Title: Epicly Hardcore Action-packed Adventure

(Yes, the title will change when I can think of a name. haha)

Description: Mankind has destroyed the surface world, digging into the earth for refuge from their own doing. Sadly, war persists. Adelyn is the top fighter on the team; Kadin is her new partner. Suddenly, the governments turn against the two of them. Why? As they dig into the ever unwinding secrets the government has kept from society, will they learn to rely on eachother, or will the secrets of their past ultimately lead to their deaths?

Chapter One:

(Story starts on January 23rd, 2089)

Murder is such an ugly word. The thought that someone could take your life, just doesn't seem normal. But yet, unless people experience it in their life, they treat it like just that, completely normal.

I see murder everyday. You'd think it'd be normal? It's not. Each scream, every last breath, only seems to chip away at the remaining pieces of my heart and sanity.

At first, I cried. I cried til the tears just wouldn't come out anymore. Nightmares plagued me every night. But eventually, the tears stopped coming. The nightmares, while still strong, do not happen as often.

I developed a callous, just like they said I would.

I never want to admit it when they are right, especially when I first got there, I hated them more than anything. I still do. But I've come to realize my dependence on them. I hate them, I want to leave, but I cannot. If I leave, I end up like the rest of them.


Once you're in, there's no getting out. 'We're all in this together' was the phrase they liked to use the most. Some people come in of their own initiative, others don't have a choice. I'm one of those no-choicers.

I was taken as a child from an orphanage. My parents died when I was young, and I had no other relatives besides them, so I was on my own from a young age on. Which is fine by me, I'm best by myself. They realized that too, that's why they don't have a problem with it. Although, sometimes they like to force some partners on me too.

Like now.

"Good to meetcha." Kadin Vance. He was tall, probably about six foot. His black hair was in a permanent state of being disshoveled. His green eyes were squinting slightly to see me in the bright white room I resided in. (Not by choice, mind you.) His face was leaning slightly to the left, no doubt sizing me up as well. Then, I saw it. That little look of dissatisfaction. I made my decision about him at this point.

I didn't like him.

He would have to go.

That wouldn't be much of a problem, I had succeeded in scaring off the other ten partners they tried to get me to have as well. It was like some sort of sick test on their part, to see if I was still capable of handling myself. Which, I still am. Haven't died yet, right?

"Mm." I said, not bothering to mask the glare on my face. He seemed a little surprised at my glare, but just broke out into a grin as a response. "I think this will be interesting." He said to the person that was standing next to him, obviously the person who accompanied him to overview our meeting. "Yes," The guy pushed his glasses against his face. "Adelyn is known for this." He smiled, as if knowingly. I only glared.

The next day, we were assigned our first mission together.

I'm part of a governmental facility that trains youths for military warfare, which is no longer fought on land, considering the fact that the surface part of the world doesn't really even exist anymore. The world leaders destroyed it, leaving it in ruin. So we fled to the inner earth like moles, digging into it's depths for some sort of refuge from our own doing. You'd think that the world leaders would kiss and make-up by now, right? Especially considering the fact that it was their fault that mankind was forced to live underground. But no, they still find a way to fight with eachother, and get the rest of humanity caught up in their little personal problems.

There are underground cities all over the world, and a series of underground trains run across the world, connecting these cities together. The different governments control the different cities, and the bloodshed and murder comes in when you go and try to capture a different city.

Which is where I am now, assigned the idiot mission of capturing the flag, obviously given to us just to observe our teamwork skills.

"So, here's the plan." Kadin said, immediately after we'd been shooed out of the assignment room. "I was thinking-" I walked away. I really didn't care, I would handle it just like I always handled it.

By myself.

"Hey!" He caught up to me, and started walking in pace as we walked down the linoleum hallway, the walls a complacent white, as the echos of our combat boots rang back at us. "We're a team, so let's do some team talk, you know?" He suggested, laughing mildly, his hand behind his neck sheepishly.

I looked at him sharply, my brown almond eyes narrowed into slits. "I don't know what dreamworld you're living in, because we're not a team." I said, my words cold and unfeeling. I quickened my pace, eager to get away and back to my room.

"Uh, yeah, we are a team," He grabbed my arm, catching me by surprise and pulling me to him forcibly. "Whether you like it or not, we're stuck together, so I suggest you better get used to it," His voice got low, as if he was telling me a dark secret. His green eyes were blazing into mine, and it was almost impressive. Almost. "Because I've never asked for a partner change in my life. In my life." He emphasized, before letting me go and walking away.

I wrinkled my nose in distaste as I stared at his retreating form. That little record of yours isn't going to last long, I thought, turning and walking in the opposite direction. I'd make sure of it.

By the next week, we had left for the war.

"Adelyn, please have some self-control this time around." One of them said as I was boarding the train headed for the city of Vatmos. In other words, our next target. I ignored his words and sat down in one of the booths that were spread along the train's long hallways. They couldn't exactly entertain us with windows and scenery, considering all we saw were passing lights, so there were none of those in the rooms, only in necessary spaces. Instead, they put a T.V. in every room.

I personally hated watching the television, it was too noisy for my taste, so I immediately clicked it off and sat down on one of the booths, leaning into it and ready to catch up on some sleep before the action started. Even though it really wasn't like I would be doing anything, just capturing some stupid flag.

"Ah, there you are partner." An unuttered groan passed through my lips, and I glared up at the intruder. Kadin, of course. "What?" I snapped, crossing my arms across my chest and crossing my leg over the other. He was dressed in all black, like I was. Camoflauging ourselves in with the darkness was common - on all sides.

"How rude." He sat down on the booth across from me, my icy glare burning into his skull the whole time. Irritatingly, he seemed unaffected by this. "Is that how you treat your new partner on their first assignment together?" He smiled much too cheerily, considering the amount of bloodshed we'd be seeing within hours. Although, I tried not to think of it myself.

"Yes, yes it is." I said, sarcasm dripping off my words. A huge feeling of frustration and distaste bubbled in my chest towards my 'partner', but I bit it back. I really hated this guy, but I was anything if not controlled.

"So, Adelyn.." He said my name slowly, as if tasting it for the first time. "Your name's much more gentle than you appear to be." He said, leaning back into the cushion, making it clear that he wasn't going to be leaving.

I wasn't going to bite. I'd been trained too long and too hard to lose my cool to a person like this.

"Mm." I said, not giving him a reaction. I looked away, suddenly wishing that the designers had put a window in, just to have something to look at. Truthfully, on the inside, I was fuming, but I would never let him see that. Because letting him see it would be letting him win. And if I didn't even let them see how I really felt, what made him so special?

"What's your last name?" He asked, the corner of his lips curled up in a smile. He was obviously enjoying this. "You don't need to know." I said, giving him a blank look, devoid of emotion.

"Well, if we're expected to work in sync, I need to at least know something about my partner, right?" His tone was becoming dangerous, the cheeriness of his voice not able to hide that fact. I felt myself tense slightly, but I forced myself to calm down. Years of training allow you to do that.

"My first name's Adelyn. I'm seventeen, and have been doing this for years. That's all you need to know." I said, determined to end this conversation. I closed my eyes, tuning out the world and trying to tune out him out as well.

"Well then, my first name's Kadin. I'm eighteen, and just joined last year." I heard him say.

Oh great, a rookie, I couldn't help but think.

The train fell into silence after that, which I was very grateful for.

I don't know how long we sat there in silence, but just as I felt myself dozing off, the train stopped and we had reached our destination, Vatmos. A voice sounded over the train's speaker system, urging us all to get off in an orderly manner.

I grumbled incoherently, opening my eyes to see that Kadin had already left. Good, I thought as I stood up, stretching slightly as I walked out of the booth and down the train's hallways towards the exit.

When we boarded off the train, we were immediately rounded together in the train's station. We were all standing in line with our commander giving us one of his pep talks. I just tuned him out, instead focusing on the more faint sound of gunshots going off in the distance. It had already started, so we needed to get going now. Thankfully, within moments he ordered us off, and Kadin appeared by my side as we walked towards the other exit.

I glanced at him, he had a somber expression, obviously displeased by the violence that was happening all around us. It brought back memories.

"If you don't like it, why'd you join?" I asked, not really even expecting an answer as I did the once-over of my armor to make sure I was fully equipped. I was, but it wasn't like I was even going to do anything worthwhile, just capture a stupid flag.

He only stared at me in response, but I didn't bother to focus on him anymore. We had something more important to give our attention to now. That is, completing our mission.

I headed up the subway's stairs with all of the other troops, Kadin personally on my tail as we ascended. The gunfire got immensely louder as we exited the subway, and I immediately sprang into action when we got onto the city's streets.

The flag is located typically in the mayor's office at the city hall. Taking it was more psychological warfare than physical. It was like we were claiming their territory as our own by taking it. I instantly ran into one of the alleyways to avoid as many stray bullets as I could as I made my way to the city hall.

I heard footsteps behind me and glanced over my shoulder to see that Kadin was following behind me. He was silent, unsually so, but I didn't take the time to dwell on it.

We looped through the different alleyways and found our way to the city hall. Security was tight all around it, so there was no way we could simply walk in and take it. Of course they have to make things difficult, but I honestly expected no less.

"Now what?" I heard Kadin whisper by my side as we stood in the dark alleyway across from the city hall, crouching behind a trash can as we contemplated our next move. "This." I said, running in the other direction and jumping up to grab a fire escape ladder. It was a tad bit risky, but it would have to do. Vatmos was famous for having inter-connected houses. Their cities were like one big array of condos, all connected to eachother. Tiny alleyways were the only things disconnecting them. City hall and other select buildings were also seperated from the great chain.

Kadin seemed to catch on and instantly jumped after me. We climbed however many flights there was, I wasn't really taking the time to count, and stood on the rooftops. There were no snipers or other gunsmen I'd expect to be nearer to the battlefield. We started running, stealthily jumping rooftops without a second hesitation and getting nearer to our target.

Finally, we were there. A maid had carelessly left a window open, giving us the perfect opportunity to sneak in. We jumped in when we saw the coast was clear, using our trained bodies to make the leap of about ten feet.

I landed in with a roll, Kadin following. I immediately went to the most regal door of them all, noticing that it was open slightly. I saw Kadin open his mouth but I put my finger in the air, demanding silence. I listened carefully, "Who do they think they are?" I heard what I rightly assumed to be the mayor's voice speaking, his tone laced with disdain. I smirked, that means it's about us, no doubt. I heard footsteps coming closer and a couple of other voices start talking, but I quickly took action so as to avoid being caught.

I grabbed hold of Kadin's arm roughly and pulled him into a door, not realizing that all it was was just a small janitorial closet until I opened it and was left with no other options. I threw him in, and stepped in as well.

We were way too close. That's all I can say. I heard his fast-paced breathing and felt it on the top of my head, sending shivers down the back of my neck. We didn't say anything though, just stood there in silence until we heard the footsteps disappear. "So, was this your plan all along?" I heard him whisper breathily in my ear. I gave him a quick punch in the stomach, completely unamused, before opening the door and leaving, closing it behind me.


I didn't bother to wait for him to re-open it and carefully opened the door to the mayor's office, making sure that it was empty. Kadin appeared by my side as we stepped in, a stupid dumb grin on his face. I wanted to punch it right off of his face, but controlled myself, given the circumstances.

The flag was exactly where I thought it would be. Standing upright, resting by the mayor's desk. I snatched it quickly, before they decided to come back. "Alright, let's go." I said, but upon hearing a strange muffled noise, I looked back to see Kadin standing there, a gun pointed to his head by a stranger, clad in dark like us. No doubt a hired security man.

"You idiots didn't seriously think it would be this easy, did you?" He spat, pushing the gun into the side of Kadin's head threateningly. I glared hard at him, before lightening my posture dramatically. "Go ahead, kill him. He was only a nuisance on this mission after all." I said, leaning against the table and lightly gesturing for emphasis. He seemed taken aback at this statement, and immediately Kadin took action as he had been trained to do so. He broke free from his grip, ducking down to avoid gunfire and thrusting his fist into the lower part of his abdomen, making the guy bend over in pain. He immediately grabbed his wrist and wrenched the gun free from his grasp, and within seconds he was now pointing the gun at the security guard, who was down on his knees. "You seriously didn't think it would be that easy, did you?" Kadin snarled back, cocking the gun for emphasis.

"Easy boy, that's a mess we don't need to clean." I said easily, leaning off of the table and walking closer. He glared up at us. "Don't think you'll get away with this." He said angrily, his hands in the air in complete irony. I didn't respond, only smirked down at him. "Really now?" I said lazily, giving Kadin an eye gesture, and he cocked his gun again for emphasis. A new fear was put into the man's eyes, but he only stared up at us, trying and failing to remain brave. "Go ahead." I said to Kadin, and he knocked him over the head with the gun, making the guard black out instantly.

We threw him into the janitorial closet on our way out.

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