I was talking to Inyunaruto365 my best friend on Fan Fiction and talking about Aria but it made me wanna write this as in it, Ogre Child is feeling sad because Jen has to go patrol both Aria and Earth and Dana and a few friends try to help her feel better.

Dana is Ogre Child's Arian partner and a light brown furred female Psammead.

I hope you guys like.

Dana was nervous as she heard Ogre Child in a bad mood as she entered her Arian partner's room finding her on her bed hugging something that made the light brown furred Psammead female smile knowing she was worrying about Jen as he had been patrolling both Aria and Earth with the other Arian Knights and she was worried as she knew how much the dark blue skinned Ogreix Warrior cared about her husband but she saw her hide the plush under the cushions.

"You wanna talk about it?" she asked.

Ogre Child shook her head sending her long tendril like black hair everywhere but she understood knowing that she was worried that Jen was in trouble or hurt.

"I know Jen will be okay.

He's strong like you.

He'll come back, I know it." Dana told her.

She then watched as her friend decided to sleep for a while as she had an idea as she knew that the young Queen of Aria that lived in Earth could help Ogre Child feel better as she and Izz opened a portal to Earth using their magic but hoped this would work as the portal closed......

Dana smiled as she and Izz appeared in the Robert's house but saw Leah in the kitchen as she was happy seeing both Psammeads as she hugged them but she wondered what they were doing here but she was understanding as she listened to them explain but she then went upstairs and into Carley's room as Izz smiled seeing her wake up from an nap but she had a frown on her face as she knew why they were here as she knew something was wrong.

"Something's wrong in Aria, right?" she asked as Izz and Dana nodded.


Ogre Child's really sad and missing Jen as he went with the others to do patrol in Aria and this world.

We think that you and Leah could help her feel better." Dana said.

Izz understood as he noticed that the young ruler of Aria was sad herself but knew making Ogre Child happy again would make her happy again as Leah nodded in agreement.

"Should I open the portal or do you wanna?" she asked Izz.

"I think you should." he replied.

He was on her shoulders nuzzling her.

She then held her hand out in front of her.

"Portalus Openus." she said.

Arian magic emitted from her hand.

Suddenly it created a portal leading to Aria.

They went through it.

They then arrived in Latanis and headed to the purple bricked castle as Izz was nuzzling Carley as she was thinking about how to help her best Arian friend down and make her feel better again as they approached but they headed to Ogre Child and Jen's room butLeah heard soft music coming from there as they opened the door and found the dark blue skinned Ogreix Warrior sitting on the bed looking out the window and probably waiting for Jen to return.

Dana then saw Izz smile evilly as he was about to go under the cushions and find the plushie she loved to hug when she was like this but the light brown furred Psammead female stopped him from making Ogre Child more upset than she already was as he understood but saw Carley sit on the bed beside the Ogreix Warrior as Leah joined her but Dana decided to leave them alone but Izz wanted to stay but Dana was nervous but Carley told her he would be fine.

Ogre Child was stunned seeing both Leah and Carley here as there was sadness in her dark eyes as she was quiet but Leah saw that she was sad but she then saw Carley put a hand on her shoulder gently as the dark blue skinned Ogreix Warrior looked up seeing her blue eyes full of sadness as she had a feeling that she was sad but Leah decided to leave them alone for a while.

"Come on Izzard let's give them some privacy." Leah said to him.

The silver grey furred Psammead sighed as he and Leah left them but afterwards Carley heard the dark blue skinned Ogreix Warrior sniffle a little but she knew she wanted to cry but was trying to hold it in.

"It's okat to be upset because it's not weakness.

I know being a warrior means you have to be strong all the time but you need to let the sadness out or it'll eat you ip inside.

Leah-chan says it's not a good idea to keep things bottled up inside." she told her.

There was silence as she heard crying as she wrapped her arms around the Ogreix Warrior as the tears fell from her dark eyes but she understood hearing she was worried about Jen as she understood as she knew how she cared about her husband.

"I think he'll be okay but I understand how you feel." Carley told her.

"You do?" Ogre Child asked her.

"Yes I feel worried about Leah in case she gets hurt because I care about her like you do about Jen.

But he''ll be okay like Leah." she said hugging her.

The dark blue skinned Ogreix Warrior was a little more relaxed now as she felt tired but Carley decided to let her sleep but found the plushie she hid under the cushions as she placed the Shrek plushie in her friend's arms.

She then left the room but went to join Leah and Izz.........

Leah was in the courtyard of the castle training with Izz and using her Friendix which she used secretly in Earth because other humans wouldn't understand but they were curious seeing Carley join them as Leah stopped.

"Hey I was winning!" Izz said.

"How is she?" Leah asked her.

"She was upset but cried it out.

She's asleep now but we should see her when she wakes up.

I hope Jen's okay." she answered.

Izz and Dana were in awe hearing that Ogre Child had been crying but a glare from Leah made them not say anything.

They then saw the Gold Heart Ograrian Speeder as Jen got off but surprised seeing both Leah and Carley here but they explained the situation to him as he understood but wanted to see his wife.

"She's asleep now.

We're going to see her when she wakes up." Carley said.

He understood as he wanted to train for a while.

But they saw Dana come get them.

"Ogre Child just woke up." she answered.

Carley and Leah then went inside but they would tell her the news.

Ogre Child was stunned hearing this as she left and went into the courtyard but seeing Jen made her feel better as she ran to him and hugged him with happy tears in her dark eyes as Carley and Leah watched happily.

They then left to go back to their world but hoped things would be okay........