Present day; Paris, France~

One Sunday evening, I was out taking my usual promenade through St. Michel square; the moon - a large, glittering ivory orb, hung low in the black sea of sky that engulfed it. The air was clear, but somehow, a certain heaviness seemed to linger, and it filled my breath – making it quite difficult for oxygen to properly circulate through my lungs. It was rather strange, I will admit, but I paid it no heed, and continued on my way.

All at once, I came upon a man who appeared quite distraught.

"S-sir!" I called out cautiously. I inched closer. The man was weeping. In his eyes shone deep bereavement, suffering, and loss. He looked all about him as if something irrevocably important had been stolen and therefore gone missing forever. I had no idea who he was, but I suddenly felt a peculiar sadness forming in my heart from merely looking at him.

"P-please tell me, sir, what has happened?"

The stranger let out a loud wail before slowing turning to me, and somehow managing to articulate, "He is gone...The angel, my sweet angel...Gone forever!"

And that was all he said to me before promptly turning away and continuing miserably down the dark, wet roads. I understood at once. However vague the statement, I understood it. It was as though the message had been sent from him through the cold, night air, and straight into my body. He was mourning the loss of a person who he had never even known, whom he had never even shared a brief conversation with about every type of nonsense that exists, but a person who was the dearest and most beloved in all the world to him. One who had managed to change the very cuorse of his life from thousands of miles away, who had sung him into such deep reveries that he lost himself within them; one whose beauty contradicted the very tragedy of his life – but whose innocence, whose joyful spirit earned him the love and respect of all around him.

Physical contact was of absolutely no importance. This stranger wept for the life of another human being, and is not that in itself reason enough? He poured out the wailings and groans of his very soul as he mourned for the entire world. Yes, his angel belonged to every single person on this earth, and te death was not felt by him exclusively. It was a universal loss.

As I realized the burden this man was carrying, my whole body began to tremble. Hot tears fell from my eyes, my lips quivered, my breath froze, and I dropped limply to my knees. I let out a cry as I began to sob hysterically, raising the palms of my hands to the night sky, as though begging the gods to return what they had taken, to show the smallest sign of mercy...My chest ached and my heart throbbed forcefully inside me, for I suddenly felt it, too. All at once, it was personal, and all at once, I understood.

This stranger had lost him...b-but now...

I had lost him.

All at once, I understood...

He was my angel, too.