Psychic Star

Chapter Two

The Planning

"Ok, I'll start off. First things first, My name is Caferian Lysin, aka Café. I live in a house with my older brother named Pyronan, my grandparents, and parents." I instructed him. It was day one of our training. If you call it training. More like teaching the other dude how to act and look like you. Sinzel was unwilling to go first and forced me to instead.

"Sounds pretty normal to me so far. Except your names. Sorry, but who names their child after coffee and fire?"

I glared at him. "My parents do. Ok, here's the thing about my family, were all psychics and when I say psychics I mean those fortune teller psychics. You know the ones that look at you and give you this whole speech about your future." I wave my hands for dramatic effect which I don't think worked very well.

Sinzel just stares at me. "And…. You expect me to actually BELIEVE that? Wow, and here I thought you were pretty normal."

I glared at him some more. "I'll prove it to you. I, for one, can tell a person's name, birthday, death date, Where they'll end up after death and why. Your full name is Sinzel Rosario Suela. Your birthday is January 26th."

"So, you could have dug that up from the internet. I'm not that hard find." He shrugged his shoulders.

I sighed. "Fine, what do you want me to tell you in order to prove it to you?"

He pondered for a moment before answering. "Tell me what time I was born. No one knows that except the hospital and my parents and I." He smirked figuring I probably wouldn't know. Too bad for him, I can see that too.

I smirk back before confidently producing my answer. "Its debatable since you where born at 12AM." His smile suddenly dropped and he scowled.

"Ok fine. Let's say that I DO believe about you and your family of psychics, continue."

"Ok, so basically, I'll just give you a rundown. Mom's a vision person, dad's an astrologist, brother's a tarot card reader, gramps is a palm reader, and grandma is a crystal ball reader."

"…Seriously? Ok, whatever. So, if your whole family are psychics, wont they notice that something's feels wrong when we do the switch?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "They might but I go to a boarding school. Starting in two weeks actually. So they wont see much of me to actually feel anything and even if they see it in their visions, they actually really wont mind that much because their going to think it's another part of my destiny or something."

"Wow… Ok, anything else I need to know?"

"Ok, for school. I'm not that well known cause everyone thinks I'm some sort of freak."

"I can see why…" Sinzel mumbled but I managed to hear him anyways.

"Hey, I heard that. Anyways, so at school, I seriously only have about like 5 close friends. 3 guys, 2 girls. Brief description, lets see, the tallest one there is Michael. Hes tall, obviously, skinny, and cracks stupid sex jokes all the time. Hes got a real mouth so don't tell him anything you don't want others to know. Then there is Jayden and Jessica. Their twins and both love dancing. Jayden's more of a hip hopper and Jessica likes ballet. Then there is Drake who is a huge ass gamer and a fucking genius. He finishes all his homework within 10 minutes then spends the rest of the day glued to the TV or computer. Last but not least, there's my best friend Lisa. She's a sporty person and the best looking out of all of us. Not too hard to miss. Everyone else is not that important, but just in case, here." I reached into my bag and pulled out my yearbook from last year and handed it to Sinzel.

"Ok, I think I got it." He leafed through my yearbook as if hes got super photographic memory or something and can memorize all their faces within seconds. After a few minutes, he put down the yearbook and stood up as I sat down.

"Ok, my turn. This should be fun." He grinned rubbing his hands together. He reached into his bag and pulled out some big notebook or something and set it out in front of me. He flipped it open to the first page.

"Mom." He said pointing. Flipped to next page. "Dad." Then flipped to the next page consisting of many other people. "Grandma, grandpa, little sister, Uncle, Uncle in law, Aunt, deceased Aunt, spoiled cousin, bratty nephew, bitchy cousin, cousin in law…."

"WAIT! What?" I stared blankly at his family portrait. He really thinks I can memorize everyone, I know I'm a psychic but I'm not THAT good.

He grinned then laughed at me. "Actually, their unimportant. Ok, so basically, all I really care about is my mom, dad, and little sister. Specially my sister, she's a little angel and I intend to keep her that way. The rest of my family are all spoiled and greedy and out to get my family's fortune so I'd appreciate it if you flick them off if they come to you."

"Lemme flick you off first then you can continue talking." I scowled at him while memorizing the faces and names below the pictures of his parents and sister.

He grinned then continue while flipping to the next page. "This is my manager. He calls me at least once a day to tell me what I have for the next day or so. Anyways, my job is to model. You know, where hot people such as myself put on clothes and take pictures in order to sell those clothes to screaming fan girls who adore hot sexy men such as myself."

I glared at him. "I know that much. I'm not a retard like you."

He continued to grin. "Anyways, in a few weeks, I have a photo shoot with another coworker so I guess you better start posing in front of the mirror. And by the way, be prepared to have crazy photographers yelling at you 24/7."

I rolled my eyes. "Great, like I don't have enough crazy people screaming at me already…"

"Hm, ok, any questions?"

"Not that I can think of at the moment."

"Good, because I have one for you. What do you do in your spare time?"

"Run away from my family. That's usually number one. Ok, not much really. I hang out with my friends. I don't have much of a hobby. How about you?"

Sinzel just grinned at me. "I'm a flashy person. What do you think. Go shopping of course!"

Figures, he's a fucking model. Of course it's going to be all about the clothes.

After today, we spent the next few days reviewing everything. We ended up making maps for each other. He gave me maps for his mansion which is fucking huge and the company he works at. I gave him a map of my house, the store which is connected to our house and my boarding school. Once we had all our data straight, we went shopping for our new disguises. Neither of us wanted to part with our hair so we both got wigs. We didn't need to worry about our clothes since were both skinny as fuck and fit into each other's clothes. All in all, these few days were going to be worth it when we finally pull the switch off.

* * * * * *

Two weeks later…

It was 7 AM and my parents and brother were wishing me luck and trying to fit as many fortunes onto me for my oncoming year as possible. Out of everyone in the family, I think it was mostly either my mom or grandma who even had a hint of what might be going on soon. My whole family tried to tell me what would happen. My brother gave me a tarot reading during breakfast. Something about making new friends and such. My mom sang me a riddle which I somehow deciphered into as to watch out where I go because I'm going to end up with or on somebody. I think it's the first. My dad told me something bout how stars shine bright in my future. All my grandma did was hoot about my intelligence line and how I'm going to outsmart my whole class at the rate it was growing. I don't think its growing, I think his eyes are getting old. My grandma actually didn't wake up in time to tell me what she saw so thank god for that.

As my mom and dad drove me to the train that would take me there, I looked out the window wondering what living my life as Sinzel might be like. I guess I'll find out soon enough. They dropped me off at the train station and said their goodbyes and kisses and left me there with my luggage. I found my friend Drake and left my luggage with him telling him I needed to use the bathroom.

I went into those public bathrooms as I heard one of the stalls creak open.

"FINALLY! I been here for the past 30 minutes. Stupid dude tried to kick me out but I told him to fuck off because I was taking a shit. Then everyone else who heard ran off with him." Sinzel grinned wickedly.

I just smirked at him having been used to his attitude for the past few days. "Whatever dude. Hurry up and change and give me my wig," I had him hold onto the wig in case I get suspicious glances as to why I'm carrying some long as blonde wig into the bathroom. People might mistake me as some drag queens.

We entered stalls right next to each other stripped down to our boxers tossing our clothes over the walls to each other. I caught his tight ass skinny jeans and blue hoodie and sunglasses as it came spiraling down toward my face. Pulling on my new clothes, I tugged all my hair into the wig making sure not one hair missed its target. I pulled 'my' hair into a ponytail and trailed it down the back of my hoodie while pulling up the hood and putting on the sunglasses. Dam, dude has huge sunglasses. They covered up half my face. I see why most celebrities use them now.

I walked out of my stall at the same time Sinzel walked out of the one besides mine. We both grinned mischievously at each other.

"Ok Café," I told Sinzel, "I left your bags with Drake. Don't miss the train and be careful. And DON'T blow off my money. I don't own plants that grow cash unlike you."

Sinzel, aka now Café, grinned at me. "Yes MOTHER. Have fun dealing with all the photographers and snobby pop stars!" He winked at me.

Grinning wickedly, I chucked my bag at his face. He caught it before it smacked him. He threw his bag at me too. It contained a few things we might need like each other's cellphones.

We both walked outside of the bathroom.

"Ok, guess this is where we part. Take care and call once in awhile."

Sinzel grinned fro the umpteenth time today. "Ditto. See ya in month!"

Then we both turned our backs to each other and walked away.

* * * * * *

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