Drawn by the forest

Part 1

I walked through the forest alone. The sun's rays shone between the branches of the trees, lighting up streaks of the air and dust as it made its way onto the ground, casting a shadow where the sun did not hit.

I stepped over fallen branches and roots which protruded from the ground. The leaves on the trees were turning marvellous shades of red, yellow and orange; the colour of fire, showing signs that autumn was here. Some of the leaves were still a bright shade of green while others were browning, fluttered slowly downwards towards the earth by the command of the wind that forced them from their twigs on the trees. It had not rained in days and so the ground was dusty and dry. The forest... beautiful.

I was going to my favourite place, a place of tranquillity, a place where I could relax and forget all my worries. I had been walking for thirty minutes from where I had parked my car at the side of the road. I had discovered this place by accident as a child, playing in these woods. I came here every Sunday at midday when the sun was at its highest in the sky.

As I passed by familiar tree trunks and bushes on the ground, I saw an array of wildlife. Tiny garden birds flew from branch to branch, picking grubs and churning the ground looking for insects. I passed a badger set where the earth clearly showed the path from their den leading into the woods from where they had foraged last night. Deer prints marked their recent passing and red squirrels scurried around the trees. My father warned me not to step into the woods as this was where the wolves lived, but I never saw any.

I could see the sun's bright glow in the nearby clearing I was headed for. It marked the path I needed to take. I hocked my bag back onto my shoulder; it kept falling down. I gripped the strap with my fingers as I hopped over the last branch on the ground. I came out into the clearing and sighed. It was spectacular.

The grass was high up to my knees but beyond it I could see the shine of the water. The ripples made from ducks as they swam caused the light to reflect and bounce back into the air. Beyond this mountains with a blanket of trees lined the surrounding landscape, creating a perfect bold line as the landscape curved green and then was suddenly the blue of the sky. I stepped towards the edge of the lake's waters where the grass was shorter from the grazing of geese. I dropped my bag and stripped out of my clothes, carelessly chucking them into a heap on the ground. I opened my bag and retrieved my swim suit before putting it on.

After I dipped a toe in the water to test the temperature I slowly stepped in, careful not to disturb the wildlife and scare it off. I swam fast at first, breaking a sweat in these cool waters. When I was satisfied with the workout I went to the middle of the lake floating on my back, closing my eyes and letting my arms reach out wandering beside me.

I relaxed until my fingers and toes were pruned from being in the water so long. After swimming back to the bank I pulled out my towel from my bag and dabbed my skin, letting it soak up the water. I dropped my towel and stretched out on the ground putting my hands behind my head and crossing my legs at my ankles. I soaked up the sun and listened to the noises around me; the wildlife, the light breeze as it swayed the grass.

Suddenly there was no noise, no chirping birds or splashes from ducks landing in the water. I opened my eyes alarmed. I tilted my head to the side; my eyes searched but I couldn't see anything from down here except the tall blades of grass that surrounded me. I sat up and looked around, listening carefully... but still it was quiet.

I jumped up quietly and spun around again checking the forest edge for any signs of danger. I stopped when I saw movement in the shadows. I squinted trying to get a better view. The shape moved and stepped out into the clearing. I gasped. It was a man wearing only board shorts.

His torso was muscular. As he walked towards me I was distracted by the way his muscles moved and contracted under his russet coloured skin. It was flawless, a perfect solid colour. He stopped a few meters from where I was standing. I searched his face, his high cheek bones and straight nose. His eyes were a chocolate brown with a hint of yellow, mesmerising.

I could see the contours of his body better with him this close, because my eyes trailed over him. His shorts hung low on his hips I could see the perfect groves of his hips, the smooth muscle in his stomach that reached from below his shorts up towards his chest carrying the line of his snail trail up to his bellybutton. I stared at that trail of hair wondering about the place it directed to, teasing as it dropped and hid behind his shorts. This man was tall and about 19 years of age; his hair was short, and dark but I could see a hint of dark red as it shone in the sun light. He wore a necklace of a tiny carved wolf, hung low around his perfect neck brushing over his collar bones and resting in the duck pond, the grove in the middle of his chest.

I moved my eyes back to his face and blushed when I realised he was just standing there as if he was waiting for me to speak.

"Like what you see?" he asked, his voice was husky, deep but the tone was smooth. I blushed some more.

"Who are you?" I whispered ignoring his question and looked around the clearing again, expecting to see more people advance from the forest.

I looked back at his face when he spoke "Wrath," he answered.

I titled my head to the side "That's an odd name." He just shrugged.

"What are you doing out here?" I spread my hands gesturing to our surroundings, the middle of nowhere. For years I had come here and not bumped into one soul.

He was as cool as a cucumber. "I've come to see you."

I raised my eyebrows. "Me?" I pointed at myself.

"What's your name?" he asked lifting his chin and nudging it in my direction. I couldn't help but watch his neck as the muscles flexed.

It couldn't hurt to tell him. "Rowan."

He kept his face serious, never giving away what he was thinking, his eyes burning into mine. He walked even closer to me stopping with only a foot between us. I stared into his eyes and he stared into mine. I felt drawn to him.

"Why have you come to see me?" I demanded but my voice was low and gentle.

"Because I want you," he informed me. My mouth opened a little and I stared in shock. Nobody had ever said something like that to me before, not this soon after meeting anyway.

I shook my head. "I have to go." I picked up my towel and clothes not bothering to stuff them in my bag. I slipped on my trainers and ran into the woods, I didn't stop untill I was fifteen minutes into the forest. I was out of breath and stumbled to a stop leaning against a nearby tree trunk for support.

I didn't risk getting naked here and putting my clothes back on, so I opted for putting my clothes on over my swim suit. When my breath was steady I ran the rest of the way to the safety of my car. Confused and slightly scared - what was he doing out there, in the middle of the woods?


That night I had weird dreams, I dreamt I was in a log cabin sat on a rocking chair drinking a hot steamy Irish coffee. When I heard a noise come from outside I opened the door and stepped out before the woods not the least bit scared. It was dark and the forest edge was close. I stepped further out, away from the cabin and scanned the forest. I caught the glint of two dots behind a tree. As I stared closer at it squinting my eyes, the dots vanished and appeared again. Then they moved forward perfectly level, gliding and hovering closer.

It was too late before I realised what it was. A dark brown and red wolf stepped out towards me; its teeth bared, lips wrinkling around its muzzle. I couldn't deny that it was the most beautiful wolf I had ever seen. Its eyes glowed with a hint of brown and bright yellow. I was hooked.

The wolf jumped and slammed into me, pushing me to the ground. I grabbed clumps of its fur between my fingers trying to push it away. I saw its mouth open and it bent down at my neck. I expected it to rip a piece out of me but instead I felt its tongue slowly slide down my neck and over my collar bone. I stopped still, shocked. The wolf's tongue slid down further and glided over the two swellings that made up my cleavage. I groaned with pleasure, closing my eyes.

I felt a hand at my hip lifting me from the ground, my shoulders slumped into the earth. My legs wrapped around a firm waist and I groaned even louder. Another hand reached out and slid under my top, lifting my bra above my breasts and pulling at one of my nipples. I gasped. I felt a tingling sensation and a hunger grew inside of me, one I had never felt before. I was horny. I opened my eyes and the wolf had gone, my legs were wrapped around the man I had seen in the forest, Wrath. I was not surprised but happy. I lifted my head and kissed him slowly sliding my tongue between his lips. He caught my bottom lip between his teeth. The feeling between my legs ached even more when he pressed himself to me and I felt his hardness through our clothes. I wanted him.

My eyes flew open and I was gasping in my bed, tingling all over as if he had actually touched me and pressed himself to me.


I did not dream of him again throughout the week and for that I was grateful. I didn't want to be fantasising and having wet dreams about a guy I met, for what? Less than five minutes. I went to school every day and stressed out as usual. I found it hard to cope with all that work and a complicated home life. The clearing was my only way to unwind; I'd be damned if I gave that up.

I walked to the clearing with my swim suit already under my clothes as a precaution. I stripped as I had last week leaving my clothes in a heap on the ground. After my fast swim around the lake, I hovered in the water watching the fluffy clouds above, tracing patterns in their folds.

I almost fell asleep as all my worries and stresses left my body. Shaking my head to avoid drifting into a dreamy sleep I lifted my head from the water and realise the water was still and silence surrounded me. If only this could add to calming me but instead the birds' silence made me worry, it was peaceful listening to them.

I swam to the edge of the lake where my things were left, the whole time glancing around for a wolf or man. I didn't know which... just possible danger. I couldn't see anything so I stepped out of the lake. Dripping wet I spotted a body lying down near my clothes. I froze. It was perfect; the smooth skin all over his body looked soft in the sun. His muscles were relaxed but stood out as his chest was swollen making his ribcage look large because his hands were behind his head. I bit my lip trying my hardest not to moan as the feelings I had felt during my dream came back. I yearned for him, I wanted him to touch me, I wanted to touch him and that scared me.

In one quick and smooth movement he stood up and walked towards me. I backed out stepping backwards into the water until it was up to my waist. He followed me silently into the water. I met his steady gaze. Eyes locked on him. When I finally stopped I didn't expect him to get that close. I could feel the heat radiating off his body.

He stood with his hands at his sides, the tips of his fingers brushing the water. "I want you, Rowan," he whispered in that sexy deep voice. "I see you here every week."

I swallowed. "I have only seen you last week."

"Yes, but I have been watching a while and I can't wait any longer." His face lowered a little and he licked his lips slowly.

Wrath took one step closer putting him so close I could almost feel his skin touching mine. He stretched his arm out quickly taking hold of my hip and jerking me forward. The air fell out of my lungs as I slammed into his body, my eyes level with his chest and the tiny wolf pendant. The arm that held my hip slid around to the small of my back arching my body against his. His other hand reached for my chin, raising it so I was looking into his face. My hands found his chest and I felt the firmness of his hairless chest; his skin felt even better than I had imagined under my finger tips. Warm and smooth. I wanted to kiss it.

I took a deep jagged breath. His smell was intoxicating, he smelt like the forest with a sweet sharp mix of satisfying cologne. It made my chest ache, it made my stomach twist and it made me tingle. I felt myself getting hot as my core bloomed for him. I felt the chemistry our bodies produced. I was getting hot and wet.

Wrath bent his head down lifting me up a little. His lips brushed mine and I felt his hot breath on my face. He pressed his lips to mine. His tongue brushed my lower lip asking for entry. I allowed it. Opening my mouth and feeling his tongue slip inside, it brushed over mine. I reached out my tongue, pushing past his and forcing myself into his mouth. Our kiss had started out gentle and slow, then it turned into a powerful lust as we both craved for one another.

I pushed my chest outwards grinding my breasts against his chest. My hands found his thick hair, fingers spreading through it and gripping around his neck. One hand held my lower back pushing me more firmly towards him, his other hand reaching between my shoulder blades crashing my chest even closer to his. Our breathing was heavy, gasping into each other's mouths.

His kiss moved over my cheek and along my jaw bone. I moved my hands to his back and felt the tightness of his muscles there. As he lowered his head further kissing down my neck, he bit my skin gently grazing it with his teeth. I groaned and my fingers gripped onto his back. He gasped with pleasure, his groan vibrating my skin. Wrath rested his forehead on my shoulder. I nestled my face into his hair. His hands reached up catching the straps of my swimsuit over my shoulders. He gripped it and slowly pulled it over my arms letting my breasts bounce out as the material unstuck from my skin. I felt his heavy breathing on my nipples making them stiffen and erect.

He groaned when I cried out with pleasure as his hand slowly traced the roundness and curve of my bosom.


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