Ohhhh Kayyyyy. This is my most recent story, about NINJAS! I know, not very original, but the idea sort of just popped right into my brain. I then thought of some characters that would be interesting and BOOM! Had to right it down. I've written a few chapters in advance, but the best probable update status would be bimonthly, since 'm working on this as well as another project, codenamed Project Tablet.

LANGUAGE NOTE: since this is a manga about ninjas, I tried to be as proper as possible to Japanese language structure. As such, I'm trying pretty hard with getting the way people address each other correctly. It is considered proper to address people by their last name. addressing someone by his/her first name is only acceptable if you are close, otherwise it is considered highly rude.

* * *

"Goddamnit, Ginji Shura, get your ass back here!" called two men chasing a boy, with straight, silver hair that spiked in the middle, an alleyway of a town surrounded by very tall grass. Some of the grass even made its way into the town itself, reaching as high as some of the buildings, sometimes even higher.

"Not a chance you losers!" yelled back the 14-year-old boy, clad in a green long-sleeve shirt, to match the grass, and black cargo pants. His most outstanding feature was his amber eyes, which were uncommon for the place he lived. "I'm sick of sitting in that damn classroom listening to your stupid rules and shit! If you're training us to be shinobi, then at least try to act like ninja!"

One of the men chasing him then vanished and reappeared in front of Ginji. "You said you wanted us to be more ninja-like? Well how was-"

The pursuer was interrupted when the Ginji he was lecturing suddenly vaporized into the air.

"Damn it! That stupid Doppelganger technique!" cursed the other pursuer.

"He can't have gone far, you idiots!" yelled a third pursuer. "Spread out and find the damn brat!"

The three men spread out, all to search for one silver-haired boy. Once the coast was clear, Ginji stepped out of a patch of grass, in which he was somehow fully hidden.

"Those idiots," laughed Ginji. "They'll never catch Ginfuu no Ginji, master of deception!"

"Is that what you're calling yourself now?" asked an olive-skinned woman with dark brown hair and emerald eyes. She wore a light blue crop top and form-fitting black pants. She grabbed Ginji by his hair and begun to drag him back to class.

"Oh crap, Benihime-sensei! You can't do this!" screamed Ginji in protest. "Somebody help me! This is molestation! Rape! RAAAAAAAAPE!"

"Shut the hell up!" ordered Benihime, pulling Ginji so that they were face-to-face. She was then surprised to see that Ginji was beginning to evaporate. "Stop using your damn Doppelgangers!" She screamed, turning around to find the real Ginji, who was attempting to tiptoe away.

The silver haired teenager then broke into a sprint. "You're a brash woman and no man will ever marry you!" he screamed, as if trying to let out his last words.

Benihime gave chase, screaming several obscenities at the boy as a vein popped on her forehead out of anger. "I'm only twenty-four damn it! I'm still within marriageable age!"

* * *

Benihime walked into a classroom with Ginji, now tied up and with a piece of duct tape covering his mouth. The teacher of the class stood at a podium with a large chalkboard behind him. He was facing the students, who were seated at semi-circular desks that raised up a level with each row. The desks were split in the center to allow a staircase to go up the classroom.

"Sorry for the interruption, Sensei," apologized Benihime, ripping off the tape and throwing the bound Ginji to the front of the class.

"Looks like you got caught, Ginji," laughed another teen who was tied up. He had long, messy hair that was white in the front and black in the back. He had a nose ring in his left nostril, another in his right eyebrow, and a wild look in his red eyes. He wore baggy black pants and a grey button-up shirt, mostly unbuttoned. He had a wild look in his red eyes, and his wildness was exemplified by his silver chain and medallion.

"Shut up Ikkimaru, you got caught before me anyway!" spat Ginji. "If you ask me, you should just go stick to some magnet and leave the ninja work to the real men like me, Skunk Head."

"What was that, you bastard?"

"Both of you shut the hell up!" yelled the teacher. "You're both getting detention!"

* * *

"It's time, Ginji," said Ikkimaru while the other students were off practicing shurikenjutsu. "I'm here to kick your ass."

"You think you can beat me, Skunk Head? You can't use those swords the Masamune clan is so proud of. Without your weapons, you're nothing but a loudmouthed punk."

"You're dead!" raged Ikkimaru charging at Ginji.

Ginji parried the pierced teen's punch. Ginji grabbed Ikkimaru's wrist and pulled the teen in. He then punched Ikkimaru in the nose. The pierced teen fell back and Ginji used the opportunity to grab Ikkimaru's face and slam it into the ground.

"Nice try," taunted Ikkimaru, kicking the silver-haired teen off him.

The two teenagers then charged at each other. Ginji threw a punch but the skunk-haired teen twisted his shoulders to avoid the attack. Ikkimaru then tried a roundhouse kick, but Ginji blocked. Ikkimaru separated by springing forward on his hands. Ginji used the opportunity to throw a punch at the thuggish teen, but his fist was caught. Ikkimaru then grabbed Ginji's collar and threw him over his shoulder. The silver-haired teen then jumped back to create some distance between the two.

"You've gotten sloppy, Ginji," taunted Ikkimaru. "How long do you think you can hold out at this rate?"

"Maybe I'm just going easy on you, since you can't hide behind your flimsy swords."

Angered, Ikkimaru charged at Ginji once again, but he was intercepted by a kick from another student. This student gave off an air of elegance around him. He had long, jet-black hair that reached down past his shoulder blades. His face was handsomely bishounen. He had a grey changshan with a dragon pattern on it and a matching pair of black silk pants.

"Kotetsu Ryuzaki, you bastard," sneered Ikkimaru.

"Damn, so the Disciplinary Squad wants to get involved in our fight again?" asked Ginji. "This won't turn out like last time, you stuck-up homo!"

"Your insults won't phase me," said the black-haired teen, hiding a throbbing vein behind his bangs. "As captain of the Disciplinary Squad, it is my duty to uphold the peace within the confines of this school. The two of you will stop fighting now, or I will have to force you to."

"I'd like to see you try!" challenged Ikkimaru, charging at Kotetsu. However, the Disciplinary Squad captain seemingly vanished, then reappeared in front of Ikkimaru, clotheslining him in the process.

"Damn, his speed hasn't deteriorated at all," mentally cursed Ginji.

Ginji charged at Kotetsu, who had his back turned at the time. The silver-haired teen threw a punch at Kotetsu, who didn't even bother to turn around. However, Ginji's fist passed right through the bishounen teen, causing him to instead punch Ikkimaru in the face.

In the meanwhile, a group of students had gathered around the area, forming a circle around the three combatants. Several were commenting on the fight, considering the three strongest students in the school were duking it out. Most of the girls were cheering for Kotetsu. The male cheers were largely split between Ikkimaru and Ginji.

Among this crowd was a single person who was not cheering. His name was Kyou Toueda, Vice-Captain of the Disciplinary Squad. He wore a loose long-sleeve red kimono and black pants. He stared lazily with his eternally bored expression. His brown hair was tied up at the back of his head, leaving a single fringe over his face.

"This has been happening all damn year," thought the boy. "Even though we're only a few weeks away from the Graduation Exams, those three are still at it? When will it end?"

Ikkimaru grabbed hold of Ginji's collar. "What's the idea of punching me, shit-for-brains?"

"Don't blame me! He used that damn Zanzou technique," countered Ginji.

"Ah yes, the Zanzou," thought Kyou. "One of the signature attacks of the Ryuzaki Clan. The user moves so fast that they create a 'shadow' behind them. In principle, it's like a defensive version of Ginji's Doppelganger, the only difference being that the Doppelganger is solid and thus more employable." He then turned to where the real Kotetsu stood. "Do you need any help, Captain?"

"No, I'm good here," responded the black-haired teen. "I won't need any assistance in a menial chore like taking out the trash."

"Fine by me," answered the lazy teenager. "Maybe I can go take a nap somewhere."

"That cocky bastard," thought Ginji. "He's severely underestimating me. If he thinks he can get away with a comment like that–"

Ginji's thoughts were then interrupted when Ikkimaru punched him in the face. Ginji, angered, then attempted to attack Ikkimaru, but he ended up getting kicked in the face by Kotetsu. Before Ikkimaru could even react, Kotetsu quickly spun around and kicked him in the face. The two delinquents were knocked back a distance.

"Damn you, Kotetsu!' cursed Ginji, wiping some blood off his chin. Ikkimaru did the same.

"If you're going to talk to me, I prefer if you didn't use my first name so nonchalant," said Kotetsu. "If you wish to refer to me, use Ryuzaki-san."

"Screw you, Seme-san (A/N: look it up)!"

The two prepared to attack Kotetsu again, but a girl stepped out from the crowd of cheering teens. She had long blue-black hair and bright blue eyes. She wore a grey gi and grey sweatpants. Her usually light-hearted expression was now replaced with a look of pure malice.

"What the hell is going on here?" asked the girl angrily.

"Oh crap, it's Yamakawa-san," said Ginji in alarm.

"Hey there, Pres-sama," Ikkimaru greeted sheepishly. "There's absolutely nothing going on her-"

Ikkimaru was interrupted by the girl's fist. The punkish teen was sent flying a ludicrous distance, finally ending by crashing into one of the school walls, creating a hole in it.

"I'm sick of you two getting into all these fights," Hisha screamed.

"Oh shit, hands down the most powerful fighter in the entire school, the Student Council President: Hisha Yamakawa," thought Ginji. "I'm fucked!"

"Shura-kun, like Masamune-kun, you're getting a detention for the rest of the week for cutting class and getting into a fight without the permission or guidance of a teacher. Plus, you two will be responsible for fixing the two holes in the wall of the school building." She motioned over to where Ikkimaru had been punched.

"Wait, but there's only one – " Ginji was then punched in a manner much like Ikkimaru. He crashed into the school wall, slightly above where Ikkimaru was punched, creating another hole in the wall.

"And so ends another chapter in my daily life," thought Kyou sarcastically. "Why the hell did I join the Disciplinary Squad again?"

"What the hell are you guys all looking at?" yelled Hisha at the group of cowering teenagers who had gathered around the fight. "All of you get back to class or you're going to get detention, too!"

* * *

"I'm fascinated by this Ginji Shura kid," said a girl sitting in a chair, looking up at the ceiling of the school's press room, a few hours after the day's lessons were over. She had brown eyes and braided brown hair, largely covered by her blue bandanna. She wore a white tunic, grey pants, and some silky arm socks. "I remember that for the first four years of school, he was just your average guy. Then, in our fifth year, he started getting really quiet and isolated. Now in our sixth year, he's become a total punk. He's somehow made his way from being that kid in the background to being the rival of both the captain of the Disciplinary Squad and the heir to the Murasame bladesmith clan."

The girl – Makoto Keiromi, head of the school newspaper, – leaned back in her chair so that she stared at the ceiling. After a few seconds of staring, deep in thought, she said to herself, "Alright, I'm going to get to the bottom of this. He should be getting out of detention soon. I'm going to trail him back to his house and maybe get an interview. Hey Toueda-kun, wake up."

Over in another chair in the press room, Kyou woke up from his nap. "What time is it?" he asked with a yawn.

"It's already past 5:30. You need to get more rest at home."

"Whatever mom. What did you want me for?"

"We're going to be tailing the elusive Ginji Shura, who even some of our Shokunin instructors have difficulty catching."

"No," answered the bored teen, not even bothering to ask why they were to follow the silver haired enigma, a fact which Makoto pointed out readily. "You stalk the guy on your own. You don't need me for that."

"I'm sorry that you feel that way. Perhaps if I ask Ryuzaki-kun nicely then he'll help me out. Of course that'll have to be after I tell him that you sleep here those days when you need to 'get home early' before Disciplinary Squad meetings."

* * *

Ginji walked through the streets of the village, once again taking in his surroundings. He noticed the younger children who were shied away from him by their parents. He chuckled inwardly. "They don't want their kids to follow my bad example. Must be nice to have someone to look after you."

Makoto and Kyou followed Ginji's movements from the rooftops of houses, shops, and restaurants that he walked by. Since she was in charge of the school newspaper, Makoto was well-versed in the art of tailing her subjects and erasing her presence in order to gather information. Kyou, as Vice-Captain of the of the Disciplinary Squad, was equally versed in the ways of hiding and pursuit.

However, the past year of running from Benihime and the other Shokunin teachers had largely increased Ginji's instincts. He could usually tell if someone was following him, and this time was no exception. He was aware that he was being followed, but not the identities of his pursuers; thus, he took some of the back-streets and alleyways in order to shake them off his tail.

"Do you think he knows?" asked Makoto to her partner-in-crime.

"Of course he knows, why else would he take the trouble of going in these convoluted paths?"

"Then that leaves us no choice," the two ninja-in-training dropped down so that they could cut off Ginji. Kyou landed behind him and Makoto in front. "How's it going, Ginfuu no Ginji-kun?"

"What's the student council want with me?" asked Ginji, cutting straight to business. "I already served my detention time, Hisha-san was there herself. If you'll excuse me I have business to attend to at home."

"This isn't a matter of punishment, Shura-kun," answered Makoto. "This is business for the Student Newspaper. You're going to be our featured article. Picture yourself in the headlines: The Mysterious Silver Enigma: Ginji Shura's Secrets Revealed! Sounds great doesn't it?"

"I'm leaving," announced Ginji, turning to walk away, only to find that Kyou had closed in on him and was now holding a kunai to the silver-hair's neck.

"Sorry, but I have to get this interview, even if it means beating the information out of you," warned the lazy teen. "I'm not above using the Disciplinary Squad's special right to carry weapons to get information from you."

"I guess that means Keiromi-san has you tied around her finger pretty tight, huh?" taunted Ginji.

Ginji's lack of fear despite having a weapon held to his throat had surprised Kyou. Ginji took that surprise to his advantage and knee the in the stomach. He then grabbed his foe's ponytail and used it as a grip for him to and a headbutt. He then let go in time for a Doppelganger to land a punch on Kyou, knocking him to the ground.

"Now will you let me go home?" asked Ginji once more.

Makoto didn't answer but instead drew out a scroll. She was about to lend Kyou some assistance, but a slurred voice interrupted them.

"Hey, whazz goin' on here?" asked a man with spiky red hair and athletically sound clothing. He had a scar running vertically down his left eye and was vehemently drunk. "Hey looka here, iz a Shura brat causin' a bit o' trouble wid the other kids. Howz tha rest of your family? Ain't theyz dead?"

"You're a member of the Akabane group right?" asked Ginji. "Are you proud of what you did? I understand the reasons for the attack, but if all the members of the Akabane have become drunkards like you, I can't help but feel pity at how low your standards have fallen."

"I'll kill ya, you fuckin' wretch," screamed the man, charging at Ginji, punch prepared.

Ginji blocked the drunkard's punch and delivered on of his own to his foe's stomach. However, the drunken man was unfazed by the attack. He then kneed Ginji in the chest, backhanded him across the face, and grabbed his throat, choking him.

"Damn, he's a Chunin, much higher in rank than me," thought Ginji, tasting a bit of fear. "I guess this is the difference between a real ninja and a student like myself."

"Learn your place, kiddo," sneered the drunken man. "No one in tha village would be sad if one 'o da last Shura was dead."

The drunk was about to finish off Ginji, but he was interrupted when a kunai punctured his arm. The pain caused him to drop Ginji. He then looked over to the source of the knife, Kyou. He then removed the kunai from his arm and seemingly vanished. He then reappeared in front of Kyou, having placed the kunai in the teenager's chest.

"You think you're hot stuff, boy?" he asked Kyou's bleeding body. He then teleported again and grabbed Makoto. "I can't have any witnesses to this, can I? Looks like I gotta kill allya!" Makoto began to panic as the drunk prepared a kunai at her throat.

"Damn it," cursed Ginji in his mind. "Makoto, calm down! Don't move at all."

Recklessly, Ginji charged directly at the drunken man. The drunk was about to kill Makoto, when a doppelganger came up from behind him and hit him the neck, giving Ginji the time he needed to rescue Makoto.

"He's drunk so his senses have been impaired a bit," thought Ginji. However, he then stumbled a bit. "Damn, I used too much Seiki from all those doppelgangers over the course of the day. I'll have to finish this right away." "Makoto, step back. I'm going to use my strongest attack."

Ginji charged straight at his drunk opponent and landed an open-palm strike to his chest. The attack had no effect, until Ginji twisted his palm horizontally. The drunkard coughed up some blood and fell to the ground unconscious.

"What did you just do?" asked Makoto.

"I'll explain later, first we need to take Kyou to a hospital."

* * *

The two teenagers waited outside of the ER, waiting for word about Kyou's condition.

"So what did you do to that guy?" asked Makoto.

"I injected some of my own Seiki into his body," explained Ginji. He the saw that Makoto had a confused look on her face so he elaborated. "As you know, there are two types of energy in the body: Shinki, the energy produced by your body, and Seiki, the energy produced by your soul. We usually don't learn how to apply either of them in the Shinobi Academy, but Yamakawa-san and Kotetsu both use shinki to give them super strength or super speed. My Doppelganger technique uses clones made of seiki. The technique I just used – Chuunyuuhou – is when I inject some of my own seiki into my opponent's body. his seiki rejects mine, causing internal damage to him as you just saw."

"Amazing! That's easily a Chunin, maybe even Omonin-level technique!"

"Yeah, I learned it from my uncle."

"Speaking of which, that guy said something about your family being dead, what's up with that?" asked the girl.

"I'm sorry, but I can't talk about that," answered Ginji. "But since you went through so much just to get this interview, I'll tell you this much: there are only two members of the Shura clan left." With that said, Ginji stood up and left for home. "Give Toueda-kun my regards when he wakes up."

"Sure." "Ginji Shura, huh? Don't you relax yet, your case is still open."

* * *

There we go, that's Chapter 1. There are a few influences on this story: notably the earlier chapters of Naruto (which was the good stuff in my opinion). Other influences would by Ao no Exorcist and Flame of Recca