O Serpent Heart
At dawn she folds herself
up in the wall like an
ornate secret

apathetic, slightly
south of ebullient,

she meanders in the
milky shade, diaphanous,
a thin veil of rain covering

quivering lip; the way her
eyes have started to glass
over in


She will weep until
he pulls extensive legs through
her window; knees
plummeting to the hard
wood floor while his

pull her edges apart at the
waist. Kiss the narrow
space between the ground
she walks on and the heels
of her erratically rooted

When she slides her t-shirt
off breasts fall over her chest
like the final tantalizing
lines of a poem he is
mastering in his mind,
holding the verse thickly
there until he has time to
write it down.

Their joining; ritualistic,
sober, external,

love is more incisive when it's

and when he goes she
loosens her grasp from
the concrete surface of his
flesh, only after she has tasted
the goodbye slung across
his eyelids like a mask.

Gathering the words, left
un-tethered throughout the room,
she folds them up neatly in the
walls with her, until he comes again.

a/n: youth... so long ago, thinking a lot about this time though.