Bitter, cold hate is what you give,
Warm, embalming love is what you take.
A mystery, a cold case love.

The knife you use to stab me with is words.
The poison you slip into my wine is loneliness.
"Bastard." Says the brain my body.
"Why?" Asks the heart in my chest.

Is this it? One night and it's over.
I see now, the window you stare into.
But I can't help but trace a heart into the fog
And along with that was your name.

I wipe the tears that flooded my face,
I wipe the love you once etched into my heart,
I wipe the name that once graced my lips so lovingly from my lips
On that bitter, cold window of depression.

I'm losing you.. and then all of a sudden you're lost.
But I no longer have rights to the map;
No body does. And that's why your name will forever be the directions to my heart.

Like it? Love it? Hate it?

Tell me.:)