Hey everyone. Here's the next chapter. I know it's a little short but the next chapter you get to meet the mysterious guy, or maybe guys that are in Layla's dreams. And you also get to meet Ayliana in this chapter from one of Layla's dreams.

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"When are we meeting?" I nodded and noted in my head that Ayliana wanted to meet at the mall around 2 pm.

"Okay, see you soon." I smiled to myself and hung up the phone. Ayliana wanted to see me, which was kind of odd because she was always with her boyfriend Jason.

I ran downstairs and made sure it was okay with my mom to go see Ayliana. After she agreed I ran out of the living room and ran straight into Colin. His hands landed on my hips to steady me and to keep me from falling. He smiled at me then let me go. "Thanks" I grumbled and continued on my way back to my room.

I took the stairs two at a time because I didn't have much time to get ready before meeting Ali. I took a 15 minute shower and ran hastily into my room with just a towel on. Unsurprisingly Colin was laying on my bed with his hands behind his head, lounging like it was his own bed instead of mine.

He was watching me intently and he looked like I was a piece of meat. I shuddered at the way he was looking at me. It made me feel disgusted. Why was my brother acting like this around me now?

I continued to gather warm t-shirt and a pair or Capri's. It was actually not that cold outside today. I turned and glared at Colin. "Out."

"So, I heard you were going out with Ayliana. Why's she suddenly interested in seeing you? She didn't have much interest with hanging out with you before."

I continued to glare at Colin. "Out. I don't have time for your BS. I have to get ready." I pointed to my door and my towel slipped a little revealing more of my breast. Colin licked his lips and stared at me. I gagged a little in my mouth. "Fine, I'll go to the bathroom and change."

I walked out of my room and down the hall to the bathroom. Colin was on my heels. "Go away Colin." I spat. "You're fucking gross."

After saying that he turned around and headed downstairs. Probably going to tell mom about my use of language but I didn't care. What he did when my towel slipped was beyond disgusting. I shuddered again at the thought of it.

I continued getting dressed and finished with my hair and makeup. I walked back to my room to grab my purse and phone. I peered at my alarm clock beside my bed and sighed. I had enough time to get to the mall to meet Ali. Didn't want to be late since her calling me and wanting to see me was something she didn't want to do often. It must've been important.

I walked downstairs and yelled 'bye' to my mom. I walked out the front door out to my car. Colin was sitting in the passenger seat. I stopped dead. He wasn't going with me because I knew that he wouldn't leave me and Ali alone together.

I walked back to the door and stuck my head in. "Mom, why is Colin in my car?" I yelled.

"You're taking him to the mall with you. Just give him a ride and I'm sure he'll leave you and Ayliana alone after."

I groaned and made my way back to my car. I got in and put my seat belt on. I started the car and turned to Colin. "Okay, first off, you're not staying with me and Ali. I'm taking you to the mall and you're on your own after that. I'll call you when I'm ready to leave. Got it?"

He raised one of his eyebrows and gazed at me. "Don't give me that look Colin. I don't want you with me and Ali the whole time. She called me wanting to hang and you're not going to ruin this. I don't get to see her much as it is. So just stay away from us."

He held his hands up in surrender. "Yes ma'am."

"Good." I put the car in reverse, backed out of our driveway and made my way to the mall.

One we arrived I made my way to the food court where Ali and I decided to meet. Colin was close on my heels. I abruptly turned around and Colin collided with me, almost knocking me over. He caught me in time before I landed on my ass in front of a bunch of people. "You've got to stop almost knocking me over Colin." I grumbled. "And what did I say to you before we left the house?" After asking my question Colin turned and walked the direction we came. I watched him walk into a store and turned around and continued making my way to Ali who was sitting at one of the tables in the center of the food court waving at me.

As soon as I made it to her she stood up and hugged me. I hugged back and wondered what all this was really about.

"Layla, it's been a while." She smiled and I smiled back at her.

"Yeah it has. But I've been wondering… Where's Jason and why'd you call me not even 45 minutes ago wanting to see me? It's not like you. You're usually with Jason.

She sighed. "I know I haven't been a great friend to you but I'm going to start now. Me and Jason agreed to start taking time away from each other to spend time with friends. He was missing all his guy friends and I was missing you. I can't take him shopping because everything I try on he says I looked good in. I just think he says it because he doesn't want to tell me the real truth. And shopping with him isn't as fun as shopping with you. I missed you Layla." She smiled again and I couldn't help but laugh at what she said about Jason. Guys really were no fun to shop with. They never told you the truth about what looked good or not. I guess it was because they were always trying to get lucky so they always wanted to be on your good side.

"I've missed you too Ali." I smiled at her. "So, where do you want to start?"

She looked all around and settled on a shoe store. Ali and her shoes I thought, rolling my eyes.

We walked arm in arm to the shoe store chatting and catching up on everything about each other

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