Long ago, in a tree by a brook, a cardinal sat chirping to her fellow birds. The cardinal was brown colored, with a red beak. She wasn't much to look at, not compared to her male friends, but inside there was inner beauty. Beauty beyond comparison to any other organism, but each and every organism had it.

The cardinal looked toward the river. Dark blue water trickled around pink colored rocks, seemingly oblivious to the beautiful yellow savannah around it. She looked at a small Elk mother and its calf walk cautiously to the riverbed. They looked each way twice, even peering into the water before bending their huge necks down to drink their fill. She watched the lumbering giants turn and slowly walk away from the riverbed, because they knew that's where they were most vulnerable.

In a tree near across the river, the cardinal heard the distinct chirp of a bright, ruby red male bird. She swiveled her head towards the sound, and chirped back. The chirping continued, as the two birds sang their sweet song. After some time, she saw the male fly from the tree into another one, probably getting the last of the nuts to offer her. She sat on the branch, waiting for him.

Without warning, a gust of wind from the east swooped toward the cardinal, knocking her out of the tree. She flailed her wings vigorously, but with no avail. She hit the ground with a thud, her brown head thumping against a tree root, killing her instantly.

As the light left the little cardinal's eyes, a wolf was born into this world. She was born in a snow den, thousands of miles away, near the top of the world. Unknowingly, this new soul had already swam in the deepest of oceans, climbed the highest of peaks, lived a thousand lives, and died a thousand deaths. What she was also unaware of, was her knew life in front of her.

Dear reader, let's tell of her life.