Castle Burns

By: DomO

Southern England


"I want ye to sneak in Lord Turks's house, steal something of his valuables, and then come back to show us." Olivier laughed and his big group of friends laughed behind him.

Katharine faked a smile and hoped that her smile was convincing to Olivier. He had short red hair that curled around his ears, he had on a red plaid kilt with brown boots and fur at the top of them. His fire blue eyes were smiling at her as she smiled at him.

He had his plaid held together with a gold pin. It glistened across his broad chest in the moonlight. His hands were resting on his hip as he laughed and as Katharine scanned his body with her eyes she felt the urge to push him to the ground.

But she was a virgin to doing that sort of thing out in public and one of his peoples that watched the house and made sure his sister was well taken care of. And she looked past Olivier to stare at his sister, Agatha.

Agatha had her light brown hair tied up in curls as she held most of her dress so it wouldn't touch the ground. The dress was a dark red, with white laces in the middle, tightening to hold the top part since Agatha's breast were about to pop out of them. She had eyes as her brother and a mole on her lip, and the way she looked at Katharine was filled with pity and dare she see sorrow behind her Mistress's eyes.

Agatha walked closer to Katharine and pulled her to the side. Her brother's eyes looked over as his friends. He didn't want his sister to take away his fun.

No one dared to go inside of Lord Turks's house. It was heard across the land that he was evil and cruel, that the women who worked for him were all mothers. He dare didn't marry since they all were carrying his kids. And he brought new women to his bed every night.

Maybe all of them carrying his kids was a bit of exaggeration, maybe just a little, but it wasn't like anyone new the truth. No one actually talked to the man since he was always talking to women, a lot of women.

Katharine struggled at her best friend's hold as she pulled her to the side, away from her brother and his friends.

"What are ye doing? Are ye out of yer mind?"

Katharine raised her head up high as Agatha had done. Agatha had let go of her arm and had them crossed across her chest, in pure anger.

"Nah, I have done nothing. I am perfectly fine. Yer brother will like me more if I do. We always chatted about us being related and now I will have me chance."

Agatha shook her head and looked over at her brother. He had his arms crossed over his chest as most of his friends. What turned out a night to be drinking and celebrating of Katharine finally being the age of eighteen turned out to be a dare set by her idiotic brother to see how far Katharine would go.

He just didn't know.

"Yer chance? Me and ye ben' friends for a long time. Ye lay in his bed a couple of times and now ye hooked. I am very upset."

Katharine grabbed Agatha's hands in her own and came closer to her.

"It do not matter. He likes me. He told me so. Please just let me do this."

Agatha's face was red with fire in her cheeks for being so angry but then she gave up on that as her friend as well as servant was sticking her bottom lip out, doing the cutest thing she ever seen.

"Fine," Agatha huffed as she gave up. Her friend wasn't going to change her mind. "go head and sneak in Lord Turks's house and come back. I want to make sure ye is ok."

Katharine nodded her head and jumped up and down in her dress. It flowing behind her as the wind kicked up.

Katharine trotted towards Olivier and his group of friends. His back was turned since he grew bored with his sister and Katharine talking, so when he heard her come back to them, he turned around and faced her. His smile getting bigger as if he knew what was going to happen next.


Katharine turned back to her best friend and then thought about what she looked like. She knew in the back of her mind she wasn't nearly as beautiful as Agatha. She had long red hair that stopped at her shoulders, tiny lips, small breast, and not much of a bottom as Agatha had everything she didn't had. But maybe she did have a chance, to get Olivier back in her bed at night or even midday.


And wasn't it just perfect that they weren't that far from Lord Turks's castle. She had never seen the castle herself but her friends would tell her how it looked as she passed by on her horse. She always seemed to be looking the other way when they passed so when she turned back to get a look, she was already to far and away from it.

But now she'd get her chance, now she'd walked over there, sneak inside the castle, grab something that belonged to the Turks and then coming running back with it in her hand, showing Olivier and Agatha, and then he would kiss her and make love to her and then they'd be married.

"Nah, I think she will chicken out."

Katharine looked passed the group of friends and looked at the girl who spoke. She had a white dress on and her breast were as big as Agatha's. She had a mole on the right side of her face under her eye and she had long dark hair, tied up in a mess of cute curls.

Katharine scowled at her.

Ava was always trying to show her up. Ava had a crush on Olivier and even was taken to his bed. Then she would talk and talk about it as if it was nothing, rubbing it in Katharine's face.

But this time, Katharine was in the spotlight.

She would show them. She would show them all.


Turk wasn't sure what was better. He couldn't figure what was the best thing that was happening to him right now. He was so young to be a Lord but that wasn't the point.

He had two beautiful women, naked before him. One with long blonde hair and the other with dark hair. He couldn't remember their names so he decided to call them Lass one and Lass two. The next thing he couldn't believe was that Lass one was sucking him beautifully with her mouth as Lass two kissed him. Or the fact that he was going to take both of them right now to bed with him.

"Oh yer so big me Lord." Lass one moaned out as her tongue licked around the tip and then she engulfed him with her mouth. It was hot and wet.

"So tasty me Lord" Lass two said as she tongued him in his mouth. Her hands were running over his naked chest and she swooned at how muscled he was.

Alright all three was delicious. He had two women ready to please him and one of them was sucking him, which was heard across the land that only private more intimate people did this, not just to random strangers.

He wasn't a stranger just the head of the Southern flank.

And did that sound so dirty to him?

Why, yes of course.

"I think we should start me Lord." Lass two stopped kissing him and was scooting back on the linen and furs to get a better view. She had her legs open and he turned his head just a little, forgetting about the woman at his feet, to look at her.

Which was the plan.

She was glistening wet, her folds were drenched with how wet she was and Turk couldn't wait to dive into her with his cock. Never his mouth. That was more for intimate 'intimate' people.

Turk jerked and turned back to the woman on her knees. Lass one had him down her throat and he let out a long and throaty moan. Lass one smiled and then his cock left her mouth with a pop and she stood up and walked behind him to get on the bed next to Lass two. Her legs were closed and she was playing her hands all over her breast, sending Turk in a frenzy that wanted her legs wide open as he pounded all he had into her.

Turk stood up off the bed and turned around to face them. His cock was pointing directly at them both. The women awed at his thick flesh, he took his blue plaid off the bed and threw it on one of his many chests. He then got on all fours and started to crawl up the bed to meet both women.

"Which one would you have first me Lord?" Lass two asked as she ran her fingers over her wet folds and then they disappeared in her depths. She didn't arch at her caress, just her eyes became hooded as she watched him with her lust-filled eyes.

Which one? He wanted both at the same time. Wasn't that obvious?


"He wants us both" Lass one said. Her fingers were playing with her erect nipples and her tongue whipped out across her lip, calling him to her. He was just about over them both when Lass two, finally realized what the other woman meant and rolled off the bed to stand.

Turk and Lass one watched her.

Lass two was angry and her cheeks were now showing her mood, she was mostly hurt too. She didn't like to share. She hated sharing.

"Me Lord, my apologies, I don't want to share ye with her. She can wait till yer done with me then she can have her turn."

She really hoped so. She wanted to hurry and get back home before her husband figured out that she wasn't at her sisters.

Turk raised his eyebrow in confusion. When he picked them up from the tavern didn't he say that he wanted them both under him as he serviced them both. He remember he did. Lass one laughed and said sure, Lass two was drooling, ogling his chest.

Oh, she was too busy ogling his chest to notice what he said.

Her mistake and her stupid loss.

"Lass, I said at the tavern, I wanted ye both at the same time. If you weren't ogling me chest ye would have had the chance to back out then."

Lass two's face looked more angry. "Ye mean I can't back out now?"

Turk shook his head and then bit his lip to muffle the moan that wanted to leave his lips. Lass one had bit him on his shoulder, her breast was up against his back, and she was pumping his length with her hands.

It felt wayy good.

"Ye…can back out. Just leave, lass. I do not need ye." Turk sat up and Lass one's hands removed from his length and she was now sitting up in the bed. Her dark brown eyes were watching over the other woman as she rushed towards her chemise, putting it on quickly and her dark blue dress, not caring if she couldn't fix the laces. She didn't want to be around them.

Theses crazy people.

Turk watched as she dressed and left the room, hoping she was getting out of here. He was disappointed now. He wanted two women not one.

"If ye want me lord, I will part as well." Lass one was standing in front of him now. Her hands on her hips, looking at him, disappointment in her eyes too.

Turk shook his head and looked up at Lass one. Least she stayed and didn't leave.

"Come here. Unless ye want to come with and find someone else."

Lass one smiled and then she picked up her chemise before Turk grabbed her arm and pulled her to him.

"Don't ye bother. 'Tis dark. We just leave and come back."

"Aye, I can't wait," Lass one looked down at his cock and licked her lips for the second time that night. "ye can't wait either."

She giggled and he laughed. She wove her arm through his and they left the room, closing the door behind him.


Katharine stumbled from the drapes she was hiding behind and bent over to catch a breath. She couldn't believe she saw that.

As soon as she left her friends and future husband behind she found the castle, it wasn't that hard since the ground was lined up with lit torches. She covered herself in the darkness of the night, heading towards the back, and just as she had, a woman carrying a big brown bag of something was heading towards the woods to probably dump the bag to nothing. So Katharine sneaked past her and into the castle were she quieted her foot steps, trying to find Lord Turks room. She found it quicker than she thought, her eyes roaming over how vast it was, had a very big bed with the finest linens and furs, fours chest were lined up over by the side, and the dark blue drapes were over the window. She ran to it, forgetting about her mission, to touch it. It felt cool against her skin as she ran it over her fingers and rubbed her cheek against it.

She was so occupied with the drapes that would she heard people talking, she rushed around the room like a chicken with its head cut off because she didn't know where to hide.

Finally after looking at the long drapes that touched the floor, she ran over to them and went behind them, pushing her dress together so whoever was coming inside of the room what not notice that she was there and was heartily glad that there was enough space between the drapes and window so she wouldn't have to hike up her dress.

Her eyes looked through the tiny crack and they opened in shock as she saw two women and a man enter the room.

It was Turk. She seen him only once.

Wasn't it funny she seen him but not the castle, besides the point he looked as if he had gotten bigger to her.

His hair was long and dark, reaching his shoulders as hers had. He was covered in blue plaid, until he stripped it off of him and stood there; muscled and erect. His cock was long and hard and so thick that Katharine almost panted at the thought. It was thicker than Olivier's and more wide.

It was now, Olivier who?

The women that were with him were tall and elegant. One had long dark brown hair and the other had long blonde hair. He was taking off their clothes with slowness and they were naked as he was.

Katharine's eyes opened as she saw who the dark haired woman was. It was Ava's mother.

Whoa, crazy.

Ava's mother was kissing Turk now and the blonde haired was…

Oh gosh, Katharine thought, her mouth was on his cock.

The woman's head was going up and down as she took all she could into her mouth and Katharine watched with excitement and dare she say curiosity.

But that was all passed of her now and as she stood, she couldn't believe it.

Lord Turk was trying to bed two women but Ava's mother ran out after finding out, and then Lord Turk as well as the other woman.

Which left Katharine alone to go through his things until she found something and then she would sneak back out as once she came.

What she saw tonight she wasn't going to tell anyone, but she did and could hold this over his Ava's head.


Katharine was making her way towards the chest, opening the first one she saw, digging through it to find something when something grabbed on to her butt.

She jumped and let go of the chest, it slammed down and whoever hand her turned her around to face them. She gulped; deep.

It was Lord Turk with anger and lust in his eyes. Mostly anger.

How did Katharine missed this? She should have heard them made they're way back and she should of heard them open the door.

She didn't and she got caught.

Punishment was in order and she was okay with it.

"What are ye doing here, lass?"

Turk had a tight grip on her arms and he was shaking her, just a lil.

"Sorry me Lord. I mean no harm." Katharine looked around the room quickly with her eyes and saw the blonde on the bed, she was licking her lips at…her. Katharine turned her attention back to Turk and gulped again. She might as well tell the entire truth and hoped he just sent her out. That would be enough humiliation. "I was dared to come here and gain something of ye's. Me so sorry. I didn't mean to me Lord." Turk let her arms go and now Katharine was on the floor, her arms around his naked ankles and her lips lingering over his feet.

It was a pregnant pause before anything was said and Katharine was scared. Would he hurt her? Beat her? He wasn't saying anything and Katharine could feel the sexual tension in the air, she just didn't want to be apart of it.

Maybe, it had been long since her and Olivier had laid in bed together. His head was all under Ava's skirt now.

Leaving Katharine alone.

Before Katharine could even blink, she was pulled up by her arms and she was facing Turk, except in his eyes wasn't anger but lust, a lot of lust that she remembered seeing in Olivier's eyes.

"Take off ye dress…ye name?" Turk let her arms go and walked towards his bed, he grabbed his cock and rubbed his thumb over it before sitting down next to the blonde. The blonde was smiling and playing with her breast and Katharine at all didn't feel embarrassed or disgusted by the fact that the woman was looking at her as Turk had.

"Me name is Katharine me Lord." Katharine fumbled with her dress, taking it off as quickly as she could. She was only left in her chemise, hoping that she didn't have too…

Then it hit her, there wasn't another woman as far as she could tell, so she was going to be the third and it didn't frighten her as she thought it would.

It was sort of exciting to her.

She slipped out of her chemise with ease and it fell to her ankles. She was naked as well as the people staring at her with lust and sexual need dancing across their eyes.

"Come here, Katharine."

Katharine did as she was told, shivers danced over her body as tingles. The way he had said her name was making more wetness pool between her legs.

She didn't care if this was kind of wrong, it didn't feel wrong to her. She didn't care if Turk wasn't Olivier, Turk had a bigger thicker flesh than Olivier. She didn't care that tonight she was maybe going to touch another woman, that excited her more than she could handle.

She was nearly between Turk's legs as she walked towards him. His cock was harder at seeing her naked. She had a very attractive body than the girl who had left. Her breast were small as well as her lips but they were the perfect kind of small.

"What do ye want us to do me Lord?"

Turk was getting tired of this 'me Lord' crap.

"Just call me Turk and I want kisses between the two of ye." His fingers pointed at them both as he scooted himself back to watch.

Lass one stood up and walked over towards Katharine. Their heads touched as Lass one leaned in to kiss Katharine and wasn't Katharine just lucky that her and the blonde were the same height.

"Does this bother ye, Katharine?" Turk smiled as Katharine shook her head and leaned in as well towards the blonde's lips.

She was only doing this so he wouldn't tell or punish her. He was far from punishing her. He was kind of glad that she was in his room when he came back, most of his maids were old or too young and he didn't want the deal of 'rape' over his head.

He was against the wall of his bed, his legs spread as he watched the two women kiss each other.

It was a quick peck, their lips touched first and as if Katharine was ready for a lot more, she opened her lips and slipped her tongue into the woman's mouth. The woman accepted it greatly and now they were in a heat of kisses, which Turk enjoyed. Their tongues were battling against each other, Katharine's arms were around the blonde's waist and she was pulling the blonde more closer to her.

The blonde wrapped her arms Katharine's naked waist and rested her hands on Katharine's ass, clutching it and kneading it with her hands. The blonde pulled at Katharine's bottom lip and then slapped her ass. The sound ran through the room and it made Turk want to seize them both and throw them on the bed as he screwed them both into his bed, but he was enjoying the show and didn't want to ruin it.

Not yet, anyway.

The blonde was bending Katharine back, her arm was up against her back so she could bend Katharine back, her kisses going down her neck, licking her vein and then she trailed them lower, kissing her collarbone, trailing them more down her chest, reaching her breast. The blonde reached her breast and pulled her erect nipple into her mouth, lapping it with her tongue.

Turk's mouth dropped as he watched the blonde suck on Katharine's nipple. Her tongue ran over it before she did the same to the other, caressing it with her hot wet tongue.

Turk watched the entire thing and felt left out, even though he didn't plan on using it on himself so decided that he would get up and tend to them.

He got them started after all.

He stood up with urgency, desire filling his veins, he walked over to them, stepping over Katharine's departed dress and chemise before wrapping his muscled arms around them. He bent his head and kiss Katharine on her small pink lips, while his hands fell to feel for the blonde's breast. He found them with ease, rolling the blonde's nipples between his fingers while he kissed Katharine on her lips.

He slid his tongue into her mouth, pulling her upright as he did the blonde, so they were all standing. Katharine's breast were up against his and knew the blonde felt left out but he wanted to get a taste of Katharine first. So he picked her up with his arms around her waist as if she was a pin that he tied his plaid with and laid her on the bed. He placed her on the bed and stood back to admire her. The blonde at his side was doing the same, she was licking her lips again and had one leg on the bed and the other was on the floor.

"Lay down as well. I want ye both underneath me."

Katharine scooted over just a little for the blonde and then gasped as Turk spread her legs and then he danced a finger over her folds as he spread the blonde's legs, his other hand was dancing over her folds as well.

He slipped his fingers inside them both and almost fainted at how tight they both were. He knew they weren't virgins but good god. It felt way to good to be true.

Katharine arched at the caress. She never been treated like this before. First, she never kissed another woman liked she kissed the woman getting pleased beside her and she never had another woman kiss and suck her breast as Olivier never did.

Olivier just lazily rubbed her with his finger before sliding his cock inside and then grunt and moan before he came outside of her.

He didn't want kids at all with her. It's what he said and Katharine hoped it was because he liked her body this way and not big and huge as her mother had gotten before she died.

But that was all behind her now as Turk fingered her into ecstasy that she never felt before. She rode his fingers by raising her hips and throwing it back at him and he smiled and slid in another finger.

Pain came and knocked on the door then pleasure knocked pain in the bushes and came in.

It felt way to good.

Katharine moaned softly as the blonde was rubbing her nipples again. She was getting even wetter down there and didn't know when she'd stop 'leaking' down there. So to help a fellow pleasured woman, she moved her hand to the blonde's breast and played with her nipple. The blonde moaned and arched her lower body off the bed.

It continued like that before Katharine felt her walls clench around his skilled and talented fingers. She was about to come and hope that she got more fun before Turk threw her away.

Suddenly as if reading her mind, Turk pulled both his fingers out of them and placed them in his mouth. He smiled at the taste and got on his knees before them. His mouth was hovering over Katharine's heat as his fingers were digging deep inside of the blonde.

Katharine looked down at him through hooded eyes and if he wasn't hard now, he was super hard, if that made since. She looked so hot that he just dived down on her heat with his mouth and tongue and licked her deep and clean. Katharine arched in the sudden new caress and moved her heat against his face, which was running her clit over his tongue.

Katharine laid her hips down in exhaustion. This was to mu-

His mouth left her and then he replaced his mouth with fingers and switched with the blonde. He was now diving deep inside of her but it wasn't enough. It wasn't what he shared with Katharine. His tongue was making lazy strokes around the woman's clit and her moans egged him on to continue to do it so he did.

He pulled back, licking his fingers of their taste and then got on the bed, the beautiful women before him scooted more towards the wall. The blonde had her legs closed while Katharine had her sated legs opened, her nerves were trying to come back from her pleasure high.

"Lass get on top of Katharine…"

"Lillian." The woman corrected him while licking her lips to get them wet and then she moved over Katharine. Lillian's legs were spread wide and she was over her. Lillian smiled before bending her head down to kiss Katharine and Katharine happily accepted it, her tongue slipping out to connect them together, their clits were close together. Lillian on top of Katharine and if rubbed the right way would send them both in the depths of satisfaction, and that's where Turk came in.

He was hovering over Lillian , his cock by her wet heat. He took a deep breath and then slid in, stopped by her tightness, moaning and biting his lip at how fit he felt even though it was tight before he slid all the way in and started moving above her.

This way was new to him but it was another way to woman's heat and she didn't have to be facing him for him to be inside of her.

Good deal.

"Ohhhh Turk…" Lillian breathe as her clit was rubbing up against Katharine, sending shocks through both of them.

Turk rolled his eyes. His name didn't sound right in the bedroom. So instead he sat up right on his knees, between Katharine's legs and Lillian's, slapping Lillian on the ass.

She cried out in new found pleasure and continued to kiss Katharine. Katharine lazily slipped in her tongue as she tensed at the pleasure seeping into her. Lillian's clit rubbing against hers was doing wonders.

Maybe she didn't have to have Turk inside of her for her to feel pleasure.


Turk continued to thrust and move inside of Lillian, he was slow at first but as he watched as the two women below him kissed and tongue dueled he just lost it. He grabbed Lillian by her hips and pounded into her for dear life, which sent her clit rocking against Katharine, making them both see stars for a split second, before Lillian came all over his cock, her orgasm shattering and killing her in one blow. She stopped kissing Katharine and moved her lips to her neck, gasping as Turk slid out of her and then right back in.

He wasn't finished and neither was she. She could last along time but she wanted Katharine to have a turn.

"Turk," Turk slapped her ass and whispered against her ear that he would rather be called Me Lord right now. Lillian bit her lip to muffle the cry of pleasure before opening her mouth again. "Me Lord, give Katharine a turn, please. Me want to do more things to her."

Turk nodded his head and then pulled out. Lillian rolled off of Katharine and climbed over Katharine, her heat over her face. Turk was even more excited at what he was seeing so he opened his mouth, his words coming out a growl.

"Lick her Katharine."

Katharine licked her lips, grabbed Lillian's hips, pulled her closer towards her mouth and then licked her.

It was a quick lick but it was enough. Lillian threw her head back and placed one hand on her breast to play with her nipples and the other on Katharine's head. Katharine had her tongue out and was glad that she didn't have to do much as Lillian grinded her hips, her clit hitting the taste buds, making her go over the edge.

As Lillian did that, Turk positioned himself between Katharine's legs, he grabbed her by her hips and pulled her forcefully to him, her heat near his cock, her heat dripping with need.

The act of his force-fullness sent Katharine's face knee deep inside of Lillian's core, her tongue dipping in Lillian's hole.

Katharine moaned loud, sending vibrations deep inside of Lillian as Turk entered her. His thick flesh was to wide but her core would get used to him.

Heck, she wanted her core to get used to it.

"Ye are tighter than Lillian."

He said it not as a question but as a surprise like 'Oh ye left yer horse sitting outside'.

Like she didn't know that she had a very 'tight' one.

Last time Olivier touched was a four moons ago. He couldn't go near her now without a roll of disgust leaving his lips. And she didn't care.

"Aye, have not lay in bed with a men since four moons ago."

Feeling slightly embarrassed by her answer she didn't notice Turk's smile and then he pumped in and out of her, taking his sweet time before he completely lost it.

Katharine laid her head back down and arched as Turk thrusted in and out of her. She did it even louder as Lillian was fingering herself and rubbing Katharine's own clit with a thumb.

Katharine could feel it and wanted to hold back, wanted it to go longer and longer but she wouldn't hold on if this continued.

It was all over before it began, Turk knew Katharine was close so he continued his thrusts, making them harder and faster and more urgent. She came and then so did he, deep within her. He roared at his release, it was so loud that it could have woken up everyone in the castle but it didn't.

Everyone was deep in slumber, except the three in bed together.

After Turk was finished, he slid out of her and laid on his back on his bed. Lillian was laying beside him, spent, and Katharine was sitting up on her sweaty, numb knees.

Turk raised his head just a little to look at her. His cock got instantly hard when he noticed how her hands danced over her body. But he just had to ask.

"What are ye going to take back to the people who made you sneak in here?" He was smiling and he was looking at her as if she was the prettiest thing she ever saw.

It made her happy.

"Me just take back a smile," she stopped and then her hands roamed over her body, her fingers sliding over her clit before she went to the depths below that. She threw her head back and moaned and the people watching her were instantly dripping with wet and need again, hard and ready." a satisfied smile."

She got on top of him and sunk down on his cock, her walls and heat opening again.

He smiled at her and grabbed her hips and then rolled her off of him, she landed on her back and then Turk and Lillian were lapping her up, their heads and tongues and lips between her wide spread legs.

Katharine wasn't sure what she was going to say, what she was going to tell the others. She could ask, after they were finished, if she could borrow something of his to show to her friends and Olivier and it would be a reason to come back and visit. Or she should just go back with a smile on her face and let Olivier and Ava think what they want as long as she knew what happened to her she wouldn't care. She wouldn't care at all.

Le Fin.