"Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the stars refuse to shine
Out of the back you fall in time
I somehow find you and I collide
" – Collide – Howie Day


Sometimes, I have to wonder what forces caused me to fall in love with Indigo. After the disastrous meeting that was composed of awkward silence, I didn't really think of interacting with my new neighbors.

Upon arriving at school the following Monday, I was bombarded by an overzealous greeting from my short best friend, Jasmine.

"Dez! Dezzi-Bear! Guess WHAT!" Jassi flapped about like a bird, her dyed red hair bouncing in the ponytail she threw it in. Her tan heart-shaped face that housed bright green eyes were shining with whatever gossip had reached her today. Jasmine Stone was on the school's newspaper (Eeva Times). Thus, gossip was to her, like water was to a man caught dying in the desert.

"What?" I asked dully, my mind was always numb in the morning.

"There's this big party Saturday, and –" She stopped when she saw my expression of dismay. I didn't like parties. Not after the first and last one I had ever gone to. Plus, their lame anyway. A bunch of under-aged kids drinking, dirty dancing, and then sex in places you don't even want to think about.

As she had opened her mouth to try to persuade me, and I had gotten ready to throw all of my aforementioned facts at her, we heard the soothing mellow voice of Jackie, our other best friend.

"Ladies, how are you today?" He had chimed in his low tone, pulling open his locker next to me. Jackie Miller was a tall, lean, pale seventeen year old. He had misty green eyes and messy dark brown hair. He wore two earrings in his left ear, and had a piercing on the right side corner of his mouth. He was a sexy boy. A bi-sexual sexy boy, at that, who tended to lean towards the gay side. Did I just hear a cry from the female population?

"I'm fine." I answered, my rhythm of voice slowing to match his. Jasmine was always so hyper, and happy. With her around, it's like you're running a marathon. I preferred Jackie's methodic way of being, calm and smooth like the top of a lake.

As we walked to home room, Jasmine chattering till she broke off from us and down a different hall, I took a moment to let my mind wonder. My thoughts were rambling through T.O.K. (Theory of Knowledge*) type questions when I accidently walked into someone.

I fell on my butt in surprise, miraculously still holding most of my books. "Oops!" I had gasped, grabbing the hand that had appeared in my startled line of vision. Jackie had picked up my other books, and I sent him a glare for not warning me about walking into people. Turning to apologize, I was surprised to see Indigo standing in front of me. I was still holding his hand.

Dropping it, I opened my mouth to say sorry, but was beat to it. "So sorry. I wasn't looking…are you okay, Desiree?" His voice was deep and rumbled through me causing a slight shiver to travel done my spine. I robotically nodded my head.

"…I'm good…uh, I'm sorry too, I was day-dreaming, and um…thanks, Indigo." I rambled. If I was like my mother, I would have been blushing scarlet. Luckily, I was not one to blush easily.

Jackie then had caught my elbow and started leading me away. As we had turned into our home room he had started smiling in that Secretive-Devil-Smile of his.

"So…who's the stud muffin? You guys seem acquainted…" He observed quietly, smile still in place. It was like staring at the Angel of Death.

"He's my new neighbor. Our moms are old school mates. I met him the other day." I answered dully, taking a seat in the back next to the windows. He took the seat to my right nodding his head slightly.

"So, are you crushing on him?" He asked in that same, quiet, how's-the-weather tone of his.

I messed with my braided long dark red/brown hair, frowning. "No, I don't even know him. When I met him, we hardly spoke for the hour we were together. And his sister is pretty anti-social too…or maybe it's just me?" I didn't mean for it to come out like a question, but that's how it sounded.

Shrugging, Jackie and I had then tossed topics around till the bell had rung to move to first period classes. My school had been a small charter school, with two major hallways (crossing like an intersection) and two small spin off halls that had led to the school library and gym. Our Caf had been at one end of the school, and following the hallway straight from there, would have dropped you off at the office (which was the front of the school). The other major hallway had class rooms on one wall, and lockers on the other (this continued down either side of the intersection). This had left little space for getting past people.

As I had squeezed into my English room, wishing I was just a bit thinner, I tripped and went crashing right into Indigo Lanes and his sister, Lacey.

He helped me straighten up, smiling a little, while Lacey had just stared, giving me a blank look.

"You know," He had started, his low voice rumbling gently, "We seem to crash into each other often." Lacey tilted her head at this, nodding her head at me in what I had assumed to be a greeting.

"Yes…do you have English now?" I had asked, having had recovered from crashing into him again.

He shook his head. "No, this is Lacey's and mines homeroom."

"Ah, then you better hurry to your classes…before the bell rings and everything." I mumbled, shifting to the side to let them pass me easily. He slipped me another small crooked kind of smile, and led the way out; Lacey following after, her gaze blank.

After my first two and a half classes, we broke for lunch, and I found myself fighting my way down to the Caf.

After getting my not-so disastrous looking lunch, I found Jasmine sitting with her latest boy conquest, Conrad Stein and his friends.

I debated if I wanted to join them when Jackie caught my eye with a wave in the corner of the Caf. Sitting with him was his on and off again boyfriend, Aaron Jones, Aaron's twin Alicia, and Alicia's two besties: Melody Golds and Karen Conners.

Taking a seat next to Melody, across from Aaron, I tuned into the conversation.

"I'm just saying, if you're gonna be in public making out, expect your parent to catch you. If you really weren't ready for people to know, do a better job of hiding in the closet." Melody was saying, which led me to believe it had something to do with same-sexed people making out in public. I tuned them back out, focusing on the large Caf windows.

As I was carrying my empty tray to the drop-off window, I saw Indigo and Lacey seated by themselves, ignoring the rest of the Caf. They both were doing the same exact thing they had been doing that evening at his house. I slowed in my walk to the window, watching them.

Perhaps he sensed my stare, but Indigo looked up – stared at me – and then gave me a bright smile.

Maybe that's when I started to get intrigued by him.

*= T.O.K. is a class I must take in my IB (International Baccalaureate) program at my Charter school (12th grade sucks). EXS: Why is the sky blue? Why do we feel what we feel? How many of these questions can you survive through before thoughts of suicide start to haunt you?

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