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Psychic Star

Chapter 1

The Encounter

"Life's adventures is what I seek,

Dreams of gods I wish to speak.

The miracles and hopes have abandoned me,

But still I reach for my own destiny."

* * * * * *

Fate, what is fate anyways? For all I know, its just a word that dances around and mocks me. Screw fate, I've had enough of it.

Coming from a family of astronomers and fortune tellers, you'd think I'd learn to appreciate things more. But when you spend 17 years where you wake up every morning to your grandma's rambling about how the world will end and your mom's riddles about what's going to happen today, you'd get sick of it here too. Did I forget to mention where my dad comes in every morning predicting that someone's going to have a baby today or their getting married cause apparently 'the stars told him.' Life here sucks.

Ok, introduction time. Lets see, my whole family are basically fortune tellers, and good ones at that. My grandma's one of those 'mysterious crystal ball readers' that most people imagine. She tried to teach me once but all I saw was fog and my face reflected on a round surface. My grandpa does palm reading and everyday, he grabs my hand and screams, 'WOAH! WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT! BOY, YOUR INTELLIGENCE LINE GOT LONGER! PRETTY SOON, YOU'LL BE SMARTER THEN YOUR OLD GRAMPS HERE!' And everyday, I'd look at my palm and it looks EXACTLY the same. I don't know what he sees and being smarter then him isn't that hard considering he dropped out of high school to work at our psychic shop. Then my mom is one of those people who gets hit with visions. This wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't the fact she speaks in riddles. Once she told me, 'Be cautious of things that surround, you'll never know what will rebound. Things that take forever to make, takes a few seconds just to break.' Then on that day, I was near a flight of stairs when some basketball hit me hard on my back and I flew down the stairs, guess what, I broke my arm. Hm, lets see. Now there's my dad who's an astrologist. Now, he wouldn't be that bad either if it wasn't the fact he wears fucking ROBES and starts almost every sentence with, 'The stars have told me….' Or 'The moon has requested…..' and so on. Then there's my older brother of 3 years whose specialty is Tarot cards. He is about the most normal person besides me in the whole family. You'd think that since he read tarot cards, people would be making fun of him. But no, when he was in high school, all the girls adored him and came to him for a reading. Not only did he get PAID for this but all the jocks looked up to him too for his advice. Plus, he was on the tennis team and could predict the outcome of every match. Then there's me, Caferian Lysin, the most normal boy out of my whole family. Caferian is a handful to say so everyone calls me Café, my parents named me that because my mom would only drink coffee the whole time she was pregnant with me. I'm not a super psychic like the rest of my family but I still have my talents. I can look at a person and immediately know their name, age, birthday and death date, and what they will be in their afterlife and in heaven or hell and why. Yes, it does exist so don't even start with me.

Living in a family of psychics isn't always easy, in fact it's a lot harder especially when you know what will happen and your whole family tries to find a way to avoid that. So yeah, I'm pretty sick of life at the moment.

I was on one of those days where I couldn't stand being in my house for another moment so I escaped to the mall. All my friends were busy, and truthfully, I don't have much friends to begin with. Who really wants to be friends with some freak who knows when your going to DIE. So by myself, I wander around the mall aimlessly, not really having a point in being there but to escape from family. Wearing the most stupid sunglasses I stole from my brother's room and a black hoodie and jeans, yes I SO don't look suspicious. I went window shopping instead, glancing at all the products on sale and all the giggling girls surrounding all the hot cashiers and workers. I was glancing at another store when some couple walked by me glaring suspiciously before their eyes dart elsewhere and I hear a sudden scream.

"EEKK! OMG! IS THAT SINZEL!?" The gaping girlfriend screamed. She dashed off with a grouchy boyfriend tailing her. I don't know who the fuck this Sin what ever is nor do I really care. I walk off in a different direction before the whole mob of fan girls come and I'm stuck.

I pass by a few more stores before another catches my eye and I go inside to check it out. Yes, black clothing, perfect for me. I grab a few shirts and some jeans and go to the dressing rooms to try them on. Just as I was about to close and lock the door, a figure comes and dashes in, closing the door behind us and clamping a hand over my mouth before whispering, "sssh… please." Just as I was going to struggle and through him off, I hear a horde of stampeding feet rushing around the dressing room area.

"Omg! Where did he go! Sinzel! Where are you baby! We love you!" Some random girl screamed.

"Hey! Excuse me! No one is allowed in here unless you trying something on. Now, either go buy something or GET OUT!"

I could never be more thankful for the worker who shooed all the grumpy fan girls away. Once all the footsteps cleared away, the guy holding me released me and let out a sigh of relief.

"Thanks dude. Er…. Sorry for intruding on you like this." He glanced up at the same time I started glaring at him, and then we both froze. No… freaking…. Way…. This wasn't possible unless I had some twin my parents never told me about.

I was staring at ME. My own face reflected on his. We looked exactly the same except for the different color and lengths of our hair. We stared at each other, admiring each other for the next five minutes or so until I finally snapped out of it.

"Ok dude, we needa talk." I growl at him. I took off my hoodie and sunglasses and handed it to him and instructed him to put those on while I paid for my new clothes. When I came back, he was fully ready so I steered him and my new bag of clothes to one of those cafes with booths.

Once inside one of the booths, the guy pulled down the hood and took off the sunglasses. He set the glasses down on the table and pulled out a hand and said, "The name's Sinzel, Sinzel Blaze but I'm sure you've heard of me, everyone has." And he winked with his offered hand.

I stare blankly at him. "Nope, never heard of it. But the name's Caferian Lysin, Café for short." And I shake his hand and we both sit down. "Lets get down to business. Why do you look like me?"

He shrugged and responded, "No, You mean why do you look like ME. And Who knows." He sips his coffee. I glare at him, I don't like him already.

"Whatever, same thing. Who are your parents?"

He raised an eyebrow at me before sipping again and responding, "Still alive and they live in my mansion and I know they're my birthparents. Yours?"

I glare at him before mumbling, "Still alive, live with me and they're my birthparents."

"So what was the point of all this?"

I glare at him. "I just wanted to know why we look like fucking clones." But seriously we do except for the hair. While my hair is black with gold highlights, reaches down to the base of my neck, layered, thin, and somewhat spiky in the back, his hair is pale blond, reaches to his waist, straight and somewhat wavy. Besides the hair, we look the same.

"And you think I DON'T wonder that?" He continues to sip.

"Ok, whatever. I see I can't even ask a freakin question without you getting all haughty over it." I snorted. "But seriously, if it wasn't for our hair and personality, we could totally be twins."

He smirks at me before I could see some switch click in his head. What ever he is thinking, I'm not sure if I really want to know.

"Actually, that's not a bad idea." He smirks.

I stare at him. "What?"

"Well, I was getting bored anyways. Being a model sucks. I don't want to stand in front of a camera everyday while people are telling me to jut my hips out or give them a pouty look."

"And you think I got it good. Try living in a family of psychics, then we'll talk." I grin.

He gives me an amused smile. "I'll offer you a deal. Let's switch. And by switch, I meant, lets switch lives for a month or so. I'm sick of my life and it sounds like you are too. How about it?"

I thought about it for a moment. Live pretending to be a model or continue to stay with my insane family. The choice wasn't that hard.

"Your on." I smirked. And we clasped hands and shook on it. The deal is done.

* * * * * *

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