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"Shutter Island. An island somewhere in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by freezing cold water."

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Shutter Island.

It's an island somewhere in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by freezing cold water.

The only off the island is the life boat hidden deep in the island's grounds.

Only few people know where this boat is.

I happen to be one of those few.

Though, it's whereabouts changes every time it's used.

So, at this precise moment, I'm not exactly sure where it is.

The last person to use it, was a man who died instantly, for no good reason, once he stepped foot back on this godforsaken Island.

Some say it's cursed, or haunted.

See, Shutter Island is the home of a huge mental facility, where all the overly insane, dangerous mental-cases are sent.

Why the hell I'm on this island, you ask?

God only knows why.

Ten years before.

When I was five years old, I was like you're normal five year old boy.

I was rough at times, but still a momma's boy. I thought girls had cooties. And every evening, the thing I waited the whole day for, was to play catch with my old man in the back yard.

When I was six, my dad was killed by a mass murderer on his way home from work.

After that, my mom went completely insane.

She wouldn't eat, she wouldn't sleep, she wouldn't do anything.

But at night, I heard her screaming and crying my father's name.

See, my mother was with my father when he was murdered.

After she went insane, I just let her be.

Every morning, I'd get myself dressed, make myself breakfast, and take her some as well, which she didn't eat.

Then, I walked out to the end of the block with my backpack and got on the bus, went to school and acted as if nothing happened.

No one at school. Scratch that. No one in general besides myself and my mother knew about my fathers murder.

So every time there was a 'parents day' or a 'bring your daddy or mommy to school' day, I just said my dad was busy working, and my mom was home sick.

After a year passed, on my seventh birthday, the department of inspection came and inspected all my neighborhoods houses.

Usually when someone came to my house, I'd tell them my father was out working, and my mother in bed sick.

And usually, they believed me and said they'll come back at a better time.

But these people, these inspection people were dead serious, and wouldn't take excuses.

They barged into my house and inspected all the rooms, saving my mom's room for last.

Twenty minutes later, they came out, one tall muscular man carrying my mother, screaming and flailing over his shoulder.

"Where are you taking her?" I asked the man in the front of the line.

He leaned down and picked me up, carrying me outside with him.

"Son, your mother's gone insane, we need to do a couple tests on her, to see what all's wrong, and if she's over the limit, we're shipping her to Shutter Island." He said in a deep, stern, emotionless voice.

The man took me and placed me in the front seat of his jeep, then the other men plus my mother piled into the back of a van.

After we drove out of my neighborhood, the man driving picked up a normal looking pair of sunglasses and slipped them on me.

Once they were on, I tried pulling them off, but couldn't.

All I could see was blackness. Like a black sack had been thrown over my head.

"Sorry son, you're not allowed to see where we're takin' ya." The man spoke, patting my head.

After that, time went by extremely fast, to say the least.

They did whatever tests on my mom, whilst her screaming and punching and kicking.

And they decided she was to be shipped to Shutter Island before daybreak.

Of course, as a seven year old kid, I had no clue what the hell was going on.

Later, before daybreak, I saw them getting ready to take my mother to the truck to drive her to the boat docks.

There was a bag open, that I assumed was going to be taken with her, so I ran over and slipped inside of it.

Mind you, that bag could've fit two more people in it.

The man that was escorting my mom, walked by and picked up the bag, grunting as he did so.

"What the hell did they put in this thing?" he groaned, but carried the bag to the car with him and threw it on my mothers lap.

She was quiet, so I'm guessing they must've done something to her.

I felt her delicate hands move over the bag and grasp it tightly, she patted it once, like she knew I was in there.

After what seemed like forever, the car finally stopped.

I heard water, so I assumed we were at the boat dock.

The man escorting my mom got out of the car, walked around , opened her door, grabbed her arm and pulled her out.

She held on to the bag I was in for dear life in her free hand.

Twenty or so minutes passed, and my bag was finally set down on a bed.

"Have fun, lady." a mocking tone chuckled, before a door slammed and the voice disappeared.

I heard someone shuffling around the room, and hoped it was my mom.

Then, a delicate hand touched the bag, then unzipped it.

I looked up and saw my mom's gorgeous blue eyes, which were now full of tears.

"My boy…" she sobbed.

I got out of the bag and sat on the bed.

"Momma….?" I said quietly, placing my hand on her shoulder.

She was normal for the moment.

She only went insane. Well, no, after dad's murder, she was insane most of the time, but she had her normal moments, and this was one of them. She was my old mom again.

I sat there in silence as she cried her heart out.

"Baby boy….why did you come?" was all she managed to say, once the tears slowed .

"Because a man brought me with you, then once we were wherever they took us, they forgot about me completely, so when you were gonna leave, I saw a bag open, and got in it, hopin' it would go with you." I paused, wiping a tear from my eye, "I wasn't just gonna let you leave me.."

She said nothing, but wrapped her arms around me and pulled me to her lap, and sobbed more.

Once the boat docked at the island, I got back inside the bag, and mom took hold of it, holding onto it in a death grip.

Someone came and escorted her off the boat and into the huge building, where they took her into a room, and left her.

Once she was in her room, she tried telling the men that her son stowed away in her bag , and that she wanted him to go back home on the boat, but they refused to believe her, because she was dubbed a mental-case.

After a while, I got out of the bag and ran and found my mom, who was still trying to convince the head man to send me home on a boat.

But it was too late.

The boat she came on, was long gone.

"Oh, your not lying…." the man said, when he saw me appear in the doorway.

"Of course not! Why--" My mom started, then turning around to see what the man was looking at she gasped.

"Son, no.. I told you to stay.."

"I was tired of waiting momma.." I sighed, walking up next to her.

Twenty Minutes later.

"I'm sorry ma'am, boats don't and won't come here often, except for when the food copters come in every two months, but I doubt they'd take the boy with 'em." The man concluded

"But--" my mom started.

"No buts, missy." he sighed "How about this, I'll give ya' a deal. I'll take care of the boy for ya, until I get discharged, then I'll take him home with me, and my wife will take care of him. Sound good?"

My moms eyes got all teary as she clapped her hand over her mouth, to stop the sobbing, as she nodded.

After that, everything went by so fast, I could barely understand what was happening.

My mom stood up, as two men approached the doors to the room, so I stood as well.

Mom walked over to me, and got down onto my level, then hugged me tighter then ever, and whispered in my ear,

"Baby boy, I promise you, someday I'll be free of this place, and I'll see you again. Just remember that Momma always has and always will love you." she tried smiling, as she hugged me once more, then she took off the necklace she always wears and put it around my neck.

It was half of a Yin and Yang necklace that dad had bought her when I was born. She never took it off.

"Now you have half. Your Yin, and I'm Yang. So now every time you start to miss me, look at your necklace, and remember, I love you with all my heart."

Then she was taken away by the two men, and I never saw her again

As the man said, he took care of me, and raised me, best he could.

After five years passed, on my twelfth birthday I was told that my mother had gone even more insane, and just that morning, she committed suicide, which I still to this day believe is because of this godforsaken island.

She left me a letter, a big fat letter, that said not to read until I turned eighteen, so I always keep it with me.

The night after she died, I laid on the general's couch, which was my bed, with my eyes closed, remembering everything I could about my mom, all the good, happy things.

Like the conversation we had on the boat over here, five years ago.

"Never forget me son, no matter what, always keep me in your heart, no matter what happens.

There may be a day when I die, but I want my memory to last long in your heart, I want you to tell your kids about me, and your father, so they know we existed.

Life is short, you've got to learn to saver the little things."

I missed her voice. It was so soft, and gentle, and sweet, I missed everything about her.

"Baby boy, one thing I want you to never forget, is that I love you so much, with every ounce in my body, and so did your father. We're so proud of you, and we always will be.

Do one thing for me son, when you finally get back home. Tell your grandma, if she's still alive by then, that I'm sorry for everything, and that I love her."

I sighed, then opened my eyes and looked over at the general, who was sound asleep, snoring.

I then closed my eyes again and took a deep breath in, and let it out slowly.

"Baby boy, I promise you, someday I'll be free of this place, and I'll see you again. Just remember that Momma always has and always will love you."

"What happened to that promise, mom?…" I whispered to myself, as her words ran through my mind.

"Now you have half. Your Yin, and I'm Yang. So now every time you start to miss me, look at your necklace, and remember, I love you with all my heart."

I reached for my necklace and held it in my hand tightly, as her voice echoed in my mind.

Five years later.

Today's the day the general turns seventy-five, also the day he gets discharged from this godforsaken hell of an island.

The day I get to go home.

And my seventeenth birthday.

Hard to believe, it's been ten years since I first got here.

Sure feels like more than that.

I grabbed the remains of my things, which wasn't much, besides a change of clothes and my moms favorite book, and walked out to stand beside the general who was being saluted by all the other sergeants, and corporals, and majors.

The general saluted them back, then slowly walked down the stone path, out the gates, and out to the dock, with me following closely behind.

A day and a half later.

The general and I arrived at his house, and I met his wife.

After a long discussion, they decided since I was seventeen, I should be free to go where I like.

So, after I thanked the General for keeping his promise to my mother, and taking care of me, I walked out the door, leaving him and his wife behind.

Six years later.

"Daddy, tell us the story again." Allie said to me, as she lay curled up in bed.

"Yeah, daddy, tell us the story of Shutter Island." Demitri added.

I sat in a chair, between my kids two beds, and looked from one to the other.

"Now, Allie Marie, Demitri Alexander, I've told you that story at least three times this week," I chuckles as they both in unison wined 'But daddy…'

"No buts kids, but I'll make you a deal, On Allie's birthday, when she turns six, I'll start reading you two the journals I kept while I was there, sound like a good deal?" I said, looking at them both.

"Yeah!" They said together happily.

"Alright good." I smiled, then standing up, I leaned down and kissed Allie's forehead, then Demitri's.

"Night kids," I smiled, walking out the door, turning their light off and closing the door behind me.

Only to find my gorgeous wife, Juliet leaning up against out bedrooms doorway, which was just a little ways from the kids room.

I walked over to her and kissed her,

"They get you to tell them the Shutter Island story again?" She asked, looking up at me with her gorgeous icy blue eyes and her long black lashes.

"Tried, but I made them a deal." I chuckle, then wrapping my arms around her waist, I whisk her into our room and onto the bed.

"Mm, good" She smiles, looking up at me.

Then in one swift movement, she flipped me over and sat on my stomach.

"There now, what about my bedtime story?" she giggles.

I wrap a arm around her waist and push her off my stomach, so she's laying beside me, with my arms around her.

"Well, it was a dark and stormy night…" I started, then looking down at her, she'd fallen fast asleep.

So carefully, I leaned over and turned the bedside lamp off, and pulled the covers over us, holding her close, then kissing her forehead.

"In the end, it's all a happy ending." I whisper softly, closing my eyes as well and falling asleep.