By the time everything went into play between his mother and father, Nasir was already gone from the house. He just wanted to get away for the moment, seeing as though his mother did yet another thing to fuck up their relationship and with that THING no less. Why was that THING even back in the house, anyway. The thing is, when did he even get back? WHY did he come back? Was it so that he could score some browny points with his mother or did he really come back for him? Nasir knew, for a fact, that it had to be for the former reason than for the latter. It just had to be. That man didn't care anything for him or so he thought. Ever since he had come into his life, everything became more complicated than it had to be.

....And that's why he left the house.

Walking through the streets of the busy Shibuya district, Nasir was busy on his phone--- calling his nearest friends to see if there was any parties around where he was. Of course, there was always a party going on in Shibuya, if one knew where to find them. Maybe he could find a good time, maybe someone to take his mind off of the things that had been going on in his life as of current. Nasir knew what he wanted-- a good time. Granted, that good time better not get someone pregnant. He didn't want to keep on the 'cycle' with the one night stand shit. If he did something like that, that just only proved-- to Nasir-- that he was truly that man's son. No. No. NO.

He wanted to be better than that, by all means.

"Yeah... Yeah... I'll be there in a bit...," He chuckled, his mood on the phone not reflecting his inner turmoils. "What? I'm just right around the corner. Yes.... I'll see you there, Jun... yes... yes... loveyoutoo..." Nasir hung up, laughing a bit to himself.

Jun Ishihara. Now, that was a guy who had his back. His bestfriend of sorts-- if that's what one would call him. Nasir didn't know what to label him. One minute their relationship could be platonic and the next minute, they were on each other. Raging hormones, he didn't know. He didn't question it, either. Jun was there when he needed comfort, but not like that comfort. Friendly advice type comfort. Either way, they were going to party tonight as soon as he made it to this club. Nasir beamed to himself, bobbing his head a bit as he ducked and dodged through the crowded sidewalk. Moments later, he arrived at the club and entered.

Strobe lights and dance music greeted him. Honies were abound. Shirts were off. Fistpumping. Ho yeah... HO YEAH. TONIGHT WAS GOING TO BE A FUN NIGHT.


7 hours later... Nasir came stumbling through the door of his home. Well, Jun escorted him through the door. After their night of 'extensive partying in order to try to make the pain go away', Jun was left to be the 'designated driver' of sorts. Usually, it was the other way around. Jun being the one to party his sorrows away while Nasir carried him home. To be frank, he didn't like to see Nasir like this. Being an almost drunken wreck wasn't a good look for his friend. He should just stick to studying and doing parkour.

"Junny... have I told yooouuu how muuuccchhh I lloovvvee you?" Nasir asked in a drunken slur.

Jun cracked a smile, directing his friend towards his living room couch. "No more drinking for you...." He murmured, trying to place his friend on the couch but Nasir remained onto him.

"But I love yooooouuu. Don't leaavvee mmeeee... Junny-poohhhh." He pleaded, but Jun wasn't having that. He tried to pry his friend off of him.... and indeed, he did. Nasir let out a whine.


Jun didn't notice the older Nightshade as he stood in the doorway of the kitchen, watching the two as they went through their little 'thing'. Whatever the hell it was. His grey eyes watched the two with mild amusement though. He remembered several long years ago when Sven and Flower would do the same thing to him. He almost felt bad for the "Junny-pooh".

"Because I have to go to work tomorrow...," Jun replied, giving him a wearily smile. "And you're drunk... you'll be fine."

"No I woonnn'tt... That aasssshoollleee is here and I don't feeell safffeee. He might try to kill me!" Nasir stated, placing a pillow on his head out of fear. Well, drunken fear. "Stay with meee. For tonighhtt. Keep meee saffeeee."

Jun wanted to facepalm himself. This guy was ridiculous. "No. If he tries to do anything, I'm sure your mother will kick him out the window. Remember she did that a few months ago?"


"Actually, it was the door. And she didnt kick me, she hit me with a bat." Casper's voice floated into the living room where the two young men were struggling. He didnt sound angry, or even matter o fact like he usually did. He actually sounds amused by what was going on.

Jun petted Nasir with a sigh before he jumped a bit at the man's voice. WHAT THE HELL?. "Just... I.... I gotta go...," Jun said rather quickly, giving Casper a small bow before he hauled ass out of the door. Creepy ass Vampire looking man.

Casper watched as the teenager walked out of the home, rather amused at the events that just unfolded before him. His son came home drunk and acted as though he was Flower. Whiny and quite needy. It was ridiculous, yet strangely entertaining to him. As his son bellowed the name of Jun in a rather desperate manner, clinging onto the couch pillow, Casper made his way over to the couch. He was using the pillow in a similar manner that his mother used whenever she was sleeping, pillow on the head. He casually tugged it off of his son's head. "Idiot... shut up. Your mother is trying to sleep."

Nasir squeaked, holding a firm grip against the pillow. "Noo~ Get AWAY! YOU KILLED MOMMY!"

"What?! N- NO! I love your mo---"


"I did--- I didn't kill your mom...," Casper was trying to handle the situation as calmly as possible without Olay waking up. "Shh..."

"YOU DID! YOU MURDERER! WHY!? WHHHHYYY?! YOU HAD SEX WITH HER AND THEN KILLED HER! YOUR SPERM OF FUCKING DOOM KILLED HER! ASSHOLE!" Nasir's yells of protest were becoming louder and louder by each moment.

Casper needed to handle this now, before Olay came out of her room and thought he was actually trying hurt their son. He put his hand over Mixxy's mouth, silencing him for a few seconds while he hoisted the younger man over his shoulder and carried him through the kitchen and into the garage. Even Casper had to admit that he was no longer in his prime. Mixxy was heavy as hell. Taking his hand off his son's mouth slowly, the aging man glared.

"Calm the hell down. Why are you drunk anyways? Do you realize what time it is?"

Mixxy blinked slowly, then took several staggering steps away from his father. "Shhhh. You'll wake up Mommy." It was the clearest thing Casper had heard him say the entire time he had been here, though it wasnt quite the sanest thing.

"Jesus fucking Christ. Nasir, if you ever come into this house drunk again, you'll regret it." There. Simple and easy threats had always worked on Sven, though Flower was the one who headed no warnings. It seemed that Mixxy was a mixture of the two.

In truth, Casper had rarely come home smashed. He'd had too many things to worry about to be able to really dig in and enjoy his younger years of drinking and partying till his head throbbed for days afterward. But, he thought slyly, that doesnt mean I cant indulge in a few drinks nowadays.

Mixxy seemed to take his father's words to heart, because he sat down on the floor, becoming suddenly serious. He placed his hands ontop of his head, almost as if he were in thought. "Eh... I don't care. Yoouuu'rrreee noottt the boosssssssssssssss of me!" He whined, throwing his head and body back onto the pavement. The teenager spread himself out like one would in the snow as if they were about to make a snow angel. The boy yawned, closing his eyes. "Night night, asshole... don't fuck my mother while I'm asleep. If I find out, you won't have annyyyy ballllssss tomorrroooowwww!" He said in a most sing-song way as if it were the nicest thing to say before silence was evident between the two.

And he was gone cold. Knocked out. Sleep.

If this were any type of anime, Casper would've had one of those over exaggerated veins popping out of his forehead and steam coming out of his ears. The one time that he tried to exercise his authority over his son and he just brushed and threatened him like he was some random guy on the street. What kind of shit was that, anyway? Well, he had something for him. Turning on his heel, he walked over to the garage door, that lead to the kitchen. Casper placed his hand on the doorknob, then looked back at his sleeping son. His one hard, annoyed face softened a bit as he watched the teen sleep on the hard concrete near the car. For that one moment, he felt something. Was it love or fondness-- the emotion of fatherly love? Casper didn't know but quickly pushed those thoughts in the back as he walked through the threshold, locking the door behind him. A malicious grin appeared on his pale face.

"Let's see who has the last laugh..."


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