Adam and Mandy were sitting at the front of the slide, waiting for the light to go green. Mandy was, once again, sitting in Adams lap. When they sat down, Adam wasn't sure what to do, but Mandy knew what she wanted; she took Adams hands and placed them on her waist.

"Hold very tight... please," she whispered in his ear. Adam happily obliged.

The light went green and by stretching his legs, he launched the two of them into the blackness of the boring slide.

"Seven days are a long, long time to wait," Adam said. Mandy laughed.

"Yeah, I know. But we made it. Next time, we'll meet up sooner, right?" Adam nodded.

"I agree. I can't stand to wait that long once again." Mandy had her hands on Adams hands and massaged them gently.

"I'm so glad I'm with you now," her voice said. Adam smiled and bowed lower to smell her hair.

"So am I."

The two lovers – although for both of them, it was way too quick to call each other that – let the slide come over them again while they went down gently. This silence wasn't awkward, or tense, but it was comfortable. Adam rubbed his nose in Mandys hair while Mandy stroked his hands with her fingers.

She tilted her head to the right, hoping Adam would understand what she would ask of him – it was here that she wanted her first kiss with Adam would be.

Adam fully comprehended the hint and put his mind on zero, kissing her full on the lips – their tongues danced all the way through the slide.

When they were finally at the end, they didn't even notice until the blast of the water pulled them apart, and once again, they emerged laughing.

Mandy would be home late that evening.

Not because she missed the bus, oh no, Adam brought her home.

Mostly because she simply didn't want to go. And because Adam didn't let her go under any circumstances.

When he finally saw that girl close the door after one last wave, he drove home with a smile, having had the memories of a great day.

Mandy was sure she'd sleep well that evening; they had a great day and, unbeknownst to them, many would follow.

They had both helped each other to open up, lose and dump their shyness and gaining love in the process. Adam would be less arrogant to people until, at the date that celebrated the fact that they were together for half a year, he decided to just drop the entire act.

Mandy would be more open to people, gaining a lot more confidence in her abilities and having less and less trouble talking to strangers.

Sometimes, when you need to get out of your shell... all you need is a little help. All you need is a little bit of love.