Chapter one: Taylor

Wind blew, softly caressing the young girl's cheek, sending her soft, straight blond hair backwards as she gazed at the sunrise, her sapphire blue eyes burning with a forever determined glint.

She could feel the earth around her, the fresh air, the rustling trees and bushes, the animals chirping and chattering away. Nothing felt more alive to her then this moment.

The young girl was Taylor, and on this day her life will change forever. Taylor glanced up at the reddening sky felling a call from the forest.

Tracing her way through the forest she came upon an old ruin. It began to glow bright gold as an odd symbol appeared in the air above the circle on the ground covered by the ancient unearthly metal ruins.

The symbol changed into an odd looking fox as a woman appeared, her face serene as she glanced down at Taylor.

"The time has come, young one. The battle for the Gem of the Ancient's reaches its deadliest struggle you and your four soul sisters must harness your powers and protect the gem."

Taylor's eyes widened as suddenly knowledge she never knew she had sprang forward, overloading her senses as she passed out as she heard four voices shout out," Sister, hold on!"

The odd, ancient fox settled down beside Taylor, standing guard over the new Earth Guardant, as she began to change.