Chapter 1

21 year old Kalista carried her 5'8 curvy frame down the stairs to the main floor while balancing a bin of bottles and small plates. Her waist-length raven black hair with light brown streaks floated behind as she turned the corner. Her sun-kissed honey brown tan skin glistened with sweat as she carried the black bin to the back door. It was early Saturday morning. She rubbed hazel-green eyes as she yawned. She had just gotten off work at 4 am, which is an hour later than usual. But it wasn't like she was about to complain about, she made 2135 in tips tonight, which is nearly three times the amount for a normal night. She was bartender at Club Vicious, which was the place to be, to be seen and to party all night. It was the hottest club in town.

Another famous person came in tonight. Kalista's boss taken her off the main floor and placed her in the VIP room. This celebrity was nice and dropped 1750 on her. He said it was because she was beautiful and he loved her professional attitude. He asked Kalista for her name and number. She gave it to him with a smile because she knew he would forget her in days and erase the number out his phone. She cleaned the VIP, and helped finish cleaning the main bar. She collected her thoughts while watching the new guy mop the floor. She smiled at that because there is only five other guys who work at Club Vicious. She sighed and told her boss she was leaving. The boss lady waved good-bye to her. Kalista walked out the door ,with her tips in rubber band, to her truck.

She jumped in her midnight blue '06 Yukon, pumped the music, and took the 40 minute drive to her townhouse she shared with her boyfriend, Zane, and best friend, Charles. She dreaded going home. She and Zane had another fight about her job and its hours. She made it bluntly clear for the third time that bartending was the only other job that brought in this kind of money other than stripping, and she was never doing that again. She needed this job because it didn't conflict with school. The two hadn't spoken for 4 weeks straight this time. It was getting on her nerves, but Kalista didn't want to be the bigger person either. It's his fault. He started it.

Kalista pulled up to her house and got her house key ready. She stood outside, leaned on her truck, and looked at the house. She said a quiet thank you when she found the living and master bed room light was off. She walked up the flowered lined walkway and opened the door. She didn't see Charles on the couch's pull out bed. Charles usually let Kalista have his room when she and Zane fight. But tonight he had company, and the bad part about it was that the company could be heard. Kalista cringed in disgust and walked to the laundry room. She looked for some night clothes in the basket.

Kalista grabbed the clothes and made her way upstairs. She really wished the girl would shut-up, but there was nothing she could do about it. Kalista walked to the hallway bathroom and took a shower. The warm water and lavender soothes her senses and muscles. Time and sound seem to escape her as she hummed a tune to herself. Then all of a sudden she felt a cold rush of air. "Charlie!" she screamed.

This was a routine for him when he finished with a girl. He would came to the bathroom and freshen up. And most of the time, Kalista was in the bathroom when he busted in. Deep down, Kalista had a feeling he did this on purpose. "Chill Kally, ain't like you got something I ain't seen." "I know and don't care. The fact of the matter is that you could have at least knock to warn me before you let all my warm air out. Can you leave so I can't get out?" she asked as she turned off the water. Kalista peeked around the shower curtain.

Charles stood there in his boxers, brushing his teeth and looked at her and shook his head no. Kalista sucked her teeth. Charles was a toasted almond color with dark, curly hair and light brown eyes. Kalista could clearly see why the girl in his room fell head over heels him. She sighed and asked, "Can you at least pass me my towel?" He handed Kalista the towel. She wrapped it around herself and stepped out the shower. "Do you even know her name?" she questioned as she grabbed her toothbrush. "Yes, I do and it's Angelina." "That's a first," she laughed through the toothpaste. "Shut-up," he said as he pushed her. They stood there and brush their teeth.

Charles is like the big brother she never had. He was 2 years older than her and she had known him forever. The two of them rented this townhouse together for school and plus her parents trusted Charles to keep this in order. He supposed to be the responsible one, yeah right. Both of them know that was a show he put on. He rinses his mouth and asks if her want the room tonight. Kalista kindly declined with a flat no.

He said ok and walked out. Charles made sure he stayed out of Kalista and Zane's fights. He learned his lesson while ago. Kalista laughed as she heard the girl call Charles name before he closed the door. Kalista put her clothes on, but she can't find her lotion. She remembered placing in the big basket on the back the toilet. She took in a deep breath and realized where it is. She would have to sneak into her own room.

She walked out in the hall and up to the door. She eased it open. Kalista try to be as quiet as humanly possible as she walked through the dark to the dresser. But she tripped over one of Zane's shoes falling to the floor. She quickly forgot her pain when she heard movement in the bed. She stopped quietly cursed at him as she placed his shoe beside the other in front of the bed. She quickly recovered and went to the dresser.

She got mad when she ran her hands over the dresser top and it was not there. She scanned the room quickly. Kalista hissed when her eyes found it on Zane's night table. She coached herself in walking over and grabbing the lotion without looking at him. But she couldn't help herself; he was sprawled across the bed. All 6'4, 265 lbs chocolate skinned of him was spread out over the center of the bed they use to share. He was sleeping in his boxer and nothing else. All of his well define muscles were on display.

Kalista almost melted into the wall as she grabbed for the lotion. Zane always had a power over her that made Kalista weak in the knees for him. She loved everything about him expect his attitude. He was so loving and caring to Kalista when he wasn't having one of his moods. She just couldn't see why you parents so uptight about him. Maybe it's the age difference. He was 25 and she was 21 and her dad wanted her to find someone closer to her age, but she didn't listen. She loved Zane. Kalista and Zane have been together for 3 years off and on.

Kalista walked out the room with her sanity still intact. It took everything within her not to attack him sexually. She walked down the stairs to the couch that was her resting place for the night. She opened the lotion and smoothed it over her skin. She smile and thanked Charles for the pillow and blanket and pulling the bed out for her. Kalista made herself as comfortable as she could and drifted to the place where sleep and dreams collide.

Kalista found herself in a large bed covered in black sheets with a large fireplace light in front giving the room a soft glow as shadows played on the walls. She went to sit up but found that she was being held around the waist. Kalista relaxed into body that was holding her. She had been here many times in her dreams. She knew the body was she was against like her own. She slowly ran her hand over the arm that was around her waist. She snuggled closer to the body as she turned over. She placed her head under her dream man's chin. She heard a low laugh.

"Are you comfortable, my dear?" said the deep voice.

"I'm getting there," Kalista said with a smile on her face.

"Well, take all the time you need. I have nowhere to go."

Kalista giggled and said, "Of course you don't. Unlike you, as soon as I wake up, this nice, comfortable, peace will disappear and be but a dream."

Kalista moved to sit up and this time the arm moved allowing her to move freely. "Sometimes I wish this place was real, that you were real. Not just some figment of my imagination. I wish that I could go to this place," Kalista said as she slid off the bed and walked over to the fireplace. She stared into the fireplace and watched the flames eat each other. "I wish I could hold you in my arms and feel your flesh against my own."

"What if you could? Would you really drop everything for this dream to become a reality?" said the deep voice from the bed.

Kalista turned around quickly. The light green lace night gown she had on whirled and flowed behind her as she walked to the other side on the bed. She crawled into the lap of her dream man and straddled him. "With the way things are going in my real life, I would give anything for this to come reality," she said. Kalista looked into the face of her dream lover. His handsome face was a little hidden by his black tussled locks. She moved his hair aside and looked into his grey eyes. Firelight made them glow like cat eyes.

"Are you sure of that?" he asked.

"Hey, dream lover, take me away from everything and make me yours," Kalista said with a smile on her face.

"With pleasure," he said before he kissed her. The kiss became more passionate. Kyrie found herself on her back with her arms wrapped his neck and her legs wrapped around his waist. She gasped for breath as he move to her neck and bite down on the top of her shoulder. He moved back up and smiled at Kalista. He kissed her again. She moaned as he kissed her ear and said, "Kalista, it's time to wake up."

"What?" she questioned.

"It's time for this dream to end. And I will see you real soon," he whispered as he kissed her on her forehead. "Wake up, my dear."

"No, not yet," she said.

"Kalista, wake up. Kalista, wake up, you are going to be late," a far away voice said.

"Five more minutes, please, just five more."

"I already gave you five, now get up."

The pillow under her head was removed along with her blanket. She growled and opened her eyes with a deadly look in them. "Damn it, Charles," she said as she swung to hit him. "I was dreaming and it was just getting to the good part too."

Charles dodged the hit easily and said, "Sorry, Sleeping Beauty, but you have dance rehearsal today. You know how your instructor is."

Charles stood on the stairs with the pillow and blanket in hand. Kyrie yawned, sighed, and pulled herself together enough to stand up. She followed behind Charles as they walked up the stairs. She walked to her room and pulled out her dance bag from her side of the closet. She checked it over. Then she walked back into the closet. She threw a pair of badly ripped jeans, an orange and white tube top, and pair of orange converse on the messy bed.

"Yo Kalista, have you seen my black shirt with green monkey holding up his middle fingers!?" Charles yelled down the hall.

"Yeah, it's in here, come and get it!" she yelled back. Kalista slid out of her night clothes and into her outfit. She walked into the bathroom to brush her teeth when Charles walked in and said, "You know should really give those jeans up. The only place that doesn't have a hole or rips is the butt and crouch part. You are better off putting on shorts."

She turned around and said, "I know, I love this jeans, plus they cost 129.78. I'm wearing these jeans until they fall apart."

"Another wash and you will have your wish, plus you can afford 100 dollar jeans, so give them up and buy a new pair. And that's one mean hickey you are sporting. You got a secret lover I didn't know about," Charles said with his arms crossed and a smile.

"Yeah only my dreams," Kalista said laughing. "Plus I have to do something to get one."

"Well you must be sleepwalking then," Charles said as her turned Kalista towards the mirror and pointed to the swollen bite like mark. "Cause this is pretty good hickey. I mean it's downright a bite mark."

Kalista look at the mirror and freaked out, "How the hell did that get there!?"

"That's what I'm asking you," Charles said as he rolled his eyes.

"Hell, I don't know. I haven't done anything remotely sexual in two and half months with anyone."

"Kalista, dear, these types of marks don't just magically appear. You have to be with someone," Charles said with a duh look on his face.

Kalista hit him and said, "I know that idiot." She gingerly touched it. She hissed and whined at the pain. "What am I going to do, Charles?"

"Well first you are going to brush your teeth." Kalista growled at him.

"I'm just being honest. Next, you are put ice on it and then some makeup and that so do it.," Charles smiled and walked out the room. "Now hurry up, Missy, we've wasted enough time."

Kalista sighed and did the things in order. She met Charles at the front door when she finished with her dance bag in hand. "Not bad, I can almost tell it isn't there if it wasn't for the big, huge white bandage on the side of your neck," he said sarcastic.

"Well, it is a bite so I can't put make up on. It will infect it. I'm so screwed when Zane sees this," she said as she grabbed her keys out of the bowl near the door. Charles opened the door and let her go through first. He locked the door and walked up to her truck.

"You aren't taking your car?" she asked.

"Nope, I'm meeting a couple of my boys at the McDonald's," he said as opened the door and sat down.

Kyrie nodded her head and started the truck. She pulled out and turned on the radio. "Kally Bear, honey, Zane is going to blow the hell up when he sees you. He's going to blow his lid off. This is going to be a huge fight. How are you going to explain it?" Charles asked as they pulled into the McDonald's parking lot. Kalista parked and said, "I don't even know. I can't talk myself out of this one, Charlie Horse."

"Yeah, how does this sound? Zane honey, my dream lover gave me this love bite while we were in the throes of passion. Please don't be mad, Baby. He doesn't even exist. He's just my imaginary love I conjoguer up when I'm pissed at you. So I wasn't cheating,like you. Not that I even had or will. Yeah, Kalista, that's the way to not sound like a crazy person and make your situation better," she thought to herself. They jumped out and walked inside. Kalista got cat calls and whistle as she walked to the counter.

One guy walked up and asked, "Are you bartending tonight?"

"You betcha, Play boy," Kalista said with a smile.

"Good." He said as he walked away.

"You sure are popular," the girl said from behind the register. Her attitude was nasty but Kyrie brushed it off.

"You can say that. I'm one of the bartenders and a manager at Club Vicious. I'm sure you heard of it"

"Yeah, it is the only club ran by a woman. But I heard the women there are no better than strippers. I personally think it's sad and degrading," she said with a mean look and much attitude.

Kalista laughed and said, "I can tell you never been there because if you had you wouldn't be talking out the side of your neck at me like that. Now before I trash on you and your workplace, my order is a steak egg and cheese with extra cheese, bacon and tomato on a hamburger bun and a large orange with no ice." Kyrie smiled as the girl quickly rung her up than she handed the girl her debit card.

When Kalista checked her sandwich, she handed the girl a card with the club's information on it and said, "You should stop by see what I do before you talk so negatively about. Oh and by the way I make more in one night serving drinks that you make in a week. So do the math because I work six nights a week. Have a nice day."

Charles laughed at the interchange the two had and walked over to Kalista. "Did you have to burn the girl like that?" he asked.

"No, but she shouldn't have coped attitude with me. I didn't piss in her cercal this morning," she said as they walked out the door.

"Well, I'll see you later Kally. My ride is here," Charles said as he hugged Kalista.

"See you later, Charlie," Kalista said as she walked to her truck.

She jumped up into the truck and paused in starting when a cute guy approaches the side. "Hey little lady, this is a nice truck you have."

"Yeah it is," Kalista said with a smile

"It's a little big for you, don't you think. Looks like you need someone big to ride with you," he said slyly

Kalista smiled and pulled out a picture of Zane and said, "Well, it seem I already have someone that has filled that position. I'm so sorry. See you later and I'll tell my boyfriend about our little talk." She laughed as the guy quickly moved away from the truck cursing. She started her truck and made her way to school. She finished her sandwich as she pulled into the parking lot. She grabbed her juice and dance bag and ran to the dance studio changing room. She quickly changed her clothes and ran down the hall to the studio.

As she ran into the room, calm high pitched voice said, "You are still late Miss Kalista no matter how fast those long legs of yours carry you. It's 10:45am. The rehearsal started at 10:30am."

"Damn it," Kalista said as she walked over the piano towards her instructor and a handsome guy she never seen before. "I'm sorry, Miss Wilson. It won't happen again."

"Yeah, yeah, Missy. This is Drew, Kalista. I'm borrowing him from one of my best friends' troops. He is my last hope for a dance partner for you in the upcoming performance. He's the top male dancer of his troop and the best I've seen in while, so he might be able to keep with you. If he doesn't, I will have to cut the duo out and came up with another solo part for you, which will be a pain to choreography but a joy to watch. Now, the two of you in the middle of the floor for a free dance. Drew good luck and try to keep up." Miss Wilson finished her monologue and sat down behind the piano as the pair walked to the middle of the room.

Kalista stood in front of the handsome guy and looked into his blue eyes. She found something that seemed familiar in them. She curtsy and said, "May I have dance, Drew."

"Yes you may, Miss Kalista" he said with a smile as he bowed.

"And Mr. Drew, I get to lead this time. If you survive this, then I will follow you," she said as she twirled away from him.

"It will be my honor, so show me what you got," he said after he did a front flip to close the gap between the pair.

The dance they dance was a passionate but slightly lust filled one. It was hard and fast. Some places it was slow and smooth, but the intensity never left the pair. When the music ended, Drew was holding Kalista on his shoulder. Ms. Wilson clapping as Kalista slid down from Drew's shoulder. The two stood in front of each other still in their own world as they caught their breath. Ms. Wilson walked up to them, placed her hand on both of Kalista's shoulders and said, "My, my, my, Kalista, we have found him. My goodness, that dance was so beautiful. Well, go and freshen up while I tell Drew the times and dates for the rehearsals."

Kalista nodded and walked away. She looked back when she was at the door; she caught Drew's eyes and smiled. She quickly ran off to the changing rooms. "What in the world was that?" she thought as she peeled out of the sweaty clothes. She pulled the band aid off her neck and threw it in the trash before she jumped in the shower and quickly washed. She dried off and lotion up before she placed her regular clothes back on. She placed her slightly damp hair in a braid and walk out the changing room. She found Drew stand across the hallway in his street clothes.

Kalista thought the grey cardigan and the plain white shirt looked nice over the dark wash jeans fit him well.

"A girl after my own heart," he said with a smile

Every time he smiled, Kalista was filled with the feel that she had seen it before.

"What do you mean?" she asked

"You are rocking converses," he said as he pushed himself off the wall.

"Yeah, I have about eleven or more pairs in all different colors. But I love a good pair of five inch heels too," she said as she smiled as started down the hall.

Drew quickly fell in step with her as they walked out the building and to her truck. Kalista felt at ease with him, like she had known him forever. She paused at the end on the walkway and said good bye to Drew and that she would see him later at the club tonight. She gave him a hug and walked the other direction towards her truck.

"You know, Aaron," he said as he turned around to face the present that just appeared behind him. "It's not hard to believe that she is the lost princess. She looks like and has the grace of her mother and the King's eyes, but what hard to believe is that she get stuck with an asshole like you for the rest of time. Plus you didn't have to mark her. Everyone in the underworld know she belongs to you, oh great elder of the vampire council and mighty lord of the western house."

Aaron looked at Drew with his glowing grey eyes and ran his fingers through his black hair and said, "I heard a little jealousy in your voice. Don't hate because I inherited Father's place on the council. You are lucky you don't have to deal with all the paper work and boring, long ass meeting and people constantly trying to kiss up.

Drew frowned and said, "Yeah, I just proofread all the paperwork to make sure you aren't making an ass of yourself and keep the estate running while you spend time with Kalista in her dreams and whatever else you do.

"Whatever Drew, but trust and believe me, she's not as soft and delicate as she seems. She's a little powerhouse with a fiery mouth to match it."He ruffled Drew's hair and said, "I got her consent early this morning to come and see her in the flesh. Tonight I'll make my appearance at her workplace."

"Just don't screw this up, Aaron. I will not able to clean up your mess. This is much bigger than you. This union affects the very foundation of the underworld. It's failure will start another war and the family will be hunted down until every last one of us are bled dry. She's the daughter the king of vampires and the queen of the werewolves and she doesn't even know it," Drew said as he stared at Aaron.

Aaron smiled and said, "I know and don't worry so much about that, Little brother. You have to worry about Crash come home this weekend and how to keep him out of my hair."

Drew sighed and said, "Let's go home, so I can Crash proof the place."

Aaron laughed at the look on Drew's face as they shimmered into thin air.

Kalista walked to her car with a spring in her step and a song on her lips. She paused her cheerful moment when she saw Zane staring madly at her. She sighed and walked passed him to her truck and opened the driver's door.

"I guess I'm not standing here. I guess I wouldn't be important after you were all hugged up on the pretty boy. Kalista, who is he?" Zane asked angrily.

Kalista took a deep breath and threw her bag into the passage side of her truck. She closed the door and faced Zane. She could see the imaginary steam blowing out his ears.

"He is my new dance partner for the next month's performance And before you turn red in the face, nothing going on I just meet him today and invited him to the club tonight. It's nothing you have to worry about to calm down please," she said as she leaned against her truck. Zane walked around in front of her and touch her bite mark and said, "I don't have to worry pretty boy, but damn it, I swear it looks like I have to worry about someone else."

Kalista moaned in pain, swatted Zane's hand away and said, "There is no one else. It has only been you. It's always been just you. I don't want to talk about this right now when you acting like this."

Zane growled and said, "Yeah, we are going to talk about this. I been waiting for you tonight when you get off so don't be late" He stormed off and got in his car. He burned rubber as spun out off the school's parking lot. Kalista covered the bite and let her head fall back on the window of her truck. She banged her head on it. She threw the car door open and slammed the door once she was in. She banged her fists against the steering wheel, throw her bag in the backseat, and then she screamed. She huffed and puffed until she caught her breath.

She madly started her truck and spun out the parking lot. She made her way to the back so she could deposit her tips from last night. "Damn asshole!! Bitch ass motherfucker!! He never believes me. I'm not the one who cheated. I'm not the one who got caught with an ex in the bed that we share. I didn't cheat, but I'm constantly standing trail for something I never did. I'm always the one in the wrong and my actions watched with a magnifying glass. I just want all of this bullshit to end," she said to herself as pull into the drive-thru at the bank.

She smile nicely at the lady in the window and placed her money and deposit slip in the box. The lady smile back and told her to have a nice day as she placed Kalista's bank statement in the box. Kalista took the statement and smile back at the lady. She pulled out the drive-thru. She rolled down the rest of her truck windows and popped in Mary J Blige's Growing Pains CD. She sung to the CD as she cruised to the road to mall. She parked and walked into the mall singing to herself.

By the time she left out the mall, she had spent just as much as she deposited a couple of hours ago. Kalista looked at her phone and saw two missed calls from Charles. She hit number 3 on her phone and speed dialed Charles. As she waited for Charles to pick up, she placed the bags in the trunk of her truck.

"What's up with you, Kally? I had to call you twice before I get a call back. Who pissed you off?"Charles asked.

"Who else has the able to piss me off so bad that I scream in my truck with the windows up like I'm crazy, talk to myself out loud, and spend close to 3000 dollars," she said as she closed her trunk. She walked around to the driver's side and jumped in the car.

"You went angry shopping and didn't take me. Damn, I could have got a couple pair of Levi's, some Vans, and a hat or two," Charles said as he put some disappointment in his voice.

"I'm sorry. I take you shopping on Sunday to make up for it," she said as she pulled into traffic. "So what is that you needed to call me twice?"

"I need you to pick me up from the McDonald's by the house," he said.

"Okay I can do that," Kalista as she made a left turn.

"Thank Kally, love you much," Charles said sweetly.

"Love you too, Charlie," Kalista said before she hung up. She placed her phone in the cup holder and drove to the McDonald's to pick up Charles. When she pulled up, Charles was waiting outside for her. He jumped in the car and they rode home. Charles help Kalista take all the bags into her room and place the clothes, bags and shoes into her closet. At 4pm, Kalista laid down for a short nap after she laid out her work outfit. The outfit was a lime green corset with a black lace overlay, black fishnet thigh highs, a black skirt with green stitching and pair of lime green combat boots.

She slept soundly until the alarm clock on her phone went off at 6:30pm. She stretched and walked into the bathroom. She undressed and showered. She dried off and rubbed herself down with baby oil. She dressed in her underwear and did her make-up. She put on her thigh highs, skirt, and boots and then yelled for Charles to come and help her put on her corset. She thanked him and took her hair out the braid it had been in all day. Her hair had a nice wave to it. She played with it a little bit and looked at herself in the mirror.

She smiled at her look and walked down stairs. She found Zane sitting on the couch playing God of War 2. She walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table. Charles placed a plate of salad and lasagna and a glass of lemonade in front of her. She thanked Charles for fixing the food and thanked God for allowing people to grow and raised her food and bless the hands of the cook. She happily ate in peace. She placed her dishes in the dish washer and ran back up the stairs.

She grabbed her phone and lip gloss. She placed them into the pockets of her skirt. Then Kalista yelled good bye to Charles and Zane as she grabbed her keys and ran out the door. She jumped in her truck and sped off to work.