So here I am
Trying to understand
So maybe you'll understand

I do like you
But it's hard to see behind distorted glass
Can you hear me?
I am shouting.

And she tells me to lie
She tells me to steal
She tells me to hurt you
All so just words won't break through
She tells me I shouldn't see you
That you'll judge me, hurt me, hate me

I tell her no
I tell her that's not true
I just want to be good
There is love in this world, I think
But she says it's not for me

I know it's so irrational
I just want a place
I know it's not so bad
But she took over my mind
Said she knew what was right for me
Nothing makes sense since she did

But when I don't listen
She makes my heart pound
My body shake
I can't see straight
My tummy churns
Choking on my words
You can't see this battle I'm fighting

I am going insane
What is wrong with me?
Why do I feel this way?
It's so scary not knowing

Maybe someday I'll find
The one who knows it all
And accepts me just the same
Maybe I'll win this fight
Against invisible demons
I don't want to live like this

Someday I'll win