welcome to my heart,
my careless regard,
kind-hearted men need not apply
I've never met a nicer guy

but sometimes I swear
I hear him whisper in my ear,
"I don't mean to scare,
to frighten, or dare,
but this is the devil's playground baby,
and you just ain't prepared."

I call him love,
I hold him dear,
but here I am,
living with this fear
of all these things he's whispering
into my ear

and all the strange ways he's irrresistable,
so welcome to my heart
this reckless abandon,
kind-hearted men need not apply,
I woke up one morning
and he was gone

but I needn't look
not far or long
because every now and then
I can hear his song

and I know he can't be wrong.