It's so hard to make my choices!

I can hear a thousand voices!

I can see my dreams come true,

I am living a life that seems so new!

I found a different side of me.

I learnt to set my feelings free.

I just can't give it all up in the blink of an eye!

My whole life has been one giant lie.

I am not just a girl with a fixed goal.

I am a person, with a heart and a soul.

It's so hard not to think and write.

My words can only make me feel bright.

Through the angst, I unleash the pain,

I don't count my loss or gain.

I gotta give my dreams a try, before it's too late,

But with a new high school year, can life wait?

I just pick my pen and scribble my thoughts into songs.

I tell myself, I've gotta stay strong.

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