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Part 4

"I would say I'm sorry, but I'm not." Wrath opened his eyes and stared into mine; they were inviting, the passion was back in them – they looked ablaze with arousal. I was smouldered with it; I could feel it radiating off his body and I'm sure he could feel mine. I leaned forward my lips puckered ready to feel his perfect lips on mine.

As I closed my eyes, I could feel Wrath's hot and heavy breath brushing my cheeks and warming my face. I leaned in more, expecting another perfect kiss. I felt my forehead press against his lips and I frowned; it was not the kiss I was anticipating.

Then he was gone. I opened my eyes and Wrath had pulled back, the space in front of me empty. He stood up and walked a few steps away from me. As he cleared his throat not looking at me he said, "I'm... going to take a shower."

Feeling the rejection wash through me, "Oh" was all I could manage as a response.

"I've been running all day... I don't smell good," he explained. I thought he smelt nice, but I guess he wanted to smell better.

Wrath smiled a cute smile at me; he still looked unbelievably sexy when he did that. "I won't be long," he assured me with a wink. I nodded feeling the butterflies take hold of my stomach.

Wrath walked into a room at the back of the cabin. I wanted so badly to strip off and join him... my first time in a shower, now that definitely appealed to me. I wouldn't object, however I wanted him to be the one to take off my clothes. To feel his hands remove the fabric from my skin exposing my naked form.

I sat there not knowing what to do. So I just waited sipping my coke and staring around his living room. I heard the sound of the shower turn on and water running. I tried not to dwell on the fact that right now he was naked, dripping wet with only a few inches of wall between us. I could just step inside and take a peek! No! That would be invading his privacy and he had not invited me in.

Around five minutes later the sound of running water stopped, along with my breath. Then I remembered to breathe again. The door opened and surrounded by a mist of steam his body appeared, a towel wrapped around his waist. I became ridged as I realised his scrumptious torso was still wet, drips of water running slowly down the plains of his chest. My breath hitched when I saw he had one arm raised, rubbing a towel into his damp hair. That made his chest appear broader and the muscles in his arm flexed. I have never realised before that I had a soft spot for that section of a man, the one on his side, when his arms were up. I groaned quietly. It looked so good.

Wrath plopped the towel he had been using to dry his hair over the back of the sofa. I was still staring at him like an idiot. A nice warm smile appeared on his lips. "Are you OK?" he asked. I was fully aware that under his towel was nothing except his manhood. "Can I get you anything?"

"I'm just peachy, thanks." I smiled and averted my gaze, sipping the last drips out of the coke can to give me something to do.

Still not looking at him, I didn't notice Wrath until he came and sat on the sofa next to me. "Now then. Where were we?" he asked in a deep, hoarse voice.

I melted instantly. I leaned back on the sofa; the deep sexual look in his eyes made me swallow hard. Wrath was leaning back with one arm draped over the top of the sofa, behind me. He was sort of squinting, giving me an in-depth inviting stare. My breathing became raggedy just like his was and my body burned with an aching want for him.

He leaned in towards me, touched my chin with his fingers, stoking my cheek gently and guided my face towards his. I ran my tongue across my lips quickly and puckered them ready. His soft lips felt smooth and warm against mine. My hand found its way into his damp hair, over his toned neck and across the smooth moist skin of his back; I felt his muscles move beneath the skin. Wrath's arms wound around me, his hands feeling at my waist and moving up towards my chest.

I opened my mouth and felt our tongues touch, warm and tentative; he tasted minty and fresh. I longed for more even though I was currently receiving it. I gasped into his mouth when he cupped my breast and squeezed, lifting it up slightly. I didn't want his hand on the outside of my top, but on the inside feeling his skin stroking directly over mine. As I gasped Wrath moaned into my mouth. I felt the vibrations run through me, firing me up like a kiln. The fumes of his smell invaded my senses; that sweet, manly scent of his skin only served to tease me more.

Wrath's hands roamed my front – I felt every stroke with pleasure, eventually stopping at the bottom of my top. His fingers gripped the material, pulling my hoodie up over my head. Suddenly feeling the need to strip all clothing from my body I gladly assisted by lifting my arms. I heard the thud of it hitting the floor, collapsing into a pile. I however wasn't paying too much attention to that, as immediately Wrath's hands were back at my waist and mine in his hair.

Our mouths touched, my mouth opening and tongue forcing itself into his mouth more than eager to taste him than ever before. We were both moaning into each other's mouths. Wrath broke the contact of our lips, us both gasping for breath, but he didn't stop and continued trailing more kisses along my jaw line, at the hollow beneath my ear and down my neck which sent a pure wave of pleasure through my chest. I was feeling the heat and passion more in my core; it was beginning to get unbearably strong.

My instincts took over; I pushed at Wrath's shoulders forcing him to sit back against the sofa and climbed on top of him, straddling his waist so my groin was above his. Instantly his hands were at my waist trailing underneath my top. I saw a small smile on his face before he buried his head into my neck again. My thighs were on either side of his, keeping him in my embrace as if to never let go again. I rocked my hips and felt his very hard erection beneath me, and as I rubbed myself into him further we both groaned. I pushed my body against him, my chest pressing into his.

His mouth moved down over my collarbone and he pulled down the material of my top giving him a few extra inches of skin allowing him to kiss at my cleavage. I reached down and pulled up my top, taking it off. It joined the pile of clothes forming on the floor. Wrath smiled when he saw my chest. I was wearing the wolf pendant he had left in my room last night; it hung down between my breasts suddenly feeling very heavy, swinging between them as my boobs pushed the pendant away from my ribcage.

"You can keep it." Wrath smiled sideways looking at the tiny wolf hanging there; he picked it up and ran it between his fingers. "It looks good on you, it gives me great pleasure to see you wearing it," he whispered before moving in. I pressed myself into his face, Wrath licked and nibbled at my skin, kissing it as he moved. My hands moved over his chest, his skin still moist and soft from his shower. My head fell back as Wrath's hands moved the material of my bra exposing one of my nipples. He took it into his mouth teasing the end with his tongue and it swelled as he sucked. I gasped into the air feeling the intimate contact with him; his warm, wet mouth teased me. With Wrath's hands on my hips he guided and deepened my movements; my hot core rubbing into his hardness in a circular motion.

Wrath lifted his head and placed one light kiss on my neck. "Are you sure you want to do this?" he breathed. He placed his hands on my arms and rubbed them slowly up and down.

I nodded and groaned, moving my head back down so our eyes were level; I bit my lip. "Please," I asked, "I'm more than sure." I leant forward and kissed his lips again.

This time it was my turn. I moved my kisses down his neck and over his chest quickly licking at his nipple. I kept on moving down, sliding down on my knees between his legs, and feeling his smooth toned stomach beneath my palms. Adjusting my hips I still kissed at his skin as reached for the towel covering him. Gripping the ends with my fingers unravelled the towel letting it fall next to him. I didn't look at his erection; I was still caressing his stomach and chest with my mouth, but my hands moved down. I found his shaft and wrapped my fingers around him. I slowly moved my hand up and down to feel as much of him as possible. Wrath groaned and gasped. He was rock hard, thick and long– thicker than I had expected. I tried not to be alarmed in thinking of where it would be going. Would it fit?

My palm stroked up feeling for his sensitive end, and he seemed to grow even more as I stroked him with my hand. As I pulled my palm up and over the bump on his end, he shuddered. With a sudden urge I pulled back his skin and took him into my mouth. Wrath's breathing became fast, short gasps. I peaked up at him and his head was back resting on the sofa; he had his eyes closed. My tongue glided easily over his groves, caressing the sensitive bit. Occasionally he would twitch and thrust his hips sending him deeper into my mouth, threatening to make me gag. I however resisted the urge and gained control, moving back with him when he thrust out.

After a short time of him moaning he lifted my head up. His face was suddenly flush. Wrath spoke between short breaths, "I won't last long if you keep doing that." He pulled me up and kissed my neck. Why wouldn't he last long? I was confused; would he run out of energy, vanish into thin air? Pulling me closer Wrath's mouth kissed my cleavage again. His hands roamed to my bum; suddenly I was being lifted up. I wrapped my legs around his waist; his strong arms supported my weight as he walked towards a room at the back. Over his shoulder I saw his towel had been left on the sofa... he He was naked.

Wrath kicked the door and it swung open, banging on the opposite wall before swinging back on its hinges, leaving it ajar. Wrath carefully laid me down on the bed, which I realised was a king size with a very soft and squishy black and blue duvet. My head rested in the plump pillows. Leaning over me, Wrath moved his hands down the curve of my body making me tingle. One hand sneaked around my back releasing my bra clasp. His hands pulled my bra straps down my arms, before he chucked the material somewhere.

"You're so beautiful," he whispered after looking me over. I felt exposed. His eyes met mine and he reached up to stroke my face at the same time as climbing on me, a sexy mischievous smile on his face. Using his knee he pushed my legs apart and put his waist between my thighs. I felt a bit nervous, but I knew it was right; this was what I wanted. He kissed me deeply, our tongues merging and stroking each other. I felt that deep aching tingle between my legs; I wanted him to touch me there. His strong hands stroked the naked skin at my breasts.

He moved his touch down to the buttons on my jeans, with one hand supporting his weight he used the other to unfasten me. I looked down and watched him. He was breathing raggedly, his breath hot on my skin. Wrath sat up gripping the top of my jeans and slid them down my legs. I lifted my body to help him. I could see his erection was still going strong; it was smooth and full, but also large and scary looking, the first fully grown I had ever seen in real life. Wrath turned around with his back facing me when he realised my jeans wouldn't come off all the way because of my shoes.

Sitting on the edge of the bed with one of my legs in his lap, Wrath leant forward to untie the trainer. Watching the strong broad muscles of his back I noticed he had a barely visible scar on his ribs. Wrath removed one trainer and lifted my leg for the other. I reached out with my hand and brushed the jagged shape with my finger; he shivered.

"How did you get this?" I asked. The curiosity in me made me speak.

He paused his hands on my ankle. "I was bitten badly in a fight with the Alfa."

I reached my head forwards on a sudden impulse and gently licked the patterns of his scar. Wrath trembled and his breathing hardened. "I love it when you do that," he breathed and slipped my other trainer off along with my jeans.

Wrath didn't move position as I got up on my knees and sat pressing my breasts into his back; Wrath groaned. I licked and nibbled at his skin, going upwards towards his neck. My tongue trailed over his shoulder and I reached higher with my legs to let my head glide over his shoulder and my tongue lick his collar bone. Wrath groaned even louder, the vibrations in his back sent waves through the skin of my stomach and breasts; I pressed deeper into his back to feel it intensify.

Suddenly Wrath grabbed me, toppling me down to the bed; I let out a small giggle. He had climbed on top of me in less than a second. He pushed his body against mine; I could feel his smooth, soft skin as he brushed his chest against me. His tongue licked my aching nipple making me let out a wine; I wanted more.

He ran his hands up my thigh and brushed my hips with the tips of his fingers. He placed light kisses on my inner thigh and sneaking upwards. He trailed his mouth all over my body; his skin was smooth and dark against mine. The anticipation and suspense was killing me. I was so aroused, my nipples where stiff and it throbbed between my legs. I wanted to groan from that feeling alone.

His fingers touched the fabric covering the skin between my legs; I gasped and let out a low moan at the intimate contact. The feelings were overwhelming and intense, running through my skin like lightning and trailing over my stomach. My breasts felt warm, swollen and puckered along with my sex. "You're so wet," Wrath hissed. His fingers played at the waistband of my knickers teasing. He pulled them slowly down my legs exposing myself to him before kissing his way back up my leg and gently returning to the spot. "So smooth," Wraith breathed his fingers glided over me, exploring my form. He moved his mouth above my clitoris covering it with his warm breath. A tongue licked slowly at me as a tingling feeling filled that area.

He moved his fingers finding my entrance. I moaned again as the pressure was building up inside me; I couldn't wait any longer. I wanted to feel him inside me. With that thought, one finger slid inside. I gasped and groaned pushing my breasts out, arching my back and breathing raggedly. Wrath slowly moved his finger in more and kissed my clitoris, his tongue giving it a quick flip. Suddenly my body felt overwhelmingly hot. He pulled his finger out and I hissed in protest. This time with two fingers he slid inside me again.

With small movements in and out, I could feel his fingers moving around inside, spreading wide. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feelings. Something started to change, and the tingling got even more intense. I felt trapped like somebody was holding all these feeling in one place; they were growing stronger and I felt slightly numb and frustrated. I wanted to explode. The tenderness of his touch produced feelings more satisfying than I had expected. Gently his fingers picked up a faster rhythm moving in and out causing fiction and pressure inside of me. Wrath continued this for a while; the more he touched me with his mouth the more I twitched as the feelings increased their intensity and along with the friction I didn't believe it could get any better.

His mouth once again covered my clitoris drawing in a deep suck. Suddenly something tipped over the edge; I could feel myself contract around his fingers, getting tighter. A wave of pure pleasure overtook my body. I wanted to scream. I panted hard and I contracted tight and released, again and again around his fingers as the satisfying numbness washed over me. My thoughts were incoherent.

After the feelings had calmed down my body was still buzzing. I felt a burst of energy yet I was suddenly very happy and overly relaxed. "What was that?" I gasped. My body jumped uncontrollably when he touched my clitoris this time.

"I think that's what you call an orgasm." He sounded proud and very pleased with himself. His voice changed to that hoarse, deep hum. "You looked so sexy you almost made me come."

Crawling his way back up my body, his hands trailed over my skin, taking some time to wipe his glistening fingers over my breast before blowing a gentle stream of cool air towards my nipple, instantly cold and stiffer than before my nipple swelled. I practically purred as Wrath then moved his mouth up taking my goose pimpled breast into his mouth warming up the cold area. That act felt more teasing than the cooling down. "If you want me to stop at any time, I will," he informed me. I spread my legs after a little nudge from his knee. Wrath dropped his gaze to my breasts and moaned as he gripped my hips and slid me towards him on the bed. I arched my back and moaned, begged him to enter me. Urges, I couldn't wait any longer. I needed to feel him inside of me; I needed to feel his hardness fill me up.

Wrath leaned forward, supporting his weight, but brushing his body against mine. His chest squeezed my breasts enhancing my cleavage and his stomach pressed up against mine. I felt his erection between his stomach and mine. I felt his desire. He was solid.

He pulled back his hips, muscles flexing as he changed position and the tip of him found the grove of my opening with the help from his hand. Very slowly he eased his erection closer to me. I felt the pressure of his blunt, hot tip pushing against me. After a few seconds Wraith eased off on the pressure and moved his swelling back and forth over the top of my clit wetting it ready with my juices. He was having trouble entering. "Relax, Rowan. This will be easier and less painful if you relax," he whispered into my ear. I hadn't considered that this would be painful. Instantly I tensed up doing the opposite to what Wrath wanted, worrying over how it might feel. This was all new to me, and I briefly wondered if Wrath had done this before and decided now was not the time to think about it. With the panic settling in I started to breathe faster and my chest contracted and heart rate increased. Trying to hide my panic from Wrath I let my head fall back and closed my eyes attempting to seem calm. Wrath must have sensed my worries and helped to ease me again before continuing further.

Wrath snuggled his head into my neck and started kissing over my jaw, neck and collarbone. His hand moved back to caressing the outside of my core. With care he slowly stroked me between the legs, relaxing me. His fingers moved inside of me again; he concentrated on my entrance widening his fingers and drawing them out and back in. His tongue entered my mouth and the passionate kiss got me stirring for him. Placing light kisses on my jaw I watched as he covered his length with the glistening fluid on his fingers.

Wrath tried again and kept up the kissing to distract me. The pressure of him pushing his arousal against me increased again as he tried to enter me. I felt the weight of anxiety on my shoulders, wanting this so badly and needing to be able to do this for him. Taking a deep breath I relaxed, not thinking about what Wrath was doing. It felt odd as slowly he managed to ease himself inside, and a millimetre at a time his length began to submerge. My breath became ragged again in a panic, and unable to stop myself I tensed up, but resisted the urge to move backwards away from him. The stretching and pressure of him was uncomfortable, but I felt determined to complete this. A small blast of air left Wrath's mouth. The pain increased with the slow pushing moving inside a little, then a little further. I worried that I couldn't take it. Closing my eyes tightly together, with just his tip inside, Wrath stilled.

"Rowan, if you need me to stop, I will," he whispered into my ear and caressed my cheek with his hand. "You're so tight. I don't want to hurt you."

"No, keep going," I said as a reflex, but I wasn't too sure if I could cope. Thinking about it, the pain wasn't too bad. Manageable. The longer he held it in place the more the tight stretching pain eased off. This gave me courage to continue.

As if Wrath could sense I wasn't too sure. "I won't be angry with you," he said seriously looking into my eyes, reinforcing that he was telling the truth. "Do you want me to continue?"

I nodded.

He went deeper. Wrath's eyes closed and his mouth opened as he let out a breath and with it came a long, deep groan. It filled the air around us and I fed off his pleasure; this is what I wanted, what I needed. Wrath eased himself inside me further. I was grateful for his tenderness and soft touch. I knew to make the pain ease off I had to calm myself down. This was what I wanted. I wanted him. I wanted Wrath. I needed him. My body needed him. I relaxed and tried to get lost in the moment. I pushed myself up off the bed to feel my skin against his body, breathing ragged. He sank himself deeper inch by inch. Wrath groaned. "You're so tight!" he said with a hiss.

I felt every millimetre of him, but after a while it didn't hurt as much, if anything it was just an odd, slightly uncomfortable sensation. It felt like the worst was over. In the awkward moments that followed Wraith pushed himself deeper inside and held onto my hips pulling me closer to his pelvis, until our pelvises were grinding against each other. "Oh," I said, as another sharp pain hit me, and this was different from the tight pressure, – it was a sharp pain that travelled through me. A curse escaped Wrath's lips and Wrath eased off a little as he said, "I'm sorry," in a quick rush of words.

"No, it's fine. Just don't go in so far," I instructed, "Continue."

Wrath was hesitant and he kissed my cheek a few times as if trying to convince himself, but. He eventually complied, moving his hips slowly in and out to begin with getting me used to him, before his rhythm picked up pace. He never pushed himself as deep inside again, careful not to hurt me.

The friction and speed made every nerve ending inside of me shout. I screamed it felt so good, and Wrath stilled and looked down at me, "Are you OK?" he whispered panicked.

"Keep going," I panted.

My back arched and he drove deeper into me still, even though I thought that he had filled me up whole already. It almost didn't hurt anymore. Slowly Wrath pulled back drawing himself nearly out of me. I closed my eyes feeling him lick my nipples; again they became more sensitive. Wrath moved back into me, and I gasped as he moaned. He pushed deeper inside me, moving his hips in a slow rolling motion. He whispered to me in a language I didn't understand.

Then I smelt the most wonderful fragrance ever, nothing I had ever smelt before. A hot, erotic, dark scent that filled the space around us.

Wrath spoke, "It pleasures me so much to feel your hot wetness surrounding me. To feel you underneath me."

His words. The scent. Every movement built up to my climax. I wanted him to go hard and deep. This time I could sense and feel the change in tingles, I understood what was happening. Wrath pulled back slowly and slammed into my pelvis again. The sensations overpowered me: my breath came in short, sharp gasps. I called out his name, screamed and whimpered as the feelings took hold of my body, paralysing it with all but the deep satisfying bliss.

After a couple more thrusts Wrath slammed himself into me and held it there, going deeper than he had before. Groaning into my mouth, I felt his chest rumble against mine and a pulsing inside me, but it wasn't me; it was Wrath. I felt something warm press inside me; I became more slick. Wrath moved his head and rested it on my chest breathing raggedly; his body relaxed collapsing on top of me still holding the majority of his weight. He felt hot and warm.

After a couple of minutes Wrath pulled himself out of me as he rolled us to the side and took me in his strong arms, making me feel warm and secure. Our bodies were damp and the room felt cold against my skin. As if Wrath could read my mind he shifted us remove under the covers, pulling the duvet up and around us, and with my back to him he placed an arm over my stomach and the other under my head. Curled up and comfortable, we fell into a peaceful sleep.

My eyes opened slowly feeling very heavy. I felt Wrath's hot body beneath mine, and looking up I realised I was lying on the side of his chest, his arms around me. He was still asleep, his face relaxed and calm, he looked so peaceful, with his features relaxed. was even more beautiful than I could ever describe. His eyes fluttered open when I kissed his cheek, a cute smile spreading across his face.

"I need to get going. Mum expected me home three hours ago. She's probably panicking," I explained. It didn't mean I wanted to leave.

"Stay," he asked and pulled me closer.

"Hmm. I really want to. But I can't, we'll sort something out." I kissed him again, hot and passionate this time. I loved to taste him. Then I got up and walked into the bathroom.

As I walked towards the bathroom I noticed that as my thighs brushed one another it felt as though there was something slick on them. Stepping into the bathroom I looked down; a small amount of smeared blood was mixed in with a cloudy substance over my inner thighs.

"I'm sorry it had to be like that," a deep voice said from behind me.

"It's OK. It would have happened whenever we decided to do it. I have no regrets." I turned and kissed Wrath on the lips before turning to the shower. I fiddled with the controls to get the shower working. Two strong hands reached above me turning the knobs. "Thanks," I muttered, my cheeks feeling slightly pink.

We showered together, taking our time and cuddling under the running water. I couldn't stop admiring the view: his torso was so toned, but just the right amount that he didn't look like he had been swallowing steroids for the past six months. I noticed Wrath couldn't keep his eyes off me either and that sent a warm fuzzy feeling deep into my chest.

Once dressed Wrath pulled me into a warm snugly hug, burying his face into my hair, and I heard him gently sniff me. "Marked," he whispered. It took me a few seconds to realise what he was talking about. Let's hope it's not obvious to everyone in close proximity to me. Marked, I was marked and I liked it.

Wrath took my hand and walked me out to my car. "Sneak in tonight," I told him.

He kissed my head. "I will."

Mum's going to kill me. How on earth am I going to explain where I've been? Sorry, Mum, I got a bit caught up. Skipped school to spend the day in bed with a guy I barely knew, who lives in the woods. But don't worry, everything's fine – he's only been stalking me for a few months. Oh, and by the way... he's a shape shifting wolf.

The end


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