The Adventures of Randolph the Rat and Beauregard the Elephant

Episode 1: A Nutty Situation

It's a sunny day and Beauregard is getting ready to enjoy a lazy afternoon of peanut eating. He walks to his couch, clicks on the television with his ever-stretching trunk and pulls a tin of peanuts onto his tummy. He opens the lid with an audible pop and savors the salty scent of the tin with his eyes closed in pleasure. He reaches in to pluck a peanut from the pile.

But then he stops, confused. He rummages around in the tin some more with his trunk, then flips it upside down and shakes the tin. His peanuts are all gone! But how? They were just there a moment ago!

Beauregard scans his living room frantically in search of his disappeared peanuts. He stops when his gaze falls on the arm of his couch. Who should be perched there, plump and content, but Randolph!

Randolph notices that Beauregard has spotted him. He smiles nervously, tipping his hat, then bolts.

But! Before he can skedaddle away, Beauregard snatches him up by the tail with his trunk and dangles him upside down in front of his face.

Randolph chuckles nervously and shrugs at Beauregard, seemingly clueless.

Beauregard glares and holds up the peanut tin, accenting its emptiness by rapping on the side of the tin.

Randolph glances at his plump belly and smiles an insincere apology.

Beauregard shakes the rat, leaving him a bit frazzled, and emphasizes the tin once more, then points at Randolph's stomach.

Randolph holds up his paws in surrender, seeming to be ready to meet the elephant's demands.

Beauregard drops the rat on the couch and holds out his trunk, waiting.

Randolph inhales, as if in a sigh, then spits the peanuts at the elephant like a BB gun. Beauregard falls on his behind and Randolph scampers away laughing, but not before recollecting the peanuts and hurrying away.

Beauregard is left sitting on the floor, his chin in his hand, tapping his trunk in irritation.

Alright, I realize that this was a pretty basic story, but there's a reason for that! I promise! To make a long story short, my future Sister-in-Law was bored at 1:30 in the morning and needed a plot for a cartoon and so I wrote this. Unfortunatly, she ended getting angry and not wanting to draw anymore. So I typed this up and had nothing to do with it. So to the internet it went!

So yeah, just a fun little story. I didn't really post it for critisism, though I guess you can if you want, just know that I don't take this story very seriously. If you would like to critisize stories that I DO take seriously, just click on the avatar. :)