Kadin POV

I stared at the shoulders of the girl who supposably was the top fighter on the force. They were so small. How could shoulders so tiny carry such heavy loads?

"What are you daydreaming about?" She snapped at me, her blue eyes blazing intensely in my direction. Nothing far from the usual though.

"Nothing." I grinned cheesily. She gave me an annoyed glare before walking faster, getting ahead of me.

A few weeks ago, we had been given the mission of capturing the flag at Vatmos. After the small incident with the guard, there were no more complications, and the mission was a success. We were given a job-well-done, but Adelyn didn't seem satisfied. She was composed, of course, but there was an obvious amount of discontent on her features. At least obvious to me.

After that, the pscyhological warfare seemed to have been effective, because there wasn't much action on the frontlines after that. So we were stuck patiently waiting at base camp for our next mission to be assigned to us. Adelyn hadn't warmed up to the idea of me being her partner, but I hadn't given up yet. I was determined to win her trust. Why?

I wouldn't have joined if I didn't love a challenge.

"Hey Addy," I said, catching up to her. She shot me a look of disgust, and I grinned. Her reactions just made it all the more fun. "I can call you that, right?" I asked, but when she opened her mouth to retort, I didn't give her the chance to. "So, want to come over to my room?" I threw my arm around the small shoulders I had been staring at earlier, and pulled her closer as we walked. "Erh," She made a funny noise, before shrugging my arm off of her shoulders. "Get a life, you pervert." She said coldly, and I felt my grin widen. "What possible reason could you have not to?" I asked, putting my hands behind my neck lazily as we walked. "I mean, it's not like we have a mission or anything." I said, smiling easily as I waited for her response.

"Maybe I just don't want to." She quipped sharply, and I felt myself chuckle in response. "Mmkay, Addy. I'll just see you around then." I patted her on the shoulder before walking down another corridor. Honestly, that girl. I felt myself smile as my body went into automatic, sending me to my room on it's own. She reminded me a lot of Reg, that was for sure. They both had the same stubborn attitude. Thoughts of Reg made those familiar images flash through my mind once more, and I tried my best to push them away. "Ahh.." I ruffled my already messy hair, and sighed as I stared at the passing ceiling lights as I walked.

Finally, I made it to my room, and despite my dangerous antics of staring at the ceiling while walking, I hadn't crashed into anyone. My room was simple, quaint, with white walls and dark blue carpeting. Pre-decided, of course. I half-heartedly wondered why Adelyn's room was pure white, while mine had color. A twin bed sat in the corner with a wooden dresser across from it. Bonus, I also had my own bathroom. I hadn't done anything to dress the room up, I just dealt with the bare essentials. The only thing I did to make it feel remotely 'homely' was I had a picture of my mom and me on the bedstand. I was eight and practically toothless with little sun freckles all over my face, grinning into the camera while my mom had her arms around me, her mouth open like she was caught laughing because of a hilariously funny joke. It brought back memories, that was for sure.

I made my way into the bathroom and splashed some water onto my face, and then decided to take advantage of this moment of peace and have a catnap.

I was in a white room. Adelyn's room, precisely. Just without furniture. And doors. "Reg?" The name escaped my mouth before I could even register what I was saying. "Stop fooling around!" I shouted, scanning the white for some sort of clue as to where he was. Then I heard his laughter, his deep-throated cackle that I was so familiar with, it started echoing all around me. "Reg!" I felt myself getting frustrated. I started running, the walls of the room neverending. Then another voice joined in. But she wasn't laughing. "Why are you searching for a dead guy?" Adelyn appeared before me, her eyes as cool blue as ever. "Ade.." I started to say her name, but before I could, I woke up in a cold sweat.

Well, chalk that to my list of weirdest nightmares.

"Your next mission has been decided." The head honcho, the bossman, the king of this bloody castle, called us in the next afternoon. "Relations with the Teran society has been strained as of late. We would like to ask the two of you to go and ease this situation." He wasn't asking. "Departure should take place as soon as possible." And with that, we were dismissed.

I glanced at Adelyn. "Why are you searching for a dead guy?" Her words replayed themselves in my mind from my dream earlier, and I shook my head, trying to shake out those thoughts with it. It was just a dream, I told myself. No special meaning. "What?" Suddenly hearing her voice surprised me, and I looked back at her, a shocked expression no doubt on my face. "It's not like it's a tough mission. We just threaten a few lives if they don't agree with our conditions." She said with a shrug of her shoulders, "Seriously, if you can't handle that, why'd you even join?" She asked, her voice sharp once again. She started taking off in another direction, and I watched her retreating form as I contemplated her words.

Did she just try and... encourage me? In her own roundabout way, at least.

"Heh." What do ya know? I'm making progress. It was a much longer process with Reg, although in his case, I guess I was the Adelyn of our relationship. Cold, unmerciful, didn't want anything to do with him. But he didn't give up, so I wasn't going to either. There was no way I could let him down.


A/N -- little bit into Kadin's perspective here. :) Hope you enjoyed.