Chapter 1

Zachariah Louisborg was a man of duty. His father having been killed when he was a mere lad, he carried on the family's calling when he became of age to do so. Being afraid of making a mistake, and not wanting to do so, he "practiced" His family's skill on a few gentleman before hunting down and killing the man responsible for his Father's death. His father was an Assassin, and now he, Zachariah was an assassin. The bloodline ran centuries back, and stories of the many kills his ancestors made rang in his ears and veins as he hunted and killed the many people requested of to be slain.

His heart was confused as he stalked his newest prey, watching as the man sat down to tea with his companions, laughing gaily at the man to his right, holding out his hand and patting the man's shoulder firmly. Zachariah had felt hatred for Lady Lilac, the heiress to New Royal Land and it's estate. Lady Lilac was allowed to grow up with a father, her protector a man she looked up to. Zachariah's father's life was cut short, far too soon, and before Zachariah was even able to remember him. Zachariah only knew of his father from the journals his father left, journals that belonged to his father, and grandfather and great grandfather, and many before them.

He was raised by his Man Servant, a man who was loyal to the family and knew of the families business. He read and was told that his father only trusted that Man Servant, and in fact That sole Servant was the only help of any kind ever in the house.

The clock on the wall of the room he was observing told the time to be half past 12, the time his target sat down for lunch. This was also the opportune moment to gain entrance into the house, of which Zachariah did.


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