Kazuo had been sitting on the Paris Café terrace for almost half an hour before Akito and Kameko arrived. They sat down with Kazuo who looked at Akito eager to hear what he'd have to say.

"I talked to her," Akito said. "But that doesn't mean she listened."

Ten minutes later Tora arrived with Jack closely behind her. He was carrying some odd circular object with his feet as he flew. The other three looked at her intently as she sat down and cleared her throat.

"Kazuo," she began. "I have reconsidered my actions from the other day. They were completely inexcusable and I'm truly sorry."

Kazuo said nothing. Akito smirked.

"Really now?" Akito said.

"Yes!" shouted Tora as she punched him in the nose. She turned back to Kazuo. "If you're still willing, I'd like to give us a try."

"A try at what, exactly?"

"I don't know! You're the lovey dovey one here!"

Kazuo laughed. "Ok. I would like that."

"Good!" Tora clapped her hands together. Jack gave his sphere a hard peck and it exploded, sending him squawking in surprise and confetti falling all over the table and on their heads.

"What is this?" Kameko shrieked.

"It's our happy ending!" Tora exclaimed.

Kazuo took her hand as Jack settled on her shoulder.

"I think it's just the beginning," he said.

Tora just smiled.

The End