Was bored and decided to write. This is what I ended up writing. . . There's probably a bunch of mistakes that I didn't catch and I appologies if they take away from the story. Please feel free to point these mistakes out to me in a review. :)

She was awake. Like most, she didn't register the fact that she woke up until she felt her eyes dilate from the piercing sunlight that fell across her face. For a moment, she just laid in her bed, just rested beneath the blue, wool blankets.


She didn't remember falling asleep with wool blankets.

In fact, she didn't remember falling asleep at all.

She blinked, and heaved her torso up, her hands sitting in her lap. Warmth radiated from the small window beside her. She blinked again, and stared at the wall across from her. It was blue. Sky blue, with thick pink stripes that were exactly six inches wide and were one foot apart from each other.

Her eyes widened, a bit astonished. How had she known that just by looking at them? She didn't even recognize the pink stripes. They were foreign, as was the blue wall.

She turned her head to the left. There was another wall that was painted the same way. She looked to the right, and found no change.

Where was she?

Slowly, she swung her legs off of the side of the bed, and slid down the mattress onto the floor. Goosebumps crawled up her body when she made contact, making her involuntarily shudder. Her feet were bare, and the floor was cold. It almost felt metallic. Exhaling, she wrapped her arms around herself and realized for the first time that she was completely nude.

Oddly enough, she hadn't noticed earlier. Even more odd, she didn't feel the slightest bit insecure.

Actually, she didn't feel anything, at least not anything she thought she might feel. She was curious, yes, but that was it. Just. . . curious. How should she have felt? Frightened? Anxious? Exposed? She didn't know what she should have been feeling.

What did she know?

She knew that was a female. And that her hair was straight and dark brown, and her eyes were green and heavily lashed. She knew that she was five feet and four inches tall, and that she was slightly overweight. She knew that her skin was pale, that her eyebrows were light brown and defined, and that there were four freckles on the bridge of her nose. She knew that her name started with a C.

She didn't know how many letters came after the C, and she didn't know what they were. She didn't know where she was, or where she had been, or even when she'd fallen asleep. She only knew that she hadn't been here when she fell asleep; in the room with striped walls and a metal floor, the room with the mattress and the wool sheets.

There had to be people. People somewhere. After all, she was in a bedroom, right? There had to be a door that lead to some place out; out of the striped room. Dropping her arms from her shoulders, she began to move across the room, to where she thought that there should be a door. Her hand was flat when she pressed it against the wall, and slid it across the blue paint and pink stripes. The wall felt like plastic, to her. With a raised eyebrow, she wondered if she even knew how a wall was supposed to feel. Whatever it was supposed to feel like, it wasn't this. There was supposed to be texture, to the wall. There was supposed to be uneven layers, small, overlapping stucco, that made the hand bounce up and down as it was dragged across it. But there wasn't. There was only wall; only smooth.

And no door.

She turned away and stared at the three additional walls.

Suddenly she knew that there wasn't a door. She wasn't sure how, she just knew.

Instead of being filled with unease and/or panic like she should have, she was intrigued. A room with no door. Then, how did she get in?

How would she get out?