~Grabbing on a right arm, pulling, pulling
Stabbing the soil on the top of my pots
Putting together the pointers and middles
A wonderful arrangement of my flowers
In the boundaries of my garden
Hands sprout out so beautifully
But they are not the same types,

I'm right, for sure.
So don't run away
I cannot say anything about my secret garden
I cannot tell anyone about my secret garden

Hands with five fingers are the best
Though sometimes I get only four fingers
You have eyes, so you can see what I'm telling you, it's true
Only lies, there are only lies here
Only lies, there are only lies here
Only lies, there are only lies here
Only lies, there are only lies


Chicago; the windy city, birthplace of the subway system and the place of hidden gang wars. For years, gangs have flooded the streets, living the life of crime. Rarely things escalated to violence. Gangs kept to their own turf, only resorting to violent manners when a different gang wandered onto their grounds.

But ever since the mafia showed up, things have become hostile and dangerous. Gangs are at each other's throats and have threatened the innocent lives that pace the streets in an organized fashion. So far, not a day has gone by without a death or injury of an innocent life.

The police have been undergoing an investigation for months now, trying to stop the mafia and their violent manor. So far, they have had no luck. The police have slowly been disappearing, rumored that the mafia or other gangs have kidnapped them. Whether or not it is true, no one knows. All the people of Chicago know is that many are disappearing for unknown reasons, and the gang war rages on.