~Written by Tayster and Izzworth~
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Authoress's Note:

Heeeeeyyy everyone. Guess what?

I wrote a story! AND COMPLETED IT. -cough-

Ok ok, not all alone. Jeeze. Tayster wrote this with me. _

Basically, it's about this kid. Casper Nightshade and Olaysomethingsomething's kid, Nasir Asari-Dokubo, aka Mixxy. He's this evil devil spawn of a kid. Not really. He's actually pretty cool. It'll be split into a few chapters (3 maybe?) so we dont lose readers by having just one jumbo chapter. -nods-

Later chapters should be longer. If not, well...oh well actually. ;D

Here we go~

"Y--you--WHAT?!" His yell was heard all throughout the building, bouncing off of everything. Grey eyes bore holes into the people he starred at, and his dark brown hair was almost standing on end in anger. "You've all kept this from me for 17 years?! DONT YOU THINK I WOULD WANT TO KNOW THIS KIND OF SHIT!?"

It was the first time Flower had every heard Nasir Asari Dokubo cuss in front of his mom, and it had him shaken. But he could understand where he was coming from. Sort of. He had never had to deal with this kind of thing. He felt a bit sorry for Mixxy.

She had been his mother and his father. His anchor when he went through puberty. The best friend he'd ever had, other than his uncle Flower. But she had kept this from him. How would he be able to forgive her? Trust her again? What else had she lied about?

"Mixxy, please. Calm down. I know I should have told you earlier, but it just didnt seem like the right time!"

"That's a LIE! You raised me to fucking trust you! How can I trust you after this!? Why wouldnt you tell me that that man is my father!?" He ran his hand through his hair, his breath coming in ragged pants and gasps. He had spent a year of his life hating this man, just to find out that he was his dad. It was too much!

Casper, standing sort of out of the triangle, spoke up then. "Do not speak to her as if you are a grown man. You have yet to prove yourself as anything other than a child." His voice was razor sharp, though still oddly quiet. It was true, he hadnt found out about his son--the word still made him get strange butterflies in his stomach--until the night before tonight, but he wasnt about to act like a baby about this. It was time for him to stop being a bitch about things and skitting away from the truth.

Flower knew what was happening. Not even his normal bounciness would be able to break the growing tension in the room. He turned to look at Olay, in nothing but sweats and a dull colored tank top. There were bags under her eyes. They had spent a good two hours debating on whether to tell him or not. He had to admit, telling Mixxy at two in the morning probably wasnt the best thing ever. But with Casper staying in the house now, it had to be done. His grey eyes then turned to Casper, who had his hip length hair in a sloppy bun and wearing nothing but flannel sleep pants. Mixxy wore the same, only he had a wife beater on. The aging man felt strangely under dressed, wearing nothing but boxers.

"Nasir, know that I'm sorry for not telling you sooner. I didnt think Casper would ever show up again." She risked a glance at Casper, an almost apologetic look on her brown face. He wasnt at fault. They had never dreamed she would get pregnant, 17 years ago when he had visited the space like club in Okinawa so far away from her home now, in Shibuya. She put a hand on her forehead, closing her light brown eyes, almost as if asking some higher power to bestow understanding to her son. "We were young. So young. Your father was 28, I was 24. A few of the Galactic Gasms in our systems, and we were at it." She gave a shaky laugh, then sat down at the kitchen table hard, her head in her hands. "He was on a plane back to Sweden before we could even talk about what had happened. I...I couldnt bring myself to tell him." By this point, she was merely talking to herself, though it was loud enough for the other men in the room to hear.

Walking up behind her, Flower put his hands on her shoulders, massaging slowly. "I came back to Japan looking for her. You see, unlike Casper, I didnt have a job, so I didnt have anything tying me down to Sweden. Olay told me what happened, and begged me to keep it from everyone. That's what I did." he raised his eyes to meet his younger brother's, though they were full of anger at the moment. Flower decided to simply ignore them. "I've lived with you and her for the past 17 years, helping and watching Mixxy grow." He stopped there, then looked at Mixxy. His breathing had slowed down slightly, but his nostrils were still flared. Standing across from his father made Flower really see how alike they were.

They had the same angry stance, the same sneer of dislike, even the same way they balled up their fists, set their jaws, and held themselves straighter, trying to intimidate their foes. It would have worked, had both of their foes not grown up with them and become used to the signs of anger.

"Uncle Flower, stay the fuck out of this. I dont care what you and Ma have to say right now. This is between me and," he paused, looked Casper up and down, then spat at his feet. "him."

Her light brown eyes widened as Olay watched the two. She gave Flower's hand a pat, then got up from the table and walked out of the room without another word. She couldnt deal with this right now. It was just like her nightmares had foretold.

The punch landed before any of the remaining people in the room knew what happened. Casper's hand was now clasped around Mixxy's front, his knuckles white with strain. He was getting old, but he be damned if he couldnt throw a punch to a kid and hold him up. Flower squeaked, then ran at the two, his rainbow hair trailing after him.

"Mixxy! Casper!" he called to them, but the much younger man seemed to be caught between crying and fighting back, and the older man seemed to be trying to contain his anger, so neither of them payed any attention to the yell. He grabbed onto the arm that held Mixxy close to his father and pulled, though Casper didnt let go. He merely shoved his brother away using the arm that wasnt holding onto his son.

"Alecay, you've got three seconds to get the fuck away from us. Dont mess with fire, you know what happens."

"You're going to hurt Mixxy! I'm not going to just sit back and watch you do it!"

Mixxy looked up at Flower, one hand on Casper's fisted one, the other holding the side of his face that was already changing colors. His eyes widened as he was shoved backwards into the wall nearest the trio. Casper turned to Flower, his face contorted into one of pure rage. This was the side of him that he had hidden from Olay when she had been in the room.

"You think I am just going to sit here and let my son talk shit to his mother!? Alecay dont keep trying to defend him!"

"Casper you need to calm down! Dont take your anger on Olay out on us!" His voice was pleading now. He knew what would happen if he said one wrong word.

"Fuck you, Alecay! You've kept this shit from me too! Dont you think I would have liked to know about being a father?!" He swung at Flower, his fist connecting with the older man's jaw. Flower stumbled backwards, but didnt fall.

His eyes brimmed with tears, Flower launched himself at his brother. He wasnt about to take a hit and not deal one back, that just wasnt him. "Snap out of it, Casper!" he yelled as his body collided with his brother's. He raised his fist once, then let it collide with Casper's nose. There was a sick crunching noise, then a gasp from Mixxy before Flower was thrown off and pinned to the ground by his slightly younger but larger brother. They rolled again, crashing into the legs of the kitchen table. It crashed atop of them, but neither of them seemed to care.

"Ma! Ma get up!" Mixxy's yell could be heard all throughout the moderately sized house. Anger be damned, he knew he wouldnt be able to handle this without his mother's help. He watched with wide eyes as the two men jumped back up, Flower bleeding from a cut above his right eye, and a few other cuts and bruises on his chest and back from where the table had hit, Casper with a hand shaped bruise on his neck, and his nose still gushing blood. They circled each other, their breath ragged, their eyes locked onto each other. It seemed, to the younger man, that they had fought like this before.

There was a loud thump, then the sound of a door being thrown against the wall as Olay stumbled out of her room, letting out a loud yell as she came back into the kitchen. She wore a fluffy pink robe, and in her right hand she held an aluminum back. The men didnt seem to realize she was there, because they went at it again, fists swinging and grunts escaping their mouths as hits landed.

"STOP." Her voice was sharp and clear, but it only caused Flower to look up before going back at it and punching Casper's chest. She moved forward, stepping over splintered wood to get to the two. Lifting the bat, she brought it down on the butt that was closest to her, causing Casper to yelp and jump up. "If you're going to keep fighting, then get the hell up out my house! I wont have you fighting in this house!" At Flower's almost smug look, Olay glared at him. "Same for you!"

Mixxy peeled himself off of the wall so that he could help Flower up. He was in bad shape, though Casper was no better. He glanced at his mother's expression, then at Flower's. "Get the fuck out of here! You've hurt us enough!" At this point he was really just cheer-leading, but he felt the need to assert his position of man of the house.

"So this is all MY fault!? I'm not supposed to be angry at you two for keeping a secret from me!? A secret that could have easily changed the way Nasir and I see the world!?" Casper yelled angrily, his pale face reddening more so, and this time not from the swelling. His words were directed at all of them, though the blame for the secret keeping was going towards Olay and Flower. "CLEARLY, I am the only one at fault, so I'll take my leave. Maybe--then---AUGH." He let out a yell similar to one a trapped beast would make, then ran his hands through his knotted hair. "Fuck this!"

And with those kind words, he turned on his heel and walked out, leaving Olay and Mixxy dumbstruck, and Flower looking closer to tears than he had been before.