The Power Within Part Two Forgotten Mysteries

It has been 6 years since the fight with Akuma. When our heroes returned to their home dimension they were not greeted as if they were heroes, on the contrary, but they were treated as freaks that couldn't be trusted. The citizens of the country of Serikodo said that with the powers they possessed, anybody could be a victim at any time, and nobody would ever find out. Of course, they spared the young girl who seemed to be so innocent, but as the years rolled on, she turned to be a natural born solider. Though she possessed no powers, her hand to hand combat was superb, and unmatched by anybody that crossed her. She also was a master at any weapon she got her hands on, as well as improvised weapons. As for her older brother, he had become more powerful as well, but in different ways. The old icy blades were still one of his favorites to use, but he had much more devastating attacks. Some which could bring down an entire village in a matter of seconds. This is one of the many reasons the citizens were so concerned about him, should he ever going on a rampage. He never had, and promised himself that he never would, as he had supernatural amounts of self control and patience. The girl who seemed to be very affectionate towards the flora and fauna ,had matured a lot, though still finds herself thinking of childish thoughts. Whenever the clouds rolled across the sky every day, they always seemed to want to be telling her something or even warn her of dangers in the near future. Her specialty was her quick pace, which her allies couldn't keep up with. The almost blonde girl seemed to always be trapped in a state of thinking, where she detaches herself from her surroundings simply to reflect her past. Though the recent years may have been dark, she always seemed to be happy. Though she dislikes fighting, she is capable of taking on five people at the same time. Though she is very forgiving, something's make her do things that she states are "unspeakable" due to their cruelty and forbidding results.

Even though our Heroes had grown closer each year that passed, Sakura seemed to become a different person, yet the same. She was once friendly approachable person, who anybody could have a decent conversation with, was now a shy and quiet thinker who didn't like to meet new people. She continued to be a very studious person, despite that she hadn't been in school since she returned. Sakura still thought faster than her friends, and was still caring for anybody who was in danger; even though she would be mad at them. Though they were always being tracked down, this didn't stop them from having fun on occasions, such as birthdays, winter holidays and some vacations that they tried to take. Those really never worked out as they had planned, but regardless they still tried.

Though these four heroes were all together as one great team, there was an addition of another girl. This one was blind; however, she could use her abilities to see in a different way than anybody else was used to. She used a blindfold to cover her lifeless eyes. Though she couldn't see she only wore white ninja kimonos and was very serious about everything. She was able to sense what would happen to her within a few seconds before, and could also sense emotions of others around her. Though she was very powerful, she was only 16. He golden blonde hair steamed like a waterfall down to her mid back. She was another great warrior who was very secluded to our familiar heroes.

Our heroes couldn't go around intimidating whomever they wanted to (not that it is what they do), but was now working for the government as the Project-IV. Since their arrival from the Flux, many other people have come up with powers similar to their own. As a result, the five of them, would be the foot soldiers in the front line of defense against the elemental terrorist. Not many could get past them, though there would be some exceptions that called for the Elite Squads. There were a total of four, one being the strongest and most mysterious. Fourth Squad was our heroes Kazuya, Erica, Sakura, Stacie, and the new addition Ellie. The third squad was another five person team, who went by numbers, instead of names. The Second squad was a four Person team, who referred to each other by the letter of their first name. The First squad was a two person team, who didn't have real names, so the Government assigned them one each. Though Squad Four was in training with masters of almost every kind of martial art, Squad One was an empty Squad with nobody in it until recently, which incensed the other squads upon their arrival. This made a rivalry between the original three squads against the two new individuals, who were never around, since they were either training among themselves, or doing missions that would dwarf anything and everything that any other squad had done.

General N. was in charge in keeping everything in order, to the best of his ability. Though he had no powers, he once took out an army of almost 150 men, armed with only a broken crossbow, and an empty quiver of arrows. The three squads knew better than to cross him, but occasionally tried. Though our heroes were in the lowest squad, they also had their moments of glory, in which got them promoted a few ranks. However, they would need to grow much stronger to take out the Organization of Element users who themselves had been in training for the past eight years of their lives. Some powers were stranger than other, while some were more intimating than those, and even some that made horrifying illusions. This didn't stop them from confronting them when they were ordered to. In fact, it only made them want to become even stronger than ever.


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